September 22, 2011

My blue hair & blue NOTD to match!

Hello, Beautiful!

I've wanted to add blue to my hair for quite some time now. I've admired Jeannie Mai's hair (the host of Style Network's show How Do I Look?), and knew I had to try it out for myself.

Before getting the results I've wanted, I had several failed attempts with at-home hair color ('N Rage Color in Cobalt Blue, and Beyond The Zone Color Jamz in Midnight Blue) and also a bad experience at a salon (which I could go into detail about but I won't bash them on my blog; I will, however, warn locals about going there for color services!), all over a course of nearly 3 months. Now I have the hair I wanted!

My hair is "normal" on top, but fun and blue underneath. Perfect to show a little spunk and fun color, while remaining "normal looking" enough to help out at my son's school.

The stylist I went to is freakin' awesome! Her name is Mia and you can find her at Blake & Co. Salon right here in Front Royal, VA! She is a newer stylist there, but trust me when I say that she is AMAZING! She listens to what you want and she won't let you walk out the door unless it looks perfect. She's one of those rare stylists who takes extreme pride in her work, and really cares about each and every cut, color and style she does. I am so happy she came to a local salon near me because now I have my forever stylist! I am almost never 100% happy with any hair color I get; I usually end up buying a box of dye to fix it; but this is the first time I've ever thought my hair color is perfect! I was literally dancing as I was paying because I was so excited to finally get the blue I've wanted!

Okay, so let's start off with how my hair can look "normal"...

But then....

Pull it back and BAM!

OH YEAH!! :)




I am so happy with my color and I can't wait to play around with different styles to bring out the blue when I want to and hide it a little when I need to look more normal. I am almost positive I'll keep up with the blue color for a long while! I just love it!!!

Also, last night I did my nails as inspiration for my hair color. I used Essence Colour & Go polish in Just Rock It! with China Glaze polish in Frostbite as the "highlights" on top of the navy blue.



  1. Your mani is very pretty and really matches your blue hair :) I have to try out this mani:P

  2. This is AWESOME!! I used to put a lot of different colors in my hair :) I really like the blue on you! Your nails looks great too!!! Fabulous post!

  3. You look gorgeous. I would love to try something like that but with purple. I had it purple pink and turquoise about 5 years ago and liked it. My sister is getting married next summer so I'm growing my hair out and want it to be in a good condition so I might do the dip dye so I can just cut off the color in a few months.

  4. Wow! Love your hair AND nails! :) I bet Monday blues will run away, haha~~

  5. Wow this is amaziiiing! 8D
    A normal side during the day, and a punky side for after work! xD
    It suits you very well! I hope you'll post some photos of your differents looks! :D


  6. I luv the highlights!! The polish looks like magnetic polish!

  7. This is a technique I've never seen! I love it!

  8. Thank you ladies for all the compliments on my hair and nails! I am so excited to play with my hair... I just can't stop looking at it, haha.

  9. I am in love with BOTH the mani and the hair! THey look great!

  10. I really like how your hair looks!!! And the mani is beautiful and combine with your hair perfectly :D
    I had my hair bright purple, nearly magenta, but now I'm looking for work and my colour is so bored :´(

  11. Hi-I just found your blog today and IM liking it! I am so jealous of your hair! I want blue in mine too and havent found anyone who can do it! Well it looks great and I love the nails too!!!!

  12. i love your hair! its just like jeannie's! did your stylist bleach your hair first? when you tried to do it yourself did you bleach your hair first? what dye did you use when you did it yourself? and when is your hair going to fade?

  13. @ Anonymous: Thank you! :)

    The stylist sectioned off the top of my hair that I wanted to remain un-touched. Then the remaining hair she did highlights to bleach out areas for the blue to pop through. After my hair processed with the bleach (about 30 to 40 minutes under heat), she washed it out, blow dried it and then began using the blue.

    She put the blue all over my hair, except for the section I wanted un-touched. I left the color on my hair for a good 40 to 45 minutes, then rinsed out and ta-da! Blue!

    When I did it at home I did not bleach or lighten my hair at all; I was trying to avoid doing that myself because I knew bleaching at home can lead to a lot of issues with messing up your hair if you don't know what you're doing and I certainly have never bleached my hair before. I felt comfortable with a knowledgeable stylist bleaching my hair instead.

    The brands I used at home are listed in my blog post (I can't remember the exact names/shades so please just refer back to that). In addition, I did buy the Splat! hair dye in Blue Envy (I think that was the name) but I never opened the box. It comes with its own bleach kit and is supposed to be a good blue but it fades quickly (or so I heard; I don't know from experience). Basically any "alternative" hair color will fade rather quickly and requires good up-keep.

    As for my hair... I have no idea when it will fade out. I use a sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner; I'm currently using WEN but you can also use Hair One - which is available at Sally Beauty Supply and only around $11 making it much more affordable than WEN. I have a bottle of it but haven't tried it out just yet because I love using WEN.

    So far I've been nervous to wash it; I don't want the color to go away! The stylist did say it will be around a week or so of the hair dye coming out in the shower and to use dark towels and be careful of wearing white just in case. I have blue wash out every time I wash my hair. So far I've washed it 3 times at home using WEN (you only really need to wash your hair every 2 days using WEN... sometimes 3 days). I'm trying to keep track so I know how much up-keep this color will require. So far my blue is still going strong. Dye does wash out but my blue is still there!

    It will probably be awhile before I need to really touch it up. The stylist used a really good color that she says lasts a good while in the hair. I hope so because the at-home versions do not last and fade to green in my hair. So far, this color is staying true and nothing has changed. I'll have to report back when I notice any fading.

  14. thank you so much for answering all my questions! the description and detail was perfect. if you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost for a stylist to do it?

  15. I LOVE the blue hair! That is so cool. I just bought some clip in blue highlight things in the same color and I love them. I went back and got some purple ones. Next up, pink!

  16. Goodness, your hair looks so fab! I love the subliminal approach of those blue strands. It certainly exudes magnificence and awesomeness. Hihi! By the way, your hair is stunningly shiny. :]


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