March 26, 2012

Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss in Go Nude, Don't Stop Red - swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Ever need a mirror when you didn't have one, or needed a light when you didn't have one, to apply your lip gloss? Well if you said yes, then Beauty For Real has solved that problem with their Illuminating Lip Gloss. Sure, it's not the only light up lip gloss in the world, but they have a nice gloss formula (it plumps too) and offers the convenience of a mirror on the side of the lip gloss tube and a button on the lid of the gloss wand that will illuminate it, making this gloss easy to apply - even in low or no light situations. I have this in their two newest shades: Go Nude and Don't Stop Red.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss
Shades: Go Nude, Don't Stop Red
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Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss
Shade: Go Nude
Shade Description: A sheer brown nude with light shimmer.










Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss
Shade: Don't Stop Red
Shade Description: A sheer poppy pink-red with light shimmer.










Basic Stats for Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss:
Formula: liquid gloss
Wear: average
Coverage: sheer/light/medium
Shade Info: currently available in 14 shades
Cost/Availability: $22.00 (7.5 ml full size). Available on the Beauty For Real website, the Dermstore website, and everywhere else Beauty For Real is sold.
Packaging: square tube with twist-off lid & doe-foot applicator; button on top of lid lights up the wand; magnifying mirror on side of the lip gloss tube
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

This lip gloss is formulated with plant derived antioxidants like green tea and grape see extracts to deliver outstanding regenerative properties and anti-aging capabilities, as well as aloe vera and avocado oil - both of which are full of essential vitamins, are antibacterial and highly emollient. Glides on smooth, non-sticky, and gives lips plenty of shine.

Average gloss wear; re-apply as needed/as wanted.

Sheer/light to medium color pay-off.

Shade Info:
Currently available in 14 shades. I really want to try the shade D Light or the shade Kiss Me. Both look like gorgeous pink shades!

$22.00 (7.5 ml full size). Available on the Beauty For Real website, the Dermstore website, and everywhere else Beauty For Real is sold.

A square tube with twist-off lid and doe-foot applicator. The lid has a button on top that turns on an illuminating light, and the lip gloss tube has a magnifying mirror on the side so you can apply your gloss perfectly no matter where you're at.

Beauty For Real Illuminating Lip Gloss Review:
I really liked these glosses; let's put aside the packaging for just a minute... these glosses have a great formula. They glide on smooth, feel comfortable on my lips, and give my lips lots of shine. They don't dry out my lips and even though I listed them as average gloss wear, I do find they stick around for a good amount of time.

When it comes to the shades I have, I actually like them both but really love the Don't Stop Red. It's a great poppy red that actually looks fresh and complimentary on me. I don't normally wear reds, but like this one a lot. The Go Nude is gorgeous too.

Now let's talk about the packaging. The light-up wand is a great touch that you can use when lighting is bad so you always get the perfect application. Not to mention I've used the light to find things inside my purse. The mirror on the side of the tube is a great feature too. This is what I call a purse gloss - meaning you should always keep one in your purse because not only will the color be there for you whenever you want, but the light and the mirror will come in handy for more than just your gloss application.

Overall a great lip gloss that I'd recommend!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these lip glosses? What shade do you like better, and do you want to try either of them? Discuss in the comments below.

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