February 18, 2012

Green Grab Bag - February 2012

Hello, Beautiful!

Have you heard of Green Grab Bag? It's another monthly beauty sampling program, with a focus on the best natural, organic and vegan skin, hair, makeup, fragrance and more -- all for $15 a month with free shipping. This is my first Green Grab Bag and I'm really impressed. You get a really great value, at least this bag was, and a great selection of products/brands to try out. I also like that there is a coupon code for everything in your bag, so if you do want to purchase more from the brand (not just that item, but anything they offer - as most coupon codes are good on the entire purchase), you'll get a discount. Check out everything I received in the photos below.

For more information on Green Grab Bag, or to sign up and start receiving your own Green Grab Bag each month, CLICK HERE. $15 per month, or sign up for a year and save 20% ($145 for a year).

February 2012 Green Grab Bag

The Included Info Card:

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's Green Grab Bag: $58.34 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of Items Received: 7
  • # of makeup items: 3
  • # of nail items: 0
  • # of skincare items: 1
  • # of body care items: 3
  • # of hair care items: 0
  • # of fragrance items: 0
  • # of other items: 0

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY Aura Multi Use Blush in Spark
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: This product wasn't listed on my info card, I'm happy to have this item because the value alone pays for the entire grab bag, and then some!
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is a full sized product - which is great to receive in my first Green Grab Bag. I'm new to the Vapour brand, but this seems like a great product. Good creamy texture. The shade I received, Spark, is a really pretty coral-like pink. So pretty!
  • FULL SIZE: 0.34 oz @ $28.00 -- there was a coupon code for 20% off your purchase on the Vapour website with code SUB20
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.34 oz (full sized item)
  • VALUE: $28.00

  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: You'll be sweet enough to eat when you slather on one of these adorable 100% pure organic cocoa butter hearts. A treat for the body and senses.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I wasn't sure what this product was used for at first; then I found out they melt onto your skin to use like you would lotion. At least that's what I'm assuming from what I read on their website. They do smell good, like chocolate but not as good as some chocolate scents I've smelled. I haven't used them yet, but plan to try them out in the future. I didn't get the heart shaped bon bon's but I did get the flower shaped ones. They also say that since these melt in the summer (they'll melt over 82 degrees), they don't ship in the summer.
  • FULL SIZE: 4 Bon Bons @ $19.99 -- there was a coupon code for 20% off storewide with code apricot
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 2 Bon Bons
  • VALUE: $9.99


NAKED EYE BEAUTY Rose Tinted Lip Balm
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Get a hint of rosey lip color with this vegan, all-natural tinted lip balm that can also be used to give cheeks a healthy glow.
  • MY THOUGHTS: The color swatched really pretty; sheer rosey color. The scent, however, is a little heavy for my liking, so I didn't use this on my lips. I'll probably give this away, even though it seems really nice. I'm just really sensitive to scents.
  • FULL SIZE: unsure of size @ $8.00 -- there was a coupon code for 15% off your order at their Etsy store with code APRICOT15
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: unsure of size, but it is full sized (full sized item)
  • VALUE: $8.00

ARTISAN NATURALS Soothing Aloe Face Cleanser
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: A mild skin wash for all skin types. Sulfate free and gentle.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I have to admit that this sample bottle was not very practical. It was really difficult to squeeze, almost impossible. I thought that maybe there was a seal, so I unscrewed the cap, but no seal to be found. It was just too hard of a bottle to squeeze out of the cleanser. There was a light fragrance to this, but with all the skincare I'm testing I don't know if I'll get around to using this anytime soon. Possibly in the future though! In addition to the coupon code, there was a card in there for $10 off your order. I won't post the code in case it is unique and can only be used once.
  • FULL SIZE: 4 fl oz @ $25.00 -- there was a coupon code for 20% off your entire order on their website with code APRICOT
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1 fl oz
  • VALUE: $6.25


OVERALL BEAUTY MINERALS Eye Shadow in the shade China Doll
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Rich, luxurious color that goes on and stays on is the trademark of these heavily pigmented shadows.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I really like the color I received; it's a pretty pink with lots of sparkle (even though you can't see the pretty sparkle in the photos). I liked the formula too; it's a brand I'd like to check out further.
  • FULL SIZE: 5 gram jar @ $7.99; 10 gram jar @ $11.99 -- there was a coupon for 10% off your first order of $30 or more with coupon code APRICOT
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it's a sample jar
  • VALUE: $1.50


SOAPYLAYNE Relaxing Herbal Bath Tea
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: A lovely mixture of herbal teas, including Lavender, Rose Petals, Chamomile, and Calendula creates not only an amazing scent, but also a very soothing, spa like bath.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a tea drinker, but I may give a tea bath a try. Problem is I rarely have time to take a bath; I'm a shower gal. My husband, however, has already said he'll take it. So looks like he'll be using this. Smells relaxing, but for sure a tea scent (if that makes sense?)
  • FULL SIZE: 1 tea packet @ $4.00 -- there was a coupon for 15% off your order on their Etsy store with coupon code apricot
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1 tea packet (full sized item)
  • VALUE: $4.00

PURE PLANT SPA Aromatic Body Lotion
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Nourishing vitamin-rich, bioactive body lotions made, with certified organic botanical extracts, plant derived ingredients and extraordinary essential oil aromas.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I didn't open this sample up because I don't have my sample containers ready to use yet, and I didn't want to waste this. I got the Mandarin Orange + Grapefruit, which sounds like it would smell really refreshing. Looking forward to trying this.
  • FULL SIZE: 8.5 oz @ $21.00 -- there was a coupon code for 20% off all products on their website with coupon code PPS20
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.24 fl oz
  • VALUE: $0.60

Let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Green Grab Bag this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your bag? Feel free to leave a link below to your Green Grab Bag blog post. Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Hi! :) You have been awarded the" Stylish Blogger Award" from my blog "Pinkii Life"

    You can read the full post and get the award here- http://pinkii-life-g3lakmini.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-first-blogger-award.html

  2. I read about this service a while back and was intrigued by the green/organic emphasis. Once my tax refund gets in I'm going to get the year subscription - it will be a good way to get exposure to products that are not as mainstream!

  3. I got my bag today! Now, for your clarification--the blush you got was for being a "first timer". I wish they had done something like that for my last bag (which was my first, and I was a bit disappointed).

    Kim from Overall Beauty is awesomesauce--I buy polishes from her but I can't wait to try her eyeshadow!

    I did get a full-size face serum for responding to a contest on their FB page (they have lots of contests there!)

    I like the company, I like the stuff but....I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it. I like Eco-Emi better overall. But it sure is a cute presentation!

    Great review, thanks!!

  4. Eco-Emi was the one I read about, not Green Grab Bag. I guess I wasn't aware there were two different ones!

  5. @ The Crafty Angel: Thank you for letting me know about the Vapour product and why it was included in my bag :)

  6. I love how its packaged all together! super cute! I haven't seen this one. Although I would like to I already am subscribed to 3 others so I may wait a bit! they are too addicting!

  7. @ Miranda: They are very addicting! I have a serious problem, lol. I have even more new subscription services I'll be posting about here soon.

  8. thanks for doing this review. i am signing up now!

  9. hello
    yes I'm back :D
    I loved the products, seemed to me all very good.
    I'm changing my blog can you give your opinion?


  10. Glad to see this post! I decided to subscribe to this also (along with MyGlam, Beauty Army, etc). Thanks for the info, I let them know you sent me :-)

  11. Has anyone tried "Sindulge" or "beauty bar"? I think they're just starting out so I'm apprehensive to try without any reviews. but can't get enough of these monthly programs!

  12. You Americans are really into those monthly beauty sampling boxes but here in Europe I don't think we have something like that.
    I really like those Bon Bon body butters and they don't ship in summer 'giggles' they have to promote them in spring so we can stock them up in fridge for summer ;)

  13. @ Janelle: I haven't heard of Sindulge, but I'll check it out. I signed up for Beauty Bar's Sample Society last month, but the first box doesn't ship out until March 5th. It's just around the corner, so in a few weeks I'll have a review up!

  14. Can't wait to see your Beauty Bar review! I'm subscribed to four monthly ones now, and thinking about more. I'm going to weed out the bad ones and keep the good ones. So far Birchbox can be eliminated (just from all the bad reviews), and I wasn't impressed with Beauty Box 5's first shipment either. Thanks for the great reviews! Keep em coming :-)

  15. You're right about the cleanser bottle being too hard to squeeze- You will need to remove the lid and pour it into your hand. Trust me, it's worth the extra effort!

  16. @ Anonymous: Yes, that's exactly what I had to do! I don't know why that bottle was so hard to squeeze, lol.


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