March 14, 2012

Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener in Matte Light - swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I love me some Mally products! Her Mattewand Eye Brightener really caught my attention because it looked like one of those products you didn't think you'd ever need, but would add to your current beauty routine. This duo-ended product is perfect for brightening not only your eyes, but other areas too - like the corners of your nose & mouth, the bridge of your nose, and your brow bone. Mally also makes this in a shimmery version, but I think the matte version is much better - as it's natural looking.

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Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener
Shade: Matte Light

Basic Stats for Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener:
Formula: creamy pencil; creamy powder
Wear: long wear
Coverage: nicely pigmented
Shade Info: currently available in this one shade
Cost/Availability: $25.00 (0.007 oz pencil/0.014 oz powder full size). Available on the Mally Beauty website, QVC's website, and everywhere else Mally Beauty is sold.
Packaging: dual ended pencil-like tube; one end has pull off cap and twist-up pencil, the other end has twist-off lid with spring loaded sponge tip
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

A dual-ended, long-wearing product to brighten your eyes, and other areas too. One end has a creamy pencil, while the other end has a powder. The powder is actually very creamy itself. 

Long wearing.

Nicely pigmented to give brighten dark areas.

Shade Info:
Currently only available in Matte Light, which is the only reason I rated this 4 out of 5 Kisses - as I think they need a deeper shade for those with darker skintones.

$25.00 (0.007 oz pencil/0.014 oz powder full size). Available on the Mally Beauty websiteQVC's website, and everywhere else Mally Beauty is sold.

Dual-ended pencil-like tube. One end has a creamy pencil, which you twist-up - no need to sharpen. The other end has a spring-loaded sponge tip, which perfectly dispenses the creamy powder.

Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener Review:
I loved this product, plain and simple. It's one of those products that I knew was something I didn't have already, and it would benefit my beauty routine. It's one of those products that you don't think you need, then you get it and you don't know how you lived without it.

It instantly brightens my eyes, acting almost like a brightening concealer. Because it's matte, there is no shimmer or glitter in it, making it appear natural instead of noticeable.

When my eyes look more awake my whole face looks better, and Mally's Mattewand Eye Brightener is a perfect product to brighten not only your eyes, but anywhere else you may have dark areas that need a little light. I like to apply this like I would a highlighter - putting it down the bridge of my nose and on my brow bone. I will even use this on the corners of my nose and mouth to brighten those areas.

The shade works great on my skintone, but I'm not sure how well it would work on those with darker skintones, as this may show up too light. That's the only reason I didn't rate this higher. I thought at one point there was a Matte Deep shade choice, but I could be wrong.

Overall, a great product I'm happy to now own. I'd recommend!

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  1. Wow, this looks like a fantastic product! Cream and powder all in one handy tube, it's perfect for travel and to put in bags. :D


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