October 6, 2012

Shea Terra Organics Gingered Pumpkin Whipped Shea Butter - pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Do you love fall scents, like pumpkin and ginger? Do you love super soft, hydrated skin? If you answered yes to both questions you'll love the new Shea Terra Organics Gingered Pumpkin Whipped Shea Butter! This super rich and creamy body creme is 99.7% natural.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Shea Terra Organics
Gingered Pumpkin Whipped Shea Butter


Basic Stats for Shea Terra Organics Gingered Pumpkin Whipped Shea Butter:
Formula: creamy body butter
Cost/Availability: $18.00 (9 oz full size). Available on the Shea Terra Organics website.
Packaging: rounded jar with twist-off lid
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

This body creme combines organic shea butter - which soften skins, locks in moisture and provides all-day relief to dry skin -, and pumpkin seed oil - which is rich in vitamins B and K, beta keratin and antioxidants that help balance skin tone - and delightful spices like ginger. 

$18.00 (9 oz full size). Available on the Shea Terra Organics website.

Rounded jar with twist-off lid.

Shea Terra Organics Gingered Pumpkin Whipped Shea Butter Review:
This is such a rich, dense and creamy body creme. A little goes a long way, and melts into your skin with ease.

The scent, Gingered Pumpkin, is such a delightful fall scent. Makes me feel warm, cozy and ready for the crisp fall weather.

I absolutely love the texture of this body creme. This jar will last a long time, as you only need a little to get the job done.

Overall, I'd recommend this body creme -- and if fall scents aren't your thing, no worries, they offer a wide range of scents!

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  1. I have one of these in white chocolate & love it!

  2. @ StephanieLouise: The white chocolate one is the one I want next! :)


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