September 23, 2011

Jason Mraz inspired nail art (16 designs)... going to his concert on Sunday!

Hello, Beautiful!

On Sunday I'm taking my son to the Jason Mraz concert down near Virginia Beach. I am SO excited!! I'm staying the night in a hotel so my son can finally see the beach -- even though it's supposed to be rainy. My husband isn't going, so it will be special mommy-son bonding time. I do have some blog posts lined up for while I'm gone, but I won't be able to get around to responding to comments until I get back from my trip.

I went to the Jason Mraz concert last year (in Delaware) and was just 5 rows back, just about center! Click here for some pics of the concert last year. It was an amazing experience and I couldn't wait until another concert of his. I could have gotten closer seats for this show but I was on vacation with my husband when the pre-sale went up and I wasn't checking email, so I missed the pre-sale tickets. Oh well, at least I'm still going to the concert; I'm not too far back and I have end seats which will work better for my son (so he can sit on the isle and see better -- he's only 6 years old).

A few weeks ago I created some Jason Mraz nail art designs... and I actually created a few more since then but I'm not sure when I'll get around to taking those photos. Once again, like my Halloween nail art designs, these are not the official designs I would want to show you. There are a lot of mess-up's and color changes I want to make happen, but you can at least get the general idea of what I was going for. I'll post the better versions eventually.

Click on them to view them larger and read what I wrote about them.

Both myself and my son are in love with Jason Mraz's music and his positive, "be love" lifestyle; hence the fact that I have "BE LOVE" tattooed on the top of wrist so I can see it every single day. I wish I was raised with a Be Love lifestyle because it's a great way to look at life. It helps my son be a better person and make better decisions. He'll even tell complete strangers to Be Love when he sees them freaking out over something or being mean. It makes me proud to know he gets the meaning.

I can't wait for this mini-trip this weekend! I only wish my husband and dogs were going too!


  1. I went to one his concerts last year and it was incredible!! I love these nail designs :)

  2. Some of these are great! Your son sounds like he grasps the concept very well... and he sounds like a great little man!

  3. i love the nail designs, but i love what you wrote about "be love" and raising your son that way. :D


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