September 20, 2011

GoGoGirlfriend Box - September 2011

Hello, Beautiful!

If you like Birchbox, New Beauty Test Tube, or any other sampling program, then you'll probably love GoGoGirlfriend!

GoGoGirlfriend is newer to me and I'm so glad I found them! They have two membership options, both of which are super affordable!
  • Receive a box every month for $12.99 per month (Premium Membership -- You'll also get a FREE bonus item!)
  • Receive a box every other month for $6.99 per month ($13.98 billed every 2 months)

If you want to sign up please use this referral link (I'll get points, and I will greatly appreciate it):

Or enter my member number 59755 when you sign up directly on their website:

You will also gain reward points for filling out reviews (which take seconds to do) that you can redeem towards free products and free sample boxes! You'll also receive discounts on all the products they sell; sometimes saying you as much as half off the non-member prices! GoGoGirlfriend also holds giveaways - some you can win just simply by reading their newsletter! Overall, you can try out a great mix of beauty brands - from high end to drugstore and of course to new brands you may not have heard of. If anything, try them for a month or two. You can always hold or cancel your membership at any time!

Now onto my September 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box...

Keep in mind that new members receive a special box, giving you a few favorites from past boxes. That also means that I received items that are not listed on the included info paper. I'll note which items are extras and which were on the info paper, starting with products on the info paper. I also could not create a total value of the shipment because a lot of products do not list size, so I cannot pin point a vlaue of most items -- not to mention there are two prices for everything in the GoGoGirlfriend store (members price - which is always cheaper - and non-member price). I will, however, list the value of the item if I know it and link you to where you can buy it online in the GoGoGirlfriend store.

Please click on photos to view them larger; there are so many photos that I had to make some smaller just to fit everything in a single post!

September 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box


The included info papers:

Shipment Quick Stats:
Total # of items received: 25
# of makeup items: 5
# of nail items: 4
# of skin care items: 4
# of body care items: 5
# of hair care items: 0
# of fragrance items: 1
# of other items: 6

GOGOGIRLFRIEND All Natural Soap in Cherry Almond
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: By request we are sampling these again in Cherry Almond. Full size bars will be available in our store soon, also in a variety of fragrances.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I am in LOVE with this scent! Cherry and almond are two of my favorite scents... combine the two and WOW! I know scents are really personal, and I personally cannot stand a lot of scents, but I am absolutely in love with this soap. I don't even like to use bar soap, but guess who plans to buy a full sized bar of this? Yes, ME! I would LOVE a candle in this exact scent!
  • FULL SIZE: The full sized bars are not available yet, but will be in the GoGoGirlfriend store soon. I received a sample sliver of soap... but enough to still be useful. Since I don't know what size the full sized bar is, I don't know the exact size sample I received.



BLOSSOMS Natural Mineral Eye Shadow in Iris
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: No real info on the paper to mention, other than it's available in the GoGoGirlfriend store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This eyeshadow is nicely pigmented and the color, Iris, is a pretty purple shade. The shadow itself is super soft feeling and glides on effortlessly. A new brand that is a winner in my book!
  • FULL SIZE: The full sized version comes in a 2 g jar with a sifter. The price is $9.95 for non-members, and just $5.95 for members in the GoGoGirlfriend store. Currently available in 10 shades, including Iris.




BLOSSOMS Natural Mineral Blush in Sweet Rose
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: No real info on the paper to mention, other than it's available in the GoGoGirlfriend store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This blush is very nicely pigmented and feels silky soft. The color, Sweet Rose, is a great pink shade of blush for just about everyone.
  • FULL SIZE: The full sized version is available in 2g or 4g jars, with a sifter. The price for non-members is $9.95 (2g) or $14.95 (4g); the price for member is $6.95 (2g) or $9.95 (4g) in the GoGoGirlfriend store. Currently available in 4 shades, including Sweet Rose.



BLOSSOMS Mini Fluffy Cheek Puff
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: No real description on the paper, but this mini puff came with the Blossoms Natural Mineral Eye Shadow and Blush.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This little puff is soft and cute, but not a tool I would personally use. I plan to keep it, just in case, but honestly it's not an item I would purchase on its own.


  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Blossoms lightly textured cream lid primer neutralizes lid color for eye shadow. Helps to smooth eye wrinkles and discoloration for a flawless eye shadow application. Eye shadow is longer lasting and prevents eye creases for an all day gorgeous look.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I use eye primer very often, but my heart belongs with another brand. This eye primer seems okay but it felt a little too waxy and not creamy enough to blend easily. I haven't used it on my lids yet and I'm not sure I will. It still seems like a good product.
  • FULL SIZE: A full sized jar is 2g and is available for $9.95 for non-members or just $5.95 for members in the GoGoGirlfriend store.




CRAZY RUMORS Lip Balm Al La Mode in Orange Creamsicle
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Moisturizing Vegan Lip Balm with an added fun natural flavor & color.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This lip balm smells amazing! I want to try other flavors, like Mint Chocolate! 
  • FULL SIZE: I received the full sized version, which is 0.15 oz. The cost is $3.75 for non-members or $3.25 for members in the GoGoGirlfriend store. Currently available in 4 flavors.


BURT'S BEES Milk and Honey Body Lotion 
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Naturally nourishing for normal to dry skin. Burt's Bees products will be available in our store very soon.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Who doesn't like Burt's Bees products? I do! I never tried their body lotion so I was very happy to receive a sample. The size I received is 1 oz. Since this brand is not yet available in the GoGoGirlfiend store, I looked on Burt's Bees website and they sell a 1oz travel size for $1.99.



MYCHELLE Deep Repair Cream Sample
  • DESCRIPTION: A cellular repair cream.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Obviously the sample size is not enough cream to see any results, but I did de-pot the sample into a container to use later.


MYCHELLE Fruit Enzyme Cleanser Sample
  • DESCRIPTION: A deep pore cleanser.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't actually tried this yet, but I like the idea of a deep pore cleanser. I de-potted this sample and will try it in the future.

MYCHELLE The Perfect C Serum Sample
  • DESCRIPTION: A vitamin C serum with 17% L-ascorbic acid.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I haven't tried this yet, but I de-potted the sample and will try it in the future.


  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Sample blank custom holiday card. Visit their website to order custom invitations for parties and weddings, holiday cards, general cards, check it out just too cute! Plus use your special GoGoGirlfriend promo discounts on the back of your sample!
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received a Christmas card, and a cute one at that. I liked the design and quality. If I do order cards in the future I'd probably consider visiting their website, especially since there was a coupon I could use.


  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: What's that little blue package with 2 white things? Many of you have not had the opportunity to try this little sample, so by popular request we put a sample in the box. Carry anywhere and so many uses! Just add water and watch it grow to a full 9"x9" cloth! Biodegradable! Once you try this sample you will see why they are so popular, you won't leave home without them! Available in our store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: When I first saw these I had no idea what they were, or the fact they were cloth texture (I thought it was like a pill type of thing). Upon closer inspection, and reading the included info paper, I realized these little round white pill-like things were actually something much cooler. Just drop in water, or hold under running water, and in seconds you have a cloth you can use for anything. I would say these are useful to keep in your purse, car, locker at school, lunch bag, take on vacation, etc. They would really come in handy for un-kept public restrooms that never have toilet paper or paper towels. I'm sure you'll find a use for them! A really cute idea. I want to buy some just because and just in case.
  • FULL SIZE: You can buy packs of 100 or 500 in the GoGoGirlfriend store. For non-members the price is $15 (100 pack) or $50 (500 pack); for members, the price is $12 (100 pack) or $45 (500 pack).



Large Fluffy Body Puff
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Treat yourself to luxury! So soft and silky for pampering your body with any body powder. Available in our store soon, great for holiday gifts.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is a large body puff. I thought it was a shower loofah puff thing, but realized it was for body powder. I don't know about this item just yet... the texture of the puff is weird... it's not fluffy in the sense it's like the mini puff (shown a few items up in this post), but it's fluffy in a different way. Click on the pic to see the details of the material. It's not something I would buy on its own, especially for the price they are going to charge.
  • FULL SIZE: According to the info paper, this item will be $13.99 for non-members and $9.99 for members, once in the GoGoGirlfriend store.



OLUV CARE (I did not receive this product)
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Multi-use salve made from 100% extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, herbs, Shea butter, raw coconut cream and lavender. Is absorbed quickly to smooth, repair and revitalize even the most damaged areas: cuticles, elbows, minor cuts and burns. Effective for diaper rash, great for soothing eczema and other skin conditions. Natural lavender scent.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I guess they forgot to put this product in my box because I receive the pamphlet for it, and it's listed on my info paper, but I did not receive the product. Which is a shame too because I really would have wanted to try this one. I love products made from olive oil and this product really sounds useful in so many ways. Oh well, maybe I'll receive it in a future box.

MOOM Natural Wax Strips
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Natural Wax Strips with soothing chamomile & lavender botanicals for legs & body all hair types. Ready to use wax strips remove hair with its root, keeping your skin smooth and hair free for weeks. Available in our store, 10 packs/double sided.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I don't wax, so I won't use this strip on myself. However, my husband is always a willing guinea pig so I'm sure we'll test this out on him in the future. I receive 1 strip, which is double sided for duo-use
  • FULL SIZE: You can purchase this in the GoGoGirlfriend store for $10.00 (10 pack/double sided), which is the non-member price; or pay just $8.00 (10 pack/double sided) with the members price.


All products from this point on are the bonus extras for new members...  

H20+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water
  • DESCRIPTION: A water-light oil-free cleanser infused with hydrating marine algae to gently wash away impurities while softening skin with provitamin B, moisturizing marine botanicals and Sea Mineral Complex.
  • MY THOUGHTS: When they say "water-light" they truly mean it! This feels exactly like water on your skin, but it does clean and foams.
  • FULL SIZE: The full sized version is 8.25 fl oz and costs $24 on the H20+ website.
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: I received a 2 fl oz bottle, making it a $5.81 value.

TARTE Lip Gloss
  • MY THOUGHTS: There was no lip gloss product name, shade name, or size listed on this sample tube of lip gloss. The shade is really pretty but I have no idea where to purchase the full sized even if I wanted to, which is a shame.



5-pc nail care kit
  • MY THOUGHTS: This set includes 1 pair of toe separates, a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, and brush. It's a rather cheap set, something I'd expect to find at the dollar store. As someone who is huge into nails I can say this set is pretty low quality compared to other things I own, but that doesn't mean it's totally useless. The brush is useful when I work with loose glitter directly onto my nails (I use a brush like the one in the photo to remove glitter from my skin), and the rest of the items I'll use when I do the neighborhood kids nails. Would I ever purchase this on its own? No way.

NEOCELL Super Collagen+ C Pills
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received 3 pills in my sample packet and they are pretty large sized pills. I have a really hard time swallowing pills; I'm better at it now since I have to take medication everyday (for my leg injury, which is on-going for almost 3 years). Because I already take medication the thought of taking more pills is not on my list, so I don't think I'll even try these -- especially since you won't see results after 3 pills anyway. On a side note, this company (NeoCell) actually contacted me to do a review but I didn't respond because I didn't want to take more pills and I knew I would never drink a liquid version.



NATURES ALCHEMY Aromatherapy Herbal Mineral Baths (bath salts)
  • MY THOUGHTS: I don't mean to be negative, but YUCK! These smelled so awful! I actually hated photographing them because the scent was such a turn off. I threw these out the second I was done taking their photo but the smell still lingered because I had dropped some on the floor. Maybe my sample packet just smelled bad, so don't base your decision just on me. Besides the smell, I just don't use bath salts. I don't have time to take baths to begin with (I'm a shower-only type of gal), so this is not a product I'd buy in the future.

NATURE'S GATE Body Wash, Aloe Vera
  • MY THOUGHTS: Again I'm going to sound negative here, but the scent of this was not my cup of tea. I threw this out too. It's not that it's a terribly horrible scent (like the bath salts above), but it's just not a nice scent either. We all have different noses though, so what smells awful to someone will smell delicious to another.

NUTRITION NOW Calcium Adult Gummy Vitamin
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received 1 of these gummies and I did not try it so I can't comment on the taste, but it did smell good. It doesn't look all that yummy, but after I opened it and smelled it I was more inclined to try it out. However, I forgot about it and realized had fallen on the floor so I didn't eat it. Although I'm not 100% sure I would have eaten it to begin with.

Exceptional... because you are eau de parfum spray
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a fragrance person; you should all know that by now, so I didn't even open this. I gave it to my brother's girlfriend. There is a $20 off coupon, but just off that perfume. I guess that's good if you like it.


  1. Wow, this seems pretty cool! I think I will try it out! =)

  2. Here's to another $13 gone! I'd feel like I'd be missing something if I signed up for the every other month option:) I think I might wait and see what you get in your next box though, because I wasn't too impressed, but enough that I might go a few months. I love those insta wipe things!!

  3. Thank you to those that signed up using my referral link/code! I truly do appreciate it :)

    @ sunnydee130: I kind of agree with you (about not being all that impressed). After having high-end products from Birchbox and New Beauty Test Tube it is an adjustment. However, I've seen some past box pictures online with products from elf, Weleda, and Jonathan -- brands I already like. I'm curious to see what future shipments will bring, which is why I plan to give it at least half a year before I decide if I want to stay with them or not.

    I also want to get a box every month so I don't miss anything, haha!

  4. Woooo,great review! I also had a fun time when i was a member,soooo worth it,i want to be again!

  5. Hi there!

    I've had GG for a few months now and I love it as well.

    Just a heads up on the Tarte lip-gloss. I also loved mine and it didn't have a name. The reason is because it's part of a 15 lip gloss set ($25). Here is a link:

    I ended up buying the set, hehe.

    The soap...OMG. Divine. I love the smelllll. I'm sick now, though, and I can't smell :'( Shame.

    My least favorite products were the eyeshadow and blush. I'm just not a mineral person so it was a waste on me. Also the body puff...not my thing either. But that's what comes with the surprise.

    I ended up giving my boyfriend the Crazy Rumors lip balm because he loves orange creamsicle :)

    Anyways, great post! I love reading your reviews. Your picture quality and methodology = amazing.

    <3 Stephanie

  6. @ Anonymous: Thanks for the tip about the Tarte lip gloss!! I didn't even think about that! :)

    And yes... that soap... I can't wait for them to start selling it!

    Thanks for the nice compliment about my blog :) I hope you continue to check it out!

  7. Hey! I recently signed up for GoGo Girlfriend & I am a bit confused.
    I signed up for the premium membership & I looked at your September & October.
    You said you got a "pre-box" before your actual "real box"
    So you signed up which month?
    Because technically October box was your first?
    lol a bit confused

  8. @ Anonymous: I had said that my October box was technically my first box because the September box was sent to me for promotional reasons. So I had officially started my GoGoGirlfriend membership when I signed up and received the October box.

  9. I'm confused because I read on that this box was not too good. Has anyone had their recent boxes get better??

  10. @ Anonymous: GGG has gotten worse and worse with their service and what they offer. This was the first box I received and I honestly really liked it and was impressed with how much stuff was in there and all. My October box was good, I liked it. Then I got my November box and I was disappointed. Then I got my December box and was even more disappointed. Plus, their service was worse and worse with shipping times - not to mention I couldn't stand their spelling errors on their info packet. I don't know what happened to them; they started off pretty good then just got really cheap/poor quality and bad service. My December box was the last one I received, so I don't know how their service is now, but it's not one that I care to join any longer.

  11. I have heard some really bad things about this box unfortunately. I read a few other reviews on and decided no to sign up for this one. great review though. Thanks!


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