March 1, 2012

Swatch Posts Catch Up: February 2012 -- plus: some announcements

Hello, Beautiful!

This is the February 2012 Swatch Posts Catch Up! If you missed anything from February, no worries; just browse through the topics below and click on a topic to check it out. The purpose of my Swatch Posts Catch Up is to provide my readers with an easy reference for all posts containing swatches, so if you missed anything or just want everything in one place, this is the post for you.

I also wanted to announce that today starts my "March Madness". What does that mean? From today through the end of March you can expect a lot more blog posts! I plan to post at least twice a day, but most days there will be 3, 4, or even 5 blog posts! This isn't in an effort to over load you with blog posts to read, but my habit is to separate products into individual blog posts (instead of reviewing a bunch of products in one) and I have a lot of products that I want to post about this month, so I figured I'd go on a posting spree and give you lots to keep you from boredom at work and at home. They'll be a good mix of nail, makeup, skincare and hair care related posts. They'll also be some days where I post several products from one brand, or there may be days where I post all one type of product (such as all lip balms). This is my way of clearing out all the swatches I want to share, and then I plan to go back to a less-crazy posting schedule in April (at least that's the plan right now). I hope you'll all stick with me through my March Madness month of posts!

Plus, more giveaways are coming in March, including another Surprise Follower Giveaway! Stay tuned :)

Swatch Posts Catch Up: February 2012
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