March 4, 2012

Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation in Medium Beige, Sun Kiss - before & after, swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

In this post I'll share with you the Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation in shades Medium Beige and in Sun Kiss. The shade Sun Kiss I have in a sample baggie, but it turned out to be a much better match for my skintone.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation
Shades: Medium Beige, Sun Kiss
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Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation
Shade: Medium Beige
Shade Description: For medium skin with a warm undertone.

Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation
Shade: Sun Kiss
Shade Description: A golden tan.

Basic Stats for Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation:
Formula: loose powder
Wear: average to above average
Coverage: buildable - sheer to full
Shade Info: currently available in 21 shades
Cost/Availability: $24.99 (0.3 oz/9 to 10 g in a 30 g jar full size); although currently on sale for $19.99 Available on the Mahya Mineral Makeup website.
Packaging: rounded jar with twist-off lid and sifter
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses

This loose powder mineral foundation has mineral pigments to let oxygen in but keep out free radicals. No oils, perfumes, or dyes. Keeps skin hydrated and soft.

Average to above average wear, depending on your skin type and if you use a primer first.

Buildable coverage, from sheer to full. Just build up the coverage in light layers.

Shade Info:
Currently available in 21 shades.

$24.99 (0.3 oz/9 to 10 g in a 30 g jar full size); although currently on sale for $19.99 Available on the Mahya Mineral Makeup website.

Rounded jar with twist-off lid and sifter.

Mahya Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation Review:
I really liked this mineral foundation. I think it worked better with my skin than Bare Minerals did.

You apply it the same way you do any mineral foundation; swirl, tap, buff. It applied easily, going on smooth and creamy. If you have dry skin I recommend using a hydrating primer first for best results.

The powder felt soft, silky, and creamy. The layers built up seamlessly and I probably could have applied even more for my before and after photo. I'm not sure how many layers the after photo was... possibly 3?

Overall, yes, I'd recommend this foundation!

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  1. Wow, this mineral foundation looks grea and the coverage makes your skin look excellent! I haven't tried a mineral foundation before. :3 I would love to try this.

  2. This looks nice on your skin. I've never really been a powder foundation lover, except I jump on the Bare Essentials wagon in high school and liked it for a bit then just stopped because I dont wear foundation. I did however get my Illuminare trial kit and tried the extra cover foundation. It was nice. I only had it on for about 10 minutes though because I didn't want to fall asleep in it. I'm even more pleased that I own a Clarisonic because I know I'll need to make sure I don't have flaky skin before wearing it and it also makes removing it much easier. I really liked it under my eyes too. So fingers crossed I can wear it a full day without wanting to rub my face off:)

  3. wow! Your skin looks really pretty on the after photo! This seems like a good product.


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