October 2, 2012

Mally Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette - swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I really can't get enough of Mally beauty products, and her newest shadow palette is another star product from Mally! Her Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette is a great shadow palette containing 11 shadows and 1 shadow base (primer), plus a duo-ended shadow brush all in a faux snakeskin embossed palette. This is her take on a nude shadow palette and it's gorgeous!

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review... click on pics to view them larger.

Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette
Shades: shadow base, Au Natural, Bubby, Buff, Tiger's Eye, Cappuccino, Shimmering Taupe, Brownstone, Oak, Egyptian Gold, Toast, Chocolate Diamond

Basic Stats for Mally Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette:
Formula: creamy shadow base; pressed powder shadows
Wear: average to above average
Coverage: nicely pigmented
Shade Info: palette includes 11 shadows and 1 shadow base (primer)
Cost/Availability: $50.00 (shadows net wt is 0.4 oz/13.2 g, shadow base is 0.1 oz/2.8 g full size). Available on QVC's website and eventually on Mally's website.
Packaging: rectangular faux snakeskin palette with magnetic closure; opens to reveal 11 shadows and a shadow base with a spot for a duo-ended shadow brush; mirror
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

This shadow palette contains 11 pressed powder shadows and a creamy shadow base (primer). The shadows have a nice texture to them and blend nicely.

Average to above average wear. Use with the shadow base (or any other shadow primer) for the best wear.

Nicely pigmented shadows, although best when applied over a shadow primer.

Shade Info:
Palette includes 11 shadows and a shadow base.

$50.00 (shadows net wt is 0.4 oz/13.2 g, shadow base is 0.1 oz/2.8 g full size). Available on QVC's website and eventually on Mally's website.

Rectangular faux snakeskin palette with magnetic closure. Opens to reveal 11 shadows and a shadow base. Has slot for duo-ended shadow brush. Mirror included.

Mally Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette Review:
This is a gorgeous palette of nude shadows. With so many nude shadow palettes (like Urban Decay's infamous Naked Palette), you may ask yourself if you really need another - or maybe you don't have one yet and need to decide on one. Either way, I say this is a gorgeous nude palette!

What I like best is the range of nude shades in this palette. The shade Bubbly is such a gorgeous shimmering light golden pale champagne. While Shimmering Taupe is such a beautiful shimmering brown-purple taupe. Then there is Chocolate Diamond, a gorgeous deep chocolate with golden shimmer. And of course all the shades in between that fall into the taupe, tan, gold, bronze, and brown shade categories.

The pigmentation is nice on their own, although some shades are more pigmented than others (on me, the shade Au Natural barely shows up, even swatched over primer), but each shade really comes to life over a shadow primer - like the included shadow base in this palette.

One of my favorite eye looks so far with this palette is to apply the shadow base, then the shade Bubbly all over my lids. Then I take the shade Chocolate Diamond and apply from my outer corner of my lid inward and in my crease. Then I take Shimmering Taupe and lightly dust it over the Chocolate Diamond and onto the Bubbly, working inward but not going completely to the inner corner. Then all I need is a black liner and some mascara and my eyes are sultry but natural, all while being sexy and complimentary. That's just one of the many looks I can create using the shadows in this palette. Mix and match within the palette itself and of course with other shadows you already own to create endless looks!

I'd love to see Mally come out with more shadow palettes like this, such as one for smokey eyes.

Overall, a great nude shadow palette that I'm happy to own and would recommend!

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  1. Such WONDERFUL swatches, thank you so much for this!


  2. I love the packaging! It's so cute!

  3. look a like urban deacy naked pallete...
    thank you for sharing...

  4. Preciosa, realmente bonita. Penita que en España no tengamos esa marca......

  5. This is the most amazing post and these are the best ways to swatch that I have ever seen. The swatches look so original and true to the white background. This does have the UD naked palette feel though!

  6. Awesome review! Very detailed and I love how you swatched the shades with and without the base for a comparison. You've convinced me to buy this palette. Thanks and keep up the great blogs!


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