September 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Hot Wired: pics & review

Hello, Beautiful!

When I first saw the 2011 Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects collection, there was only one design I had to have: Hot Wired! Everywhere around me was sold out of them, or they haven't gotten them yet, so I purchased mine from Ulta and couldn't wait to put them on (even though I know it means not doing my nails for a few days; I usually do them daily).

Check out my pics, stats and review...

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
Shade: Hot Wired
Shade Description: A lime green with black barbed wired style design.



Basic stats for Sally Hansen Salon Effects (Halloween 2011 collection):
Formula: "stickers" for your nails, which are made of real nail polish - called nail polish strips
Coverage: full coverage
Wear: long-wearing!
Shade Info: for the 2011 Halloween collection there are 5 designs
Cost/Availability: $9.99 per box; available at Wal-Mart, Target, drug stores and other Sally Hansen retailers, including
Packaging: Comes in a box, showing the design through the front (on a finger); comes with 16 nail polish strips, cuticle stick, mini file & buffer, instructions
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

These nail polish strips are made with real nail polish, making them one of the best on the market. They apply so easily and smoothly, while being long-lasting, but the most important factor is the way they remove. They remove with regular nail polish remover and do not damage your natural nails! Many other nail stickers can damage your nails, and while these are technically nail strips and not nail stickers, a lot of people put both those types into one category. They are delicate, so please be patient when applying (especially if it's your first time using this product) and use slow, light touches to apply for best results.

Full coverage; you won't have a visible nail line or see any staining underneath. They will also fit almost all nails, even toes! If your hands are warm it will make it easier to stretch the strips to fit your nails. They may seem too thin for the width of your nails, but you will see how easily they can stretch (without ruining the nail strip) to make a perfect fit!

These are long wearing!! Even though I normally change my nails daily, I still like to wear these from time to time to give myself a break from nails or when I know I'll be too busy to do my nails. In this case, I just couldn't wait until Halloween to wear these. I needed these on now. Even though the package says they last up to 10 days, I can say from personal experience that Sally Hansen Salon Effects have lasted even longer! They hold up very well, with little wear. I do like to put a top coat on them to prolong the wear even more (in the photos above I did NOT use a top coat, but I will put one on probably tomorrow or the day after). I usually remove these before they even need to be removed.

Shade Info:
For the 2011 Halloween season there are 5 designs to choose from: Hot Wired (shown in the photos above), Wish Nets, Ghoulie Girl, Numbskull, and Spun For You.

$9.99 per box is the average price, although sometimes you can find them on sale for around $7 to $8 a box, or buy one get one half off. I purchased mine from Ulta's website, which are $9.99 each but I used a coupon on my entire order. Because these designs are limited edition, just for the 2011 Halloween season, they will be gone before you know it. If you fall in love with any particular design you better stock up before October is over!

These come in a little box, showing the design through the front of the box (on a finger). Each box comes with 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini file & buffer. Detailed instructions are also included.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Hot Wired - Halloween 2011:
I am in love with the Hot Wired design! I knew from the first promo images of it that it was the one Halloween design I had to have on my nails, if nothing else. The other designs are okay, but this is my favorite and the one that really stood out to me.

For me, having short nails makes these strips really go the distance in terms of how many uses I can get out of them. I only need 5 to 6 strips for all 10 nails! For example, I apply the strip to my left hand ring finger nail and use the opposite side of the strip to apply it to my right hand ring finger nail. Of course if you have longer nails that won't work, but for those short nail gals you will get at least 2 to 3 uses from one box. For me, I can get 2 uses for my nails and 1 to 2 uses for my toes from one box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects.

I love how I can apply these strips and immediately get on with my day without any worry of smudging polish or ruining my mani. They are good to go!

The design, which is a barb wire type design on lime green, is really awesome. If they ever go on sale I plan to buy a back-up box or two of the Hot Wired design.

The only downside, which really isn't a downside at all, is I don't get to change my nails every day. But that isn't the purpose with these nails. Although you could only wear them for one day if you really wanted to, but I think that's a waste. I wear these for at least 3 days before I remove them but I usually leave them on for a week. In this case, that means this week I won't have a Pink Wednesday mani to share with you.

I highly recommend checking out these strips for the Halloween 2011 season! A great buy and a super easy way to have great looking nails!

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own any of the Halloween Salon Effects? If so, let me know which one you have or like the best. If not, do any of the Halloween designs catch your attention? What do you think of the Hot Wired design? Discuss below in the comments.


  1. I bought this one too! I HAD to have it. It looks amazing on, I haven't used mine yet but I am excited to.

  2. Thank you for a great review. I bought the ghosts ones and haven't used yet.

  3. Great review! I love the print! The skulls and crossbone and spider web ones are great too!

  4. I haven't seen those ones yet. I will have to keep my eyes open for it!

  5. I really like the lace one but I've been hearing mixed reviews about these, meh guess I'll have to try it out on my own right?

  6. @ LemonberryLulu: I did a review on the Laced Up design back in February; my verdict was that I still liked the strips (this was my second try with them) but I did not like the Laced Up pattern on me.
    Here's that post:

    I also tried out the Misbehaved. That was my first try with them, back in January:


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