September 10, 2011

September 2011 Birchbox - shipment #1

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my September 2011 Birchbox shipment. Click here to view my husband's Birchbox shipment (which is different from mine, and has a higher value).
And let me just say... this month is a total joke! The approx. value comes out to just over $13. I mean... seriously?!?? All the shipments so far have been at least $20 or more of a value. This is the WORST shipment so far and if this is how they say "yay, we've made it a year, thank you" I think it's a really terrible shipment for that kind of statement. I have a feeling a LOT of people will drop Birchbox after this one, unless they received a better shipment than mine. I mean, SERIOUSLY, this has to be a joke. Where are the Punk'd cameras?

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September 2011 Birchbox
My Birchbox beauty profile was set to Classic & Trendy.

The Included Info Card:

  • Value of September's Birchbox Shipment: $13.38  (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 6
  • # of makeup items: 3
  • # of nail items: 1
  • # of skin care items: 0
  • # of body care items: 0
  • # of hair care items: 0
  • # of fragrance: 1
  • # of other items: 1

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

INCOCO Nail Polish Applique
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: We all have a wild side. Nail strips are the latest trend -- try them on your fingers or toes.
  • MY THOUGHTS: You know I'm a lover of all things nail related, so I jumped for joy when I saw these. I love the leopard print too.
  • FULL SIZE: 16 strips @ $7.99
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 12 strips
  • VALUE: $6.00

BLINC Mascara
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Long days call for sweatproof, waterproof mascara. This tubing mascara does the trick and looks extra glossy, too.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I've tried Blinc Mascara in the past and wasn't a fan. I'm not sure if I will give it another try or not. The little tubes that came off my lashes were cool at first but then grossed me out. I'm weird though, so you probably won't see anything wrong with it.
  • FULL SIZE: 0.21 oz @ $24.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.02 oz
  • VALUE: $2.29

  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: The fragrance equivalent to a wink, this fanciful scent is a burst of fresh citrus and jasmine over a Base of lavender and pumpkin.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I didn't fully open it to smell it, but of what I could smell I wasn't a fan. I'm just not a fragrance girl.
  • FULL SIZE: 50 ml @ $55.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: no size listed, most of these vials are around 1.5 ml
  • VALUE: $1.65

JOUER Lip Enhancer
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Why settle for plain 'ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plum, and condition all in one go? Right, we thought so.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't tried it but it sounds good. I like the last Jouer lip gloss I received in a previous Birchbox shipment so I'm sure this will be worth at least a test.
  • FULL SIZE: 0.33 fl oz  @ $14.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.07 fl oz
  • VALUE: $2.95 

Lash Card (an extra)
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Smear not: This handy card ensures that your mascara stays on your lashes, not on your eyelids.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I've seen Mally (from Mally Beauty) do this exact thing to an old playing card and showed everyone how to make their own. I thought it was a good idea but never took the time to make one. Now I have one and I'll probably use it. However, the thought of having to buy a 10 pack... no thanks. I would rather spend $0.99 on a deck of playing cards and have 52 to use.
  • FULL SIZE: 10 cards @ $4.99
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1 card
  • VALUE: $0.49

Birchbox Friendship Bracelet (extra)
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: It's been a year! and we couldn't have done it without you (thank you.). Wear this friendship bracelet as a reminder that there is beauty in discovery, and delight in anticipation. Here's to many more beauty-filled months.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is simple, yet cute bracelet. Will I actually wear it? Eh, probably not. But I will use it to decorate around my makeup area.
  • FULL SIZE: n/a
  • VALUE: n/a

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Birchbox shipment this month? If so, what are your thoughts on this box? I was majorly disappointed. Maybe you received better items. Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I freaking love you. I was just on your site last night to see if you received either of your Birchboxes because I'm always curious what's going to be in them. Then I read your intro and thought, "uh-oh." But last month I read your reviews and got my box a few days later and we has absolutely nothing in common minus that joke of a hair tie. I love loved my box last month so hopefully mine is another hit and you like more of the products in your husbands. Thanks again for the reviews you do.

  2. Thanks sunnydee130 :)

    I really, really hope your box is completely different from mine, because what I received is seriously disappointing. I can only hope that my husband's box - if it ever gets here, haha - will be much better!

    I tried to go on the Birchbox site to see what products are in the September boxes, because I sincerely hope there are better boxes this month for people, but I guess they won't update their site yet until all the boxes are out.

    Regardless of what Birchbox sends me I am too much of a beauty addict to cancel! Although, if this is what my box would be like every month I would probably have to cancel out of pure and utter disappointment. But knowing I've had boxes with values over $40, I'll stick with them and hope for a better box in October!

  3. I received the same exact stuff. Sad that this is my first Birchbox. :\ I was excited too.

    Good luck on next month!

  4. Harmony H: Oh no :( I'm so sad that others received this same, disappointing box. Do you think you will give them another go or are you willing to cancel after just the 1st shipment?

    I would suggest sticking around for at least 3 months before you make a decision. I say that because there have been some really great shipments -- like when I received a full sized Laura Geller Blush (a $29.99 value just for the blush)!

    I just read somewhere that Birchbox just got a huge investment (like 10 million or something - but I didn't read into what I saw), so maybe the boxes will improve from here? I guess we can all only hope!

  5. Yeah, the Birchboxes are pretty much hit or miss. I actually like your September box :) I was totally disappointed with my August box :( Can't wait to see what I get for September!

  6. I canceled my subscription after receiving the same box you got today

  7. Oh god, worst birchbox ever! I couldn't wait to get mine and now I hope it never comes! This is terrible, every single item. I hope I get a different box!

  8. I didn't sign up for this! Looks like you got some great stuff though!

  9. I just signed up a few weeks ago and thought the September birchbox would be amazing--you know, the whole emphasis on September in fashion, and this being their anniversary. I have yet to actually receive my box, but if I get what you do, I will definitely cancel my subscription.

    Mascara and perfume samples are *exactly* what I wanted to avoid--seriously, how many can a girl have?? I already have a HG mascara, and if I wanted to sample perfumes I would walk into a Sephora. The only thing of interest in the box is that nail applique, but I have konad plates... I think they spent most of their energy/money into that bracelet that I doubt anyone will wear.

    Maybe they're having trouble finding decent products because of the huge increase in membership?

    (p.s. just cuirous, why does your husband have a birchbox? do they have a separate men's box?)

  10. Anonymous: I agree about the fragrance samples. Every time I receive one I just kind of sigh, but only because I'm not a fragrance person and only because they're usually only worth between $1 and $3 value. But then again they usually are more of a bonus in comparison to everything else in the box.

    As far as my husband getting a Birchbox: No, they don't have a separate men's box (although they really should). It just started by him taking products from my boxes that I wouldn't use -- a toothpaste, a moisturizer, the edible stuff -- and I decided to sign him up so if there were any products from his box I wanted I could take them and we could just take from each others. Of course I take all the makeup from his box and some months are more for me because they turn out being mostly makeup. But last month, for example was great for him with the Shaveworks The Cool Fix, because it is a product he uses already and now doesn't need to buy more for awhile.

  11. uhh i really really hope they dont give me a blinc mascara i got that last month, its a good product and all but i need something different. I swear if i get another blinc i'm dropping brichbox.

  12. I've been a Birchbox subscriber since the beginning and I must say that all things considered, it's been a fabulous experience. I've tried new products and learned stuff I never would have known about otherwise. Even when I don't love an item, it's been a bargain way to discover great new products and techniques that make me look better. I love getting a pink box every month. I'm definitely renewing my subscription.

  13. Loved my Birchbox!
    Last month, this month and hopefully for MANY more months.
    It's a great idea.
    It's the fun of trying new things.
    They deliver great value every month.
    I think you are being too picky.
    And the first aniversary bracelet is nice too.
    I will wear mine proudly.

  14. Anonymous: I'm certainly not picky. I'm disappointed. I've been a Birchbox subscriber since December (received my first box in January) and I've been extremely happy up until this shipment, which I've stated previously. It's just a shame they chose this month to celebrate and thank their customers with such a low-value box in comparison to past months.

  15. I received the nail strips, the bracelet, the lip treatment, Pangea organics face cream and liv grn perfume sample. I'm pretty disappointed this month, but I am not planning on canceling.

  16. I always google a head to see what ppl received! The bracelet was the best thing! LOL

    Thanks for sharing

  17. @Crystal
    have you heard of his black box? I think it's a men's version of birchbox, but it's slightly more expensive. but then again, you can only get so many moisturizers and shaving creams (I mean, what else would they put in a men's box?)

  18. Anonymous: I haven't heard of His Black Box!! Thank you for telling me about that! I think I might sign him up, but I'll have to look at it further to see if it will be worth it. Like you said, I'm sure the assortment of products would be rather limiting. I'm assuming it would be pretty much all facial care, shaving, and fragrance. Oh, and probably some men-specific hair care. Still, it's something I'm now going to really consider. Thanks again :)

  19. I got some of the same things. It was a month I wasn't beyond thrilled with but not totally bummed with. I think in the end I still am so happy doing this month to month. I think if it was anymore than 10 dollars a month I would reconsider but really your always gonna have a month here and there where your not too thrilled with it =) this is one of those months for me and you too I see!

  20. My first box was May and I hate to say only one box has been good so far. I got the Juice Beauty peel two months in a row, which annoys me b/c the whole point is trying new products. I also haven't gotten any full-size products yet.

    The one thing I love is that I keep getting Pangea Organics products, which are amazing. Other than that, I've had to force myself to use stuff just so I'm not wasting money :-\

  21. @ Smasherstein: You received the same product twice in a row? That must have been an error on their end. From what I was told (from Birchbox) the same products will go out in various months but you should never receive the same product twice. Sorry to hear you did.

    And can I ask, which Pangea Organics product is your favorite so far? I haven't used any of them because a lot of them have been too strong in fragrance for me to use (I'm very sensitive to fragrances). But if a product really works I'd want to at least try it out.

  22. This was my first Birchbox as well, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. The GRN perfume sample is simply amazing, one of the best scents I've tried. Other than that, nothing else was too interesting. The bracelet was a cute idea, but cheap looking and silly.

  23. I'll definitely be keeping my subscription for at least a few more months.

    I also have a subscription at GoGo Girlfriend, so they tide me over too. They're $2 more a month, but you get a lot more product. I like them so far, if you haven't yet you should check them out. :)

  24. @ Harmony H: I'm actually doing a review on GoGoGirlfriend in about a week or so :)

  25. This month was my first Birchbox and I found it a little disappointing because 1) all the samples were so small and 2) despite saying that I preferred Natural and Organic products in my profile, I didn't receive any. I got this exact same box, but would have preferred the Eco Perfume or Pangea Organics face scrub that was placed in other boxes.

    I'm going to stick with the service for a few more months to see if the samples improve.

  26. @ GirlieAndGlamorous: I've heard a lot of people had a problem with shipping this month. Some people were told their boxes were being held for a "special addition" to the box. I'm curious to see what that is!

  27. I still haven't received my box yet, but it's been sitting across the coast in some NJ facility for almost a week now--according to that awful shipping site they use lol. I won't get my hopes up by believing I'm going to get some amazing special addition.

    imo that bracelet is both ridiculous and ingenious at the same time. ridiculous because--come on, who would wear it? but ingenious because if anyone does, it's certainly a conversation piece for a fellow BB subscriber.

  28. i swear i got a bigger blinc last month & i love it.

    i have a worse september than either of yours...

    Pangea Organics facial cream 1 oz...i already had a packet sample of this previously and hated it since it made me break out.

    LIV Green Perfume... smells like apples... wouldnt wear it.

    Incoco nail appliques in an AWFUL teal duo shade.

    Jouer lip enhancer... I ALREADY HAVE FULL LIPS!

    and that retarded bracelet...

  29. @ debs876: You probably did receive a larger Blinc mascara last month. A lot of full sized or larger sized Blinc mascaras were going around in August boxes. That's ashame you basically got a dupe product, but not even in the same or larger size!

    And I'm sorry your Incoco strips were in a awful shade. I liked both versions I received (one in my box and one in my husband's box).

    Let's all hope October is better!


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