September 10, 2011

Unofficial blog sale: Mixed Makeup Lots for sale NOW! Just $12.20 per lot shipped!

Hello, Beautiful!

This isn't the official blog sale just yet (that's coming soon), but I wanted to put these Mixed Makeup Lots up for sale now. They would ship separately from anything else you may order in the official blog sale anyway, so don't hesitate if you want to order these.

You can shop the Mixed Makeup Lots now - all linked at the end of this blog post after the Questions & Anwsers - or click here to go shop now.


What are the Mixed Makeup Lots? Mixed Makeup Lots are a really wonderful way to try out new colors, find back-ups of your old favorites, try new formulas, and just to have fun with! Each lot has an assortment of swatch tested, brand new, and flawed/damaged items - although there is a larger majority of swatch tested items. Read over the details of each lot, and view the photos larger, to find out the item condition of each item in the lot (as well as read What You Should Know for the lots). PLUS: Every lot will include FREE Mystery Items!


What are the Mystery Items? As a very special bonus, ALL Mixed Makeup Lots will include FREE Mystery Items! The Mystery Items are brand new jewelry and/or hair accessories - which are remaining stock from my web store. The amount of free items each lot receives will vary box to box. I'm using the free items as "filler" for the boxes, instead of tissue paper. That means each boxed will be packed full with products. Please be careful when opening your box(es) because I really pack them full to the top with products!
That's also why it will vary from box to box, all depending on the size of the free items and how much space remains in each box. The retail value (meaning the price on the item's tag or the MSRP) of the free items will also vary, but will have an average total value of $10 to $20 per box - some even more. I've put up three examples of free mystery items, which you can find a link for on the What You Should Know page for the Mixed Makeup Lots.


How much are the Mixed Makeup Lots? Every Mixed Makeup Lot is priced exactly the same - just $12.20 including shipping - regardless of how many items are in the lot. I was pricing out each item idividually, but each lot was totaling about the same price and I decided to make it easy on myself (and saved a ton of time) by taking the lowest average price and using that as the price for every lot. Don't foget, the price INCLUDES shipping - which is $5.20. That makes it just $7.00 per lot if you minus out shipping costs. That price alone is a great deal for each lot, but then you're also getting all the bonus Free Mystery Items making each Mixed Makeup Lot a fantastic deal!


How do they ship? Each Mixed Makeup Lot ships separately; they are each pre-packed in their own boxes and will ship out individually. That's why shipping costs are included in the lot price. Each lot ships in a Small USPS Flat Rate Box and includes a tracking number. However, if you order 3 or more lots I will be able to put each lot box into a larger box. Read below.


What if I order multiple lots? Will I save on shipping? Yes! You can order as many Mixed Makeup Lots as you'd like! However, if you order 3 or more boxes I will be able to combine them into a Medium or Large USPS Flat Rate Box, which would save you money on shipping (and save you on shipping insurance too). A Medium Flat Rate Box is $10.50 and a Large Flat Rate Box is $14.20.

I can fit up to 5 Mixed Makeup Lots into one Medium Flate Rate Box (minimum of 3 boxes for this option).
I can fit up to 8 Mixed Makeup Lots into one Large Flat Rate Box (minimum 6 boxes for this option).
  • Order 3 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $31.50 (saving you $5.10 by combining them into a larger box)
  • Order 4 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $38.50 (saving you $10.30 by combining them into a larger box)
  • Order 5 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $45.50 (saving you $15.50 by combining them into a larger box)
  • Order 6 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $55.00 (saving you $18.20 by combining them into a larger box)
  • Order 7 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $60.00 (saving you $25.40 by combining them into a larger box)
  • Order 8 Mixed Makeup Lots and your cost is $65.00 (saving you $32.60 by combining them into a larger box)

Why would I want a damaged or flawed item? Just because an item is flawed, damaged, or even just swatched, doesn't mean it's useless or trash. Oh no! Instead, I find ways to re-use and re-purpose them! The majority of items listed as flawed - such as lipsticks - usually mean something simple like a lipstick that was bumped against its lid. If an item is listed as damaged it means that item is broken. It can be slightly damaged - with just a corner broken - or the entire thing could be broken. Look at the photos for details.

Examples of ways to re-purpose:
  • Swatch tested lipsticks can easily become new again by slicing off the area that was swatched.
  • More flawed/damaged lipsticks can be depotted into jars or a palette.
  • There is a kit available that allows you to melt down lipsticks and re-mold them into a brand new tube.
  • You can take slices of various lipstick colors to create your own, just-for-you shade!
  • broken eyeshadow or blush can be fixed by pressing the powder back to new again. There are lots of pigment pressing tutorials online you can follow, and they work just as well for blushes as they do for eyeshadows.
  • If all else fails, use any broken powder products in loose powder form! Just depot them into their own jar. You may find you get even better pigment from them using them in the loose powder form.
  • Swatch tested eyeliners, lip liners, and other lip & eye pencil products are super easy to bring back to new again. Just sharpen once or twice, and ta-da! Brand new again!
  • There are many ways to re-purpose cosmetics that are no longer factory fresh, it's just a matter of using your beauty know-how and creativity to make it work. I would have re-purposes these myself, but with over 1,000 items in just the Mixed Makeup Lots alone (not even including my regular blog sale - which has several hundred items), I would never have the time.

What about the swatch tested items? Are they used? Swatch tested items are items that have been swatched. A simple enough definition that sums it up, but let me explain further. Swatch tested items are probably the most listed item condition throughout all the lots. Please know that the word "swatched" varies from item-to-item. Some items you may look at it and wonder where the swatching is, while other items are clearly swatched. For some items I may have listed "slightly swatched" or "barely swatched" or even "barely flawed" - which implies the swatch area or flawed area is barely noticeable. Other items listed as "swatched" may also be slightly or barely swatched/flawed but I just didn't list that all out. Why did I write it on some and not others? It's simple, I worked on these lots over a period of several days and some days I remembered to write it and other days I didn't. Just refer to the photos to see exactly what you're getting.


What else should I know?
  • If you want to add shipping insurance onto your order you must let me know before I send you an invoice. Shipping insurance costs $1.75 per box.
  • Read the "What You Should Know" , linked at the top of each Mixed Makeup Lots page, for all the details on the lots, shipping info specifically for the Mixed Makeup Lots, and item info - including info on the free mystery items!
  • Before ordering you must read over the blog sale info & details page -- this is so you know how to place an order and the details/rules of the sale.
  • When you contact me to place an order you should be ready to buy; I am unable to hold items. Everything is first come, first serve.
  • By placing an order you understand all sales are final, everything is sold as-is, and all prices are firm. There are no returns or exchanges (hence, all sales are final).
  • If you receive free items that you just don't like please consider gifting them to a friend, family member or total stranger. Spread the love!
  • I did my best to list all the items and item conditions for each Mixed Makeup Lot, however, with over 1,000 items between all 44 lots there could be errors. If you find an error please let me know. I don't think there are any errors, but just in case be sure to look at both the photos and descriptions for each lot.

To shop the Mixed Makeup Lots, click on
 the links below:
(all links take you to pages on, which is where I'm hosting the blog sale).

CLICK HERE for the Temporary Home of my Blog Sale and start shopping!

Click Here to read What You Should Know about the Mixed Makeup Lots - including info on the FREE Mystery Items!

Click Here to read How To Place An Order, as well as Payment Info.

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