March 17, 2012

AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Mud & Liquid Dead Sea Salt - pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently tried out two of the AHAVA Dead Sea products... one is the Natural Dead Sea Mud and the other is the Liquid Dead Sea Salt. Both products are for the body, not the face. I used them together... first using the Natural Dead Sea Mud, then followed up by using the Liquid Dead Sea Salt. I felt like I had been taken to some special spa!

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AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt & Dead Sea Mud
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AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Mud

Basic Stats for AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Mud:
Formula: creamy mud
Cost/Availability: $15.00 (13.6 oz full size). Available on the AHAVA website and everywhere else AHAVA products are sold.
Packaging: square packet
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This mud is sourced from the Dea Sea, which is famous for its ability to relieve stress, pain and muscle aches. It naturally removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

$15.00 (13.6 oz full size). Available on the AHAVA website and everywhere else AHAVA products are sold.

Square packet that doesn't re-seal, so plan to put in a zip-lock bag or use it all at once.

AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Mud Review:
First, the smell of this is not pretty. I didn't really expect it to smell beautiful, but this doesn't smell good at all. It's still usable, because you'll get used to the scent quickly.

I took the suggestion on the back of the packaging and heated this in the microwave to apply it warm for pain relief. I suffer from chronic pain in my left leg/butt from a fall that took place three years ago. I am always open to pain relief techniques and products that don't involve medication. The heat was really soothing and did provide temporary relief. I left this on for 20 minutes, even though the recommended time is 7 to 15 minutes.

The only complaint, aside from the scent, would be that the package is not resealable. I understand if you were to use this on your entire body you may end up using the entire package, but if you're only going to use this on a smaller area a few times, then you don't have a way to seal it back up. I kept mine in a zip-lock bag and put it in the fridge, so I could apply it cold for pain relief too!

I'm not sure of results if I applied this neck to toes, but I may give it a try on other areas of my body too... I just liked using it for pain relief.

AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt



Basic Stats for AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt:
Formula: liquid
Cost/Availability: $22.50 (6.8 fl oz full size). Available on AHAVA's website and everywhere else AHAVA products are sold.
Packaging: squeeze tube with pop-open lid
My Rating: 3 out of 5 Kisses

This is a liquid mineral formula that delivers the experience of bathing in the Dead Sea in the convenience of your shower. It detoxifies and regenerates skin, as it strengthens its metabolism so you feel fresh and smooth after your shower. Dunaliella Algae and Vitamin E strength skin's protective outer layer, while Grapefruit Oil supports skin renewal by removing dead surface cells as it conditions and purifies.

$22.50 (6.8 fl oz full size). Available on AHAVA's website and everywhere else AHAVA products are sold.

Squeeze tube with pop-open lid.

AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt Review:
This product is an easy to to incorporate Dead Sea into your body care routine. I don't like the smell, although it smells a lot better than the Dead Sea Mud, so I use this before my shower gel/soap.

It does make my skin feel refreshed and smooth, but I didn't notice a huge difference on its own. When I used this after the Dead Sea Mud I did find that area of skin felt much softer and looked better.

Overall, a product I'd recommend checking out if you're looking to add in some Dead Sea products to turn your shower into an at-home spa.

Now let me know what you think...
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  1. Great review! Too bad that the smell of the products aren´t the best, but these products sound like something I would like to try.

  2. I love the ahava line! I really like the hand and foot moisturizers, but I will have to try these too! :D

  3. I absolutely love the Liquid Dead Sea Salt! Leaves the skin feeling velvety... Absolutely LOVE it.


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