March 13, 2012

ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tight in Black - pics, review

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I love undergarments that help to suck it in and make me look smoother and leaner, so when I was sent the ShaToBu Get Fit Tight High Waist Shaping Tight I was excited to give them a try. These tights not only shape your body, but help tone your muscles and burn up to 12% more calories. Now honestly burning 12% more calories isn't going to make a huge difference, and I wouldn't wear these working out, but if they're going to help me burn more calories just by going about my day, why not?

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ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tight

Basic Stats for ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tight:
About: high-waist shaping tight
Color Choices: available in 3 color choices
Cost/Availability: $38.00 a pair. Available on the ShaToBu website and everywhere else ShaToBu is sold.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

Turn your wardrobe into one that is fashionably fit with the ShaToBu High Waist Shaping Tight. This style slims and smooths your waist, hips and thighs to refine your whole figure. Soft, snug and opaque, these tights with Lycra look great with any outfit while helping you tone your muscles and burn up to 12% more calories.

Color Choices:
Available in three color choices: Black, Steel, Brown.

$38.00 a pair. Available on the ShaToBu website and everywhere else ShaToBu is sold.

ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tight Review:
For someone like me, who thinks shape wear is a gift from the heavens lol, I am always interested in trying new products in that department. The ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tight was a really nice product.

I like that they're opaque and can go under dresses and skirts, even jeans and other pants. They do make a footless version of this same tight, which I actually would prefer. I may cut the feet off mine and use some of that liquid stitch (since I'm not a person who can sew) and see what happens because I'd love to wear these under my jeans and with open toe shoes.

Do I think they help burn more calories? Eh, that's hard to say. I think any shape wear makes your body heat up more, therefore burning more calories. And with it sucking you in your muscles are working against that resistance, so that makes sense. I don't know if these necessarily made a difference more than other shape wear, but what I do know is I like these as shape wear.

Overall, I'd recommend!

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  1. This looks like a great product. Shaping undergarments are a boon for the chubby population like me :D


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