February 4, 2012

I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion: pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Have you heard of the I Love... Cosmetics brand before? It's new to me, although it will soon fill my bathroom because the products are affordable and smell amazing. You can find them at Wal-Mart or drugstore.com. I have the Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion, which I fell in love with after the first sniff. It had such a realistic scent that I immediately craved ice cream; I even went to my freezer to take a spoonful of vanilla ice cream! My husband says it smells like a Burger King Vanilla Milkshake, lol.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

I Love... Cosmetics
Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion
[Please ignore the pink that bounced back onto the product; the lotion is white and there is no pink on the actual bottle.]

I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion PRO's & CON's:
PRO's: smells amazing, absorbs quickly, affordable, convenient pump top dispenser
CON's: you may want to eat it, lol

Basic Stats for I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion:
Formula: lotion
Shade Info: currently 6 different scents
Cost/Availability: $7 to $8 depending where you shop (8.5 fl oz full size). Available at Wal-Mart, drugstore.com, and everywhere else I Love... Cosmetics are sold.
Packaging: rounded bottle with pump-top dispenser
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

This non-greasy body lotion absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving behind a yummy scent of vanilla ice cream. The scent does last a good amount of time, fading throughout the day, and it isn't an overwhelming scent. You end up smelling sweet and yummy, while having soft skin.

Shade Info:
Currently, the I Love... Cosmetics brand has six scent families. Vanilla & Ice Cream, Raspberry & Blackberry, Blueberry & Smoothie, Mango & Papaya, Coconut & Cream, and Strawberries & Milkshake. I have a Raspberry & Blackberry Super Soft Hand Lotion (which I'll review on my blog soon), and I like the scent (it's a nice light berry) but I prefer the Vanilla & Ice cream scent. I plan to check out the Coconut & Cream and the Mango & Papaya scents too.

$7 to $8 depending where you shop (8.5 fl oz full size). Available at Wal-Mart, drugstore.com, and everywhere else I Love... Cosmetics are sold.

Rounded bottle with pump-top dispenser; which I prefer. Great for keeping by your sink, on your desk or on your vanity. The pump-top is convenient and makes applying lotion less messy. Of course not great for those that like to keep a tube of lotion in their purse; go with the Super Soft Hand Lotion or jar of Body Butter instead if you prefer to take your lotion with you.

I Love... Cosmetics Vanilla & Ice Cream Moisturizing Body Lotion Review:
This lotion smells amazing! I don't know how they did it, but it really does smell like vanilla ice cream or some kind of vanilla milkshake. There are a lot of yummy smelling vanilla products out there, but this may be my favorite vanilla scented item I've ever come across.

Besides the amazing smell, this lotion is nice to use. It absorbs quickly and isn't greasy at all. It may not be for the driest of dry skin, but it worked great on me and on my son. I love applying my lotion within a few minutes of getting out of the shower so it really absorbs, but I've been keeping this on my blogging desk and applying throughout the day. I don't need to re-apply throughout the day, but I want to re-apply; I just love the smell!

I love the affordability of this product too; just $7 to $8 depending where you shop. I plan to buy the Vanilla & Ice Cream Shower Smoothie next.

Overall, yes, I would recommend this product to all those that like vanilla scented products.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this lotion? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. It sounds wonderful! When it absorbs into the skin does it have a silky smooth feel, or a powdery dry feel? I might have to order some! Thanks for the review!

  2. I might have to try this. It sounds like it would be a nice, unique smell. And, it's always a plus that it has the cutest packaging. Very nice review!


  3. @ Kim: Your skin will be nice and soft after applying. Not powdery or dry; of course if your skin is super dry you may not find this to be the best moisturizer in the world but it made my skin perfectly soft. It wasn't the silkiest feeling but my skin was still nice and soft. When I apply this right after the shower my skin feels silkier because it penetrates in better.

  4. Hey I'm so shocked!!!! Ur reviews are a bit surprising to me. I'm not sure if its me. Or the particular product I got but mine is shhhh.,,it. Lol other than the smell which I 1000% agree with u that it's just like the real thing! BUT I'm rly upset.. I applied it and the first time and everytime after (I won't use it anymore after 3 times it's not getting better) it goes on nicely then 30 seconds later I'm rubbing it in and it starts to turn into chunks. like it won't absorb. I'm very dissapointed. I have the tub and it's the same.. van and ice cream "body butter" worst product ever. It won't even rub on cuz it turs into clumps and won't absorb. If I had know it came in the basic "body moisturizer " u have I would have bought that but they don't have it where I live. So my? Is for u.. is the kind u have do that at all? Of does it absorb like a normal lotion should? LOL :( thx xoxo lulu

  5. @ Anonymous: It sounds like you may have gotten an old one. This review post is from over 2 years ago, and I have a hard time finding the brand anymore. My Walgreens had some of the scents and were all on clearance to clear them out for good, so maybe the line is going away? The one I have actually still works good. I don't have a ton left, but still actually use it (and just now realized how old mine is, lol). Mine still absorbs okay and still smells good. It sounds like you may have gotten a bad one. For it to turn into chunks is really odd! I haven't tried any in the tub version, I just have the pump one.


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