September 30, 2011

Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer in Medium - before & after pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I love Mally's cosmetics! Her Cancellation Conditioning Concealer is a great concealer, which covers most flaws. It's very moisturizing so you don't have to worry about this concealer showing off any dry or flakey patches, and it will stay put like you wouldn't believe.

Check out my before & after pics, swatches, stats and review...

Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer
Shade: Medium


Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer Before & After:

Basic stats for Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer:
Formula: dense liquid
Coverage: medium to full; buildable
Wear: long-wearing
Shade Info: 5 shades available
Cost/Availability: $35 (0.3 fl oz full size), available on Mally's website, QVC's website, and everywhere else Mally Cosmetics are sold
Packaging: squeeze tube, twist-off lid
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses!

This is a dense liquid formula, which is water-resistant and contains an SPF of 25. It will glide on very easily and won't show off any dry or flaky patches with this moisturizing, creamy consistency.

This concealer provides natural medium coverage, which can be build up to fuller coverage. It won't cover major flaws, but it will cover most flaws.

Because this is water-resistant, this concealer will stay put for a long time!

Shade Info:
Currently available in five shades - fair, light, medium, tan, deep. I own the shade Medium, which works well for my NC30 skin tone.

The full sized version is $35 and can be purchased on Mally's website, on QVC's website, and everywhere else Mally Cosmetics is sold.

White squeeze tube with silver twist-off lid.

Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer Review:
This concealer is a really nice concealer and not one that I use often enough. Every time I do use it I'm reminded of how nicely this concealer goes on and how natural it looks.

It will brighten under my eyes and prime my eyelids, but on major blemishes or darker hyper pigmentation it won't do a great job at making those areas disappear... at least not with one layer. You can build this concealer up to a fuller coverage, and it layers seamlessly.

Overall, for most people this concealer will be all they need. It's long lasting, natural looking and covers most of what the majority of people need covered. A great concealer to check out!

 Now let me know what you think...
Do you already own this concealer? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, would you want to check this out? Discuss in the comments below.

September 29, 2011

NOTD: Unicorn Dandruff -- two ways: shiny & matte

Hello, Beautiful!

Most of us nail polish crazies have used and/or heard of the phrase Unicorn Pee -- which refers to Clarins 230 polish. Well I decided to call my NOTD Unicorn Dandruff because of the flakies (aka the dandruff) and all the colors (from the base colors to the flashes of color the flakies create).

I decided to do this NOTD two ways; the first is a shiny version. Then I applied a matte top coat and that's how I'm currently wearing my nails. I like both ways but right now prefer the matte version. Which do you prefer?


To re-create this NOTD:

  • 1 coat of Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock Hydrating Hardener, used as my base coat
  • Using Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish in Black Creme, paint half of each nail black. For my thumb I painted a third of my nail instead of half my  nail.
  • Using Sephora by OPI polish in Break A-Leg Warm, paint the other half of each nail gray. Again, for my thumb I painted a third of my nail instead of half of my nail.
  • Then add China Glaze polish in Frost Bite, painting a blue stripe down the center of each nail.
  • Once dry, apply 2 coats of Nubar 2010
  • If you want a shiny finish you can leave it as it is or add a top coat (I skipped a top coat this time around because I knew I wanted to make it matte).
  • If you want a matte finish, apply 2 coats of Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.

NOTD: Unicorn Dandruff -- Shiny Version

NOTD: Unicorn Dandruff -- Matte Version

September 28, 2011

Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Makeup Vanity: swatches, pics, review!

Hello, Beautiful!

Wow, oh wow! I am all hyper-excited about this blog post because I get to share with you pics & swatches of a beautiful makeup vanity/palette from Tarte cosmetics! This beauty is from their 2011 Holiday collection, which is not yet at Sephora stores (at least not the two I've recently visited) but you can buy it online... and it's only $52!

I mean.... did I just rob Sephora when they only charged me $52 for all of this? Haha! Seriously though, how in the world is that possible?!?! They say it has a $505 value but I did the exact value break-down (I'm a nerd like that). You can check that out later in this post to see if my math added up to $505 (it didn't) and how much the value actually is.

This makeup vanity is so pretty on the outside, but the inside is also pretty; packed with quality makeup! The makeup comes in removable trays so you can use this mirrored beveled edge vanity for other uses in the future.

Check out my pics & swatches (then hurry and buy it before it sells out)...

Remember to click on pics to view more detail!

Tarte The Starlet
Limited Edition Makeup Vanity

Each tray is removable...

The Box It Came In:



The top opens up to reveal a mirror and 16 eyeshadows
(shades & swatches listed later in this post)

The middle drawer pulls out to reveal another 8 eyeshadows, plus the mini's of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and MultiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer
(shades & swatches listed later in this post)

The bottom drawer pulls out to reveal a Mineral Powder Bronzer, 2 Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes, and an Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder
(shades & swatches listed later in this post)

Let's break down the value of this kit...

Sephora lists the value of this makeup vanity as $505. I am always one to break down the value -- especially when its sold for so much less than the value they list -- so I did just that and came out with a total of $309.12 for just the makeup (exact price breakdown listed below). If my math is correct, that means Sephora is saying the makeup vanity itself (without any makeup) would be sold for $195.88 --- which is really hard to believe. I very well could have done my math wrong, but regardless, the value is clearly there just based on the makeup itself! I mean, you're basically getting $250 worth of makeup FREE! It's an insane value!

Eyeshadow Value (24 of them): $271.92
  • Each eyeshadow in this kit is 0.04 oz
  • A full sized Tarte eyeshadow single is 0.06 oz @ $17
  • Each eyeshadow in this kit has a value of $11.33

Mineral Powder Bronzer Value: $4.53
  • The size included in this kit is 0.05 oz
  • The full sized version is 0.32 oz @ $29

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Value (2 of them): $12.50
  • Each blush in this kit is 0.05 oz
  • The full sized verison is 0.20 oz @ $25
  • Each blush in this kit has a value of $6.25

Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder Value: $4.69
  • The size included in this kit is 0.05 oz
  • The full sized version is 0.32 oz @ $30

MultiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer Value: $7.56
  • The size included in this kit is 0.11 oz
  • The full sized version is 0.32 oz @ $22

Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara Value: $7.92
  • The size included in this kit is 0.10 oz
  • The full sized version is 0.24 oz @ $19

Now let's get into the swatches...

Swatches of the Eyeshadows
(top section)

TRADITIONAL SMOKEY: Celebrity (deep shimmering gray), Superstar (deep shimmering silver), Luminary (silver frost), Opening Night (sparkling black)


EARTHY: Talent (shimmering peach), Idol (matte taupe), Cameo (matte beige), Virtuoso (sparkling forest green)


PLUM SMOKEY EYE: Stardom (blackened plum), Icon (warm lilac), Major (shimmering plum), Siren (shimmering deep mauve)


BLUES: Fame (shimmering cobalt), Big Break (shimmering ice blue), V.I.P. (shimmering blue-silver), Toast (shimmering toasted beige)


More Swatches of the Eyeshadows
(middle drawer)

BROWNS: Popular (shimmering golden beige), Timeless (shimmering cocoa), Prestige (matte ochre), Trophy (shimmering golden brown)


PINKS: Ingenue (matte baby pink), Prima Donna (shimmering cinnamon), Leading Lady (shimmering nude pink), Diva (shimmering dusty rose)


Swatches of the Other Powders
(bottom drawer)

Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (highly pearled golden tan)


Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glory (shimmering peach)


Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Starlet (shimmering rose)


Provocateur Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder in Rose (soft petal pink)


Swatches of the Mascara & Lash Primer
(comes in middle drawer)





All swatches on paper from the vanity/palette:

Now tell me what you think...
Do you own this beauty of a vanity/palette? If not, is this on your wish list? Discuss below in the comments.