February 12, 2012

Beauty Army - February 2012

Hello, Beautiful!

My Beauty Army kit has arrived! This month my kit was worth over $70! I'm happy with my selections, but I kind of wish there was at least one makeup choice for me this month; it was all skin and hair products. I know other people see different samples; I'd be curious to hear what others were able to choose from. I re-adjusted my beauty profile, so we'll see what happens with next month's selections.

Check out this month's shipment...

Beauty Army - February 2012

Included Info Card:

Shipment Quick Stats:
  • Value of this month's shipment: $72.50 (value is approximate)
  • Total # of items I received: 6
  • # of makeup items: 0
  • # of nail items: 0
  • # of skincare items: 4
  • # of body care items: 0
  • # of hair care items: 2
  • # of fragrance items: 0
  • # of other items: 0

Now I'll break it down, product-by-product...

JOICO K-Pak Revitaluxe
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: A luxury hair treatment clinically proven to  instantly correct years of damage. Hair becomes automatically stronger, softer, and more moisturized.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I am always interested in products that say they will repair my hair. Because I dye parts of my hair blue, my hair can be very dry in those areas (which are are the underside of my hair). The texture always needs help, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this product will help. Just be careful when using this sample; it comes out of the tube really quickly!
  • FULL SIZED: 5.1 oz @ $22.95
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1.7 oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $7.65


M.A.D. Skincare Age Corrective Serum
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: This multi-stem cell and multi-peptide technology infused serum will be a great choice in your anti-aging regimen to have the best possible looking skin. Skin will feel hydrated, moist, plump, nourished and recharged.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm actually going to be showing everyone a lot of M.A.D. Skincare products on my blog, as they sent me some products for consideration, but I still decided to add another M.A.D. Skincare sample to my Beauty Army kit this month. What I didn't realize, at the time I selected this sample, is that I already have this product in full sized. That's okay though; this will make a nice back-up or a gift to a friend/family member. I really like the M.A.D. Skincare line, especially with the way they break down their products (into 5 main categories depending on skin type and need).
  • FULL SIZED: 0.5 oz @ $54.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 0.13 oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $14.03

STRIVECTIN SD Eye Concentrate
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: New to the StriVectin family, this eye cream targets signs of aging. Get rid of crow's feet, dark circles, and puffiness all with this powerful product.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm always curious about StriVectin products, and I will likely always choose a StriVectin sample if it's available to choose from. I'll work this into my skin care routine eventually because I'd like to prevent signs of aging around my eyes; I already have some fine lines developing.
  • FULL SIZED: 1 fl oz @ $59.00
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $14.75



LAROCCA SKINCARE 24K Exfoliating Cream Facial Cleanser
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: A silky cream with a gentle exfoliant that dissolves makeup quickly while it moisturizes and stimulates collagen growth.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is the second product in my February Beauty Army kit where I ordered a product that I already have in the full sized version. I must be a dummy this month, lol. Oh well; at least it's a cleanser I like! I love the LaRocca brand and the 24K products are fantastic -- including this cleanser. I'll save this sample for a friend/family or even for a giveaway on my blog (maybe I'll give it away after I review the full sized cleanser, and that review will be coming up soon).
  • FULL SIZED: 4 fl oz @ $45.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1 fl oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $11.25

MAMA MIO Boob Tube
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: Aim North, not South! What women really love about Boob Tube is that the quality of their skin changes so quickly. Within a week, you will notice that the skin on your neck, your chest and your boobs looks firmer, fitter, glowing, more dewy and youthful.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Seeing as how I have fake boobies, I obviously care about how my chest looks. This is a product I was really interested in, even though I don't have any problems with sagging or signs of aging yet. I want to keep my chest looking nice for as long as I can and I feel I can always do things to help prevent signs of aging if I act ahead of time. This is a VERY generous sample; it's half of the full sized! I can't wait to see what results it may give me.
  • FULL SIZED: 3.4 oz @ $45.00
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1.7 fl oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $22.50

FREEMAN BEAUTY Psssst Instant Dry Shampoo
  • DESCRIPTION ON MY ONLINE SAMPLES PAGE: The original dry shampoo to refresh and rejuvenate hair by soaking up excess oil, removing product build-up and boosting volume. Hair looks, feels and smells freshly shampooed. Cleans, deodorizes and conditions hair -- without water!
  • MY THOUGHTS: Sometimes my schedule is so busy that my days blend together and I need a dry shampoo to help me get through till my next shower. Since I have darker brown hair, dry shampoos can show up white or gray on me. I have one that sprays on clear, and that's the only one that has been unnoticeable on my hair. I haven't tried the Freeman Beauty Pssssst Instant Dry Shampoo yet, so I'm not sure if it sprays on clear or not, but I do hope it works for me.
  • FULL SIZED: 5.3 oz @ $6.99
  • SIZE I RECEIVED: 1.76 oz
  • SAMPLE VALUE: $2.32

Now let me know what you think...
Did you receive a Beauty Army kit this month? If so, what are your thoughts on your kit? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. I haven't gotten mine--yet...but I did have a choice of eyeshadow (Bling). I got 4 of the things you did--the boob tube (mine are so south lol), the Pssst, the larocca, and the MAD, plus some shampoo. Glad to hear the values were good!

    This will be my 2nd box...it's nice and I like it but I'm not sure I LOVE it compared to my other sub boxes.

  2. @ The Crafty Angel: Thanks for sharing your kit contents! I got the Bling Tone eyeshadow in my kit last month in a brown shade. What shade did you get? I've actually really liked Beauty Army's because the value has been high both shipments so far. Last month when kit was valued at $60.85, and this month it's valued at $72.50! That's pretty impressive! I do like selecting my samples, but I do wish there were 12 choices instead of 9. I'd like to feel like I'm getting more options each month, instead of basically just narrowing it down to 3 I don't want.

  3. The dry shampoo is my favorite! I have black hair and it has a really nice smell and it goes on relatively clear. You just have to not hold it so close to your roots.

  4. I retook my beauty profile while selecting my goodies and it refreshed to show a makeup item, the MyFace eyeshadow, along with some other goodies I was totally excited to see! I think you can keep retaking your beauty profile until you see the samples you like. That Boob Tube stuff is AWESOME!! :)

  5. @ Krystal Caracol: Thank you so much for that tip! I didn't know you could do that! I will keep that in mind for next time!

  6. I retake the quiz over and over until I get choices I like. And I agree, I wish there was more than 9 choices.


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