October 8, 2012

Classified Cosmetics Spirit Spray - 5 shades - swatches, pics, examples, review

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With Halloween just a couple weeks away, and football season in full swing, what better way to show your team spirit or creative side by painting your face! When you do, reach for Classified Cosmetics Spirit Spray, an easy to use spray-on color for face and body. You can spray it directly from the can onto your face and/or body, or spray onto something like a plastic paint palette to use with a brush or sponge.

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Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray
Shades: Green, White, Blue, Black, Red
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Used on my son:

Used on my best friend:

Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray
Shade: Green

Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray
Shade: White

Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray
Shade: Blue

Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray
Shade: Black

Classified Cosmetics - Spirit Spray

Shade: Red

Basic Stats for Classified Cosmetics Spirit Spray:
Formula: spray liquid
Wear: long lasting; water and wear resistant once dry
Coverage: buildable
Shade Info: currently available in 5 shades
Cost/Availability: $9.99 (1 oz full size). Available on the Classified Cosmetics website and at Ulta.
Packaging: rounded aerosol can with pull-off cap and spray nozzle
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Oil-free aerosol spray-on color for face and body. Internationally patented technology and formula. Buildable, hypoallergenic color that is water and wear resistant. Easily removed with an oil-based cleanser.

This is a long wearing product, depending on use. It is water and wear resistant once dry.

Buildable coverage from sheer to full.

Shade Info:
Currently available in 5 shades.

$9.99 (1 oz full size). Available on the Classified Cosmetics website and at Ulta.

Rounded aerosol can with pull-off lid and spray nozzle.

Classified Cosmetics Spirit Spray Review:
I was really excited to try these out because I am always painting my son's face, not just for Halloween but just-for-fun. I always loath when he picks a design that has an all-over color - like blue or green - that I just don't have on hand with regular makeup. Spirit Spray is my answer!

Easy to use; just shake, aim and spray! I prefer to apply this as an all-over color directly from the can, and for details apply with a brush. To apply with a brush I first spray some into a well of a plastic paint palette (you can pick one up for $0.99 at a craft supply store). Then dip a makeup brush into it and apply to your face and/or body. Allow to dry in between coats to build up coverage if you prefer. You can also use a sponge application method - and of course you can use your fingers to spread the color or blend it out (by tapping your fingers).

This was fun and easy to use, and something I would buy again. I just wish there were more colors - like orange, brown, purple, and pink. I'm sure more colors will come in the future, but for now these 5 basic colors can take you far.

You can use these for Halloween looks, or for football fan wear. Show your team or school spirit using Spirit Spray!

I'd highly recommend checking out Spirit Spray!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the techniques. I bought the red for my daughter and now I will go back and get the white.


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