September 3, 2011

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System - before & after, swatches, tutorial, review

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I truly think I have a small addiction to Mally cosmetics because when I saw her new Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System I got all giddy and had to order, even though I don't really need it because I have other lip scrubs and balms. But still, it's from Mally and I just had to have it because I know her products are usually great. So what did I think of her Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System? Continue reading to find out!

Check out my pics, swatches, before & after, tutorial, stats and review...

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System
Description: This 3-piece set includes two lip balms - Clear Lip Balm and Shaded Lip Balm - and a Gentle Lip Scrub. The Shaded Lip Balm is a sheer pink with a hint of shimmer - very natural looking and very pretty!


Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System:
Shaded Lip Balm (pink)

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System: Clear Lip Balm

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System: Gentle Lip Scrub

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System Before & After Pictures:
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Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System Tutorial:
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Basic stats for Mally's Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System:
Formula: two lip balms (stick formula), lip scrub 
Coverage: clear; sheer
Wear: average
Shades Available: The Shaded Lip Balm in the set is the only color choice available at this time.
Container: Each lip balm is in a lipstick-like tube, twists up, cap pulls off. The lip scrub is in a squeeze tube, twist-off cap.
Cost/Availability: $35 for the set. Find on QVC's website.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

The lip scrub is really great because it's not harsh or too rough, but it gets the job done. It smells good too! The lip balms are really nice and moisturizing. They apply easily and make your lips feel wonderful! A really great 3-piece set to own for your lips!

The Clear Lip Balm is obviously going to offer no coverage, but the Shaded Lip Balm will give you a sheer to light wash of pink color (with a hint of shimmer).

Average lip balm wear; just re-apply as needed.

Shades Available:
There is only one set at this time, but I bet Mally will come out with other Shaded Lip Balm color choices in the future.

This 3-piece set costs $35 - making it roughly $11.67 per item. You can purchase this set on QVC's website.

Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System Review:
I really, really, really like this set. I think it's all your lips need - from exfoliation to hydration to color; this is smart kit! I have to admit that I was originally drawn to this set because I thought the lip balms reminded me of the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 (and the original version), and I wanted to see if Mally created an identical product. It isn't identical, because the balms are definitely different, but they are still really great balms.

The lip scrub worked great without being too harsh. It smelled/tasted good and didn't irritate my lips. I just scrubbed it on, left it there for a minute or two, then removed with a paper towel.

The Clear Lip Balm is nice because it really hydrates your lips and even leaves a slightly glossy finish behind.

The Shaded Lip Balm is pretty. It doesn't go on quite as sheer as the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15, but it does go on sheer and you can build the color up. It's tinted pink - which is a very fresh pink shade that will work with just about everyone - and has a hint of shimmer.

I highly recommend checking out this product the next time you want to find a lip scrub and/or balm.

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own this lip set? If not, is this something you'd want to own? Discuss below in the comments or you can also email me with any questions/comments.


  1. Sounds FABULOUS and I love the after results with just the scrub, but man is it expensive.

  2. I like the pink packaging, great review!


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