March 8, 2012

Clairvoyant Beauty Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel - pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Have you heard of Clairvoyant Beauty? Their brand's philosophy is to see beyond the range of ordinary perception, both in the individual and throughout the world. While nurturing essential inner beauty through skin care products made with only the finest natural and organic ingredients available, they extend their consciousness to improving the world through environmentally safe practices and social responsibility.

In this post I'll show you their Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel - which I love!

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Clairvoyant Beauty
Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel

Basic Stats for Clairvoyant Beauty Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel:
Formula: gel
Cost/Availability: $32.00 (0.5 oz full size). Available on the Clairvoyant Beauty website.
Packaging: rounded jar with twist-off lid
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

An effective combination of cucumber and cranberry seed oil to soothe and calm irritated eyes while reducing water retention. Cucumber heals and refreshes tired eyes while reducing fluid build-up. Cranberry seed oil is full of anti-oxidants to fight the signs of aging. Both ingredients are blended into a clear, cool gel of aloe vera delivering delicate moisture with a gentle tightening effect. For all skin types. Vegan certified. Natural and Organic ingredients. Recyclable container. Biodegradable. No animal testing.

$32.00 (0.5 oz full size). Available on the Clairvoyant Beauty website.

Rounded jar with a twist-off lid. The box it comes in is super cute!

Clairvoyant Beauty Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel Review:
I really liked this product! It feels cooling and refreshing on your skin, perfect to soothe the skin around your eyes after too much crying, too little sleep, or just to wake up your face.

A little goes a long way; you simple tap - not rub - this product into the skin. It works effectively and helping to reduce any puffiness and works superbly at making your skin feel refreshed.

This isn't a product I use daily, but it is a product I pull out when I've had little sleep and want to feel and look more awake. I use this if I've been crying, which has been a lot lately with a lot of personal issues going on that I don't want to share on this blog (as I'd rather keep my blog light hearted and fun). This is the type of product you buy and use it when you need it, meaning it's going to last a long time! I've even used this on my hand after a long day of swatching, because my hand can get rubbed really painfully from all the wiping and switching products off and on, lol.

I also want to take a minute to talk about how cute their packaging is (the box it comes in). I have two other products from this company (which I'll share with you in a few weeks), and every box had the same pretty pattern, but in different colors; I love it!

Overall, yes, I'd recommend this!

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  1. Seriously. I'm 38, I graduated HS in '91... not much of a makeup girl, always fought smelly over perfumed mainstream facial products cause they sting and give me zits. SO... I simply love Clarvoyant, and Lexie's products. They smell truly NICE, they don't sting or give me zits. I even love the 'fabulous facial cleansing OIL' which seems like an oxy moron. I love the gentle moisturizing cleansing scrub, even with my slight roseacea I'm loving all the products. I spritz the toner on in the evening before bed. I don't rub the toner on with a cotton ball, though most people probably do. It's simply lovely - both the simple rose and the lavendar ones rock. My favorite lately has been the hibiscus serum, and the skin firming moisturizer... they make my day. Also the Clay Cleanser in the shower. I love the way it smells. Your review of the depuffing eye gel is just perfect. Thank you for highlighting my favorite product/company!! Kind regards, A.B.

  2. Im in love with this product too!! I got it in my March Goodebox and already bought a second full-size! And I bought a gift package of 7 different clairvoyant products to test out. Im glad to see more people love this brand!

    And Im glad you mentioned its good for when you've cried too much! I had a terrible, no good week that ended with a slap in the face so my eyes need some therapy and I didnt even think about using it to depuff from crying. Just depuffing from lack of sleep. Just dabbed some on and already feel more relaxed.

    Btw. I hope that things are going better for you personally! Life really likes to throw curve balls. Whenever I feel upset or need an extra push to keep going through hard times I listen to this song. Maybe you'll be inspired too :)


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