February 11, 2012

indi chocolate... an amazing line of chocolate body lotion, lip balms, scrubs, and more!

Hello, Beautiful!

A long time ago (at least 6 years ago) I purchased a chocolate body lotion and was almost out. I decided to do a search for chocolate body lotion so I could replace it, and came across an amazing website: indi chocolate! If you love chocolate then you're going to go crazy over this company!

The brand indi chocolate is a small, woman-owned business. I emailed the owner, and then had a phone interview with her to learn more about her brand and her products. The owner of this great company is Erin Andrews. She's a great person, super nice and good hearted, and after speaking with her I was even more excited to support her business and share her business with all of my readers!

To begin, let me first show you what I received in the mail from her (some products I purchased with my own money, and some she sent for my consideration). Look at how cute the brown polka-dot packaging is! It's those little details that show how much she cares about how her products are being presented to her customers.

I've smelled a lot of chocolate scented products, and some don't even come close to smelling like real chocolate, but let me tell you... her products smell so delicious! I didn't even have an ounce of worry when it came to wondering if the products could actually smell good. Why not?, you may be asking, because Erin started out as a chocolatier! Knowing that the maker of these chocolate body products makes actual real chocolate too made me 110% confident that any of her products would surely smell like real chocolate. I was right.

When I asked Erin how she got into the body care business after working with chocolate, her answer was one that came by way of making a solution for a problem that came up in her life. She had read an article about the bad ingredients that go into our skin from our body care. At that time, she was nursing her daughter and just wanted to use the very best for her and her daughter. After much research and trials, she created the indi chocolate beauty products! What a wise journey she went on; in my opinion, some of the best products come by way of making a solution to a problem.

Remember how I said Erin was a good hearted person? Well the reason is because of the way she runs her business, more specifically the way she sources her cocoa beans. She started her kind-ways when she was a chocolatier, by going to Belize and employing the women there. She continued to help women in small villages by employing women in Honduras. Erin was giving these women an opportunity to work, something few get to do. Some of the women have even personally thanked her for the opportunity. I told you Erin was a good person!

Seeing as how I had my own businesses myself (first running a gourmet dog treat bakery, then my all-female photography studio, then my website selling girly stuff), I know how much work goes into a business. I know how hard Erin works without her even having to say a word. Her business is her third child, and she truly has a passion for what she does -- especially a passion for chocolate! I love to support woman-run businesses, especially if they have a great product (which she does!). I'm asking all my readers to please go to her website and check out her products. If you like something please go ahead and make a purchase. You'll be supporting a small business with a woman who really cares about the products she makes and her customers. If you're a chocolate lover you will LOVE her products. If you love mint chocolate ice cream you will go crazy for her Mint Chocolate Body Lotion! Her lip balms melt onto your lips with the heat from your body and give your lips a silky smooth feeling.

I will be posting reviews on the products I have from indi chocolate, which include the Lip Balms (3 flavors/scents), Mint Chocolate Body Lotion, and the Foot Repair Cubes.

When I asked Erin what she would want someone to think of when they were describing or thinking of her products, she gave a great response: "Happiness on your skin!". I have to agree with that statement completely. Erin also says her line is "chocolate for the inside & out" - which couldn't be more true!

And because she does make actual edible chocolate, here's a quick mini-review on her chocolate and some pics...

She sent me her Dark Chocolate with Dried Cherries. I love dark chocolate; it's my favorite! I'm not really into cherries in my chocolate, but I still found this really yummy! The chocolate itself was so good. I ate half the bag in one single day! I've been saving the rest, eating little bites here and there. I've been keeping it in my fridge because I like crisp, cold chocolate. Here are the pics of this yummy chocolate:


So to wrap it up, indi chocolate is still a pretty new company, with Erin launching her body care line in October 2010, but I think indi chocolate will be around for many, many years to come.

Come back soon to see my reviews on the indi chocolate products I have!


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