March 28, 2012

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar

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A week ago I showed you the Alaska Glacial Mud Co. The Glacial Facial mask. In this post I'll show you how you can get that same Alaska Glacial Mud in a daily form, with using their Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar. I have it in the Peppermint and Lavender scent.

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Alaska Glacial Mud Co.
Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar in Peppermint and Lavender

Basic Stats for Alaska Glacial Mud Co. - Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar:
Formula: bar soap
Scent Info: currently available in 2 scent options
Cost/Availability: $12.50 (4 oz full size). Available on the Alaska Glacial Mud Co. website.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Made with certified organic emollient oils of olive, coconut and palm and enriched with pure exfoliating and mineral-rich glacial clay and goat's milk. Removes dirt, exfoliates dead skin cells, detoxifies pores, cleanses and helps defend against breakouts. Great for body and face - even for shaving and shampoo replacement!

Scent Info:
Currently available in 2 scent options.

$12.50 (4 oz full size). Available on the Alaska Glacial Mud Co. website.

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. - Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar Review:
This is certainly a multi-tasking soap bar! You can use it on body, face, for shaving, and even to replace your shampoo. That's a lot of work for one bar of soap! I have only used this on my body, but I do plan to try this on my face and before shaving. Not sure if I'll use it for a shampoo replacement, but that option is always there!

The scent was nice; not over whelming and smelled spa-like, yet cooling/refreshing because of the peppermint. The price point is nice at just $12.50 because this bar is a multi-tasker, and is rather thick too.

Overall, a great bar of soap that I'd recommend.

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  1. nice review
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. i must say, you have some of the best reviews!!

  3. i love it! i love soaps that has a spa like scent. :D thanks for reviewing :)


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