October 26, 2012

AHA The Brazilian Peel 30-Day Antidote to Aging System (teaser post)

Hello, Beautiful!

Just wanted to do a teaser post on an upcoming product review I'm excited to share with you all. It's the AHA The Brazilian Peel 30-Day Antidote to Aging System. You can expect my full review towards the end of November/early December (after I've had time to use it for a full 30 days).

This kit includes:

  • Brazilian Peel: Self-neutralizing, professional strength glycolic peel that combines 30% glycolic and nourishing acai antioxidant protection. 5X stronger than other at-home peels, Brazilian Peel leaves skin smoother, firmer, clearer and brighter after just one 10-minute application.
  • Brazilian Peel BPR Cleanser: This gentle, refining cleanser removes dirt and impurities while eliminating dryness and maintaining natural skin pH. Formulated with powerful glycolic and natural acai, the cleanser leaves skin hydrated, soft and glowing.
  • Brazilian Peel Micropeel Booster Pads: These daily booster pads are infused with time-released glycolic and nourishing acai antioxidant protection. Used daily, they provide powerful exfoliation for smoother, firmer, brighter, younger-looking skin.

This 30-Day kit retails for $120.00 and you can purchase it on the Advanced Home Actives website.

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