September 14, 2011

September 2011 Birchbox - shipment #2

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my husband's September 2011 Birchbox shipment. I've made a separate post for my September 2011 Birchbox Shipment, which you can view by clicking here.

I have to say, his September shipment is WAY better than mine. His value is almost double what mine was. His box is a "normal" shipment, unlike my box and many others whose box value was between $9 and $13.

Enjoy! :)

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September 2011 Birchbox
My husband's Birchbox beauty profile was set to Adventurous.

The Included Info Card:

  • Value of September's Birchbox Shipment: $23.89 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 6
  • # of makeup items: 2
  • # of nail items: 1
  • # of skin care items: 1
  • # of body care items: 0
  • # of hair care items: 0
  • # of fragrance: 1
  • # of other items: 1

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

INCOCO Nail Polish Applique
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: We all have a wild side. Nail strips are the latest trend -- try them on your fingers or toes.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm a lover of all things nail related, so of course I was excited to get these nail strips. I had gotten nail strips in my Birchbox shipment that were Leopard Print, but I think I like this design even better!
  • FULL SIZE: 16 strips @ $7.99
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 12 strips
  • VALUE: $6.00

COLORSCIENCE PRO Sunforgettable Mineral Powder SPF 30 in Medium
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Who has time for a multi-step AM routine? A mineral sunscreen that evens and mattifies skin means more time for coffee -- plus it lasts all day.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I was very happy to receive this product because I'm currently in a mineral powder foundation phase... even though I'm typically a liquid foundation type of gal. I haven't tried it out just yet but I plan to try it out pretty soon.
  • FULL SIZE: 0.21 oz @ $28
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.05 oz
  • VALUE: $6.67


JOUER Lip Enhancer
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Why settle for plain 'ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plump, and condition all in one go? Right, we thought so.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received this same lip treatment in my Birchbox shipment, but now I have two. Yay! I gave it a test drive and I can say my lips felt super soft, but the smell and taste where grandma-ish.
  • FULL SIZE: 0.33 fl oz @ $14
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.07 fl oz
  • VALUE: $2.97

JURLIQUE Purely Age-Defying Firm and Lift Cream
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Get ahead of the anti-aging game. Jurlique's luxurious moisturizer spurs collagen production and new cells to keep skin healthy and youthful.
  • MY THOUGHTS: My husband already claimed this product because I had questioned adding to my skin care routine. I'd love to try it though, so maybe I could share with him :)
  • FULL SIZE: 1.7 oz @ $70
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.17 oz
  • VALUE: $7.00

  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: The designer's latest scent taps into our sophisticated side with delicate peony and jasmine.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Again, if you don't know by now, I'm not a fragrance gal. Today I have a headache so I'm not even going to attempt to smell it.
  • FULL SIZE: 3.4 fl oz @ $85
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.05 fl oz
  • VALUE: $1.25

Birchbox Friendship Bracelet (extra)

  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: It's been a year! and we couldn't have done it without you (thank you.). Wear this friendship bracelet as a reminder that there is beauty in discovery, and delight in anticipation. Here's to many more beauty-filled months.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Obviously my husband is not going to wear this bracelet, so now that I have two I might wear one occasionally. I don't tend to wear a lot of jewelry anyway, but this bracelet is cute. Nothing super special, but certainly is dainty and girly looking.
  • FULL SIZE: n/a
  • VALUE: n/a

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Birchbox shipment this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your box box? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I got my box today. I got fragrance ;/, the lip balm :), Jurlique hand santizer :), and Befine night cream:) so in total 3/4 samples I will definetely use. the fragrance will go to my mom.

    PS adjust to mineral makeup will take some practice. I went with bare minerals about 2 years ago...never going back to liquid. My skin looks so much better now.

  2. @ Beata: I've used mineral makeup for over 6 years (including BE, Sheer Cover and Amazing Cosmetics -- as well as a liquid mineral makeup from Illuminaire Cosmetics). I just go through phases of using a particular formula or brand. Lately I've been using my BE again but mostly around the house or quick errands. I can't get natural, full coverage without a liquid. I still use my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation whenever I'm going out or helping at my sons school because it quickly and naturally covers all my flaws - including all breakouts - and my skin still looks like skin. It's my holy grail foundation :)

    But I just ordered a new BE kit because the shade I have (Medium Beige) is too neutral toned. I ordered Medium Tan in hopes it will work better or I can mix the two together if needed. It should actually be delivered any day now.

  3. I wouldn't even count those regular samples into the total worth of the box :/ you get stuff like that free anywhere. walk into any store that sells fragrance and they'll give you a sample bottle if you ask. that lip conditioner is meant to be a free sample and I'd never pay for it, same goes for that teeny-tiny blinc mascara others received.

    That colorescience made the box definitely worth it, but the box I received was just sad. pretty much everything was a free sample, except for the incoco and some cheap small bottle of.. hand sanitizer.

  4. Beata~ I received the same things in my box. :) I was a little disappointed because it was my first box and I guess I was expecting a little more. But I do love the idea and I'm going to give it another month before I decide if I'm going to continue.

  5. This months UK alternative - Glossybox seems to have been more successful. Although I would have you bear in mind that this service is not just about the value of the products recieved but also the knowledge that they are out there. Benefiting from even a small tube of moisturizer or mineral foundation is worth the price to know what to buy in the future...knowledge is power after all.


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