November 16, 2011

November 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box

Hello, Beautiful!

My November GoGoGirlfriend shipment finally arrived today. This is my first shipment that doesn't include all the new member extras. In my October box I received 14 items and in my September box (which was also a new member box) I received 25 items. There were 6 items in my November box, although one of the items is a 5-pc set so technically my November box contains 10 items. I'm really not impressed with this month's box, but I'm still going to give them one more month to see if I want to continue my membership with them in 2012.

I want to also mention that once again, GoGoGirlfriend fails when it comes to typing up their info paper/card (this time it's a card instead of a paper). You'll see what I mean when you read the description for the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance. I know I'm not perfect in my posts, but I'm also not a company sending out information on items people are paying for. I don't know... it's the little things like that which make me feel like the company either a). Isn't very professional, b.) Don't hire the right people, or c.) They just don't care enough to make sure it's right. But anyhow...

If you're interested in signing up for GoGoGirlfriendclick here to do so. Please use my referral number when signing up: 59755

Membership is $12.99 per shipment (with premium membership; meaning you get a box each month). Or $13.98 per shipment with basic membership (you only get a box every other month) - but they list this as $6.99 per month. Don't let that confuse you; your actually paying more than the regular membership and not even getting a box every month. However, for some people this option works better so they don't commit to paying $13 every month. You'll also gain points for filling out reviews and referring more members. You can use the points towards free products, free sample boxes and even free membership months! I've already redeemed rewards to get a free box (my November box was free). They also have giveaways just for their members. Best part is, you can hold or cancel your membership at any time.

Check out my November 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box, then let me know what you think.

GoGoGirlfriend Box - November 2011

The included info card:
This is new; most the past two boxes I received info papers; I guess they are trying to be more like Birchbox.

Value of Shipment: $25.22 (value is approximate)
Total # of items received: 10
# of makeup items: 2
# of nail items: 0
# of skin care items: 0
# of body care items: 7
# of hair care items: 0
# of fragrance items: 1
# of other items: 0

CAMILLE BECKMAN French Vanilla 5 Piece Gift Set
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Luscious vanilla fragrance - 5 piece sampler gift pack contains Glycerine Hand Therapy, Coronet Cream, Silky Body Cream, Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel, and Bubble Bath. Wonderful as a travel pack or as a beautiful gift. Available in our store $9.99 Member Price or redeem 2,860 member points.
  • MY THOUGHTS: Last month I received a Camille Beckman Travel Size Hand Therapy in Mango Beach and even though it smelled good, I didn't like the actual product (it felt too greasy). That seems to be the same basic response to this gift set. The French Vanilla smells good, but the actual products feel a little low-quality and I don't foresee myself using any of this set because I have a lot of bath & body items I like a whole lot more.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $12.99 non-member price; $9.99 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend Store.

OLUVFRESH Face & Body Scrub
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: Olive oil based body and facial scrub. OluvFresh gently exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes and hydrates at the same time. This unique scrub is formulated with ingredients to replenish and protect your skin. Available in our store $6.00 - $20.00 Member Price or redeem 1,820+ points.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I was excited to receive an OluvFresh product in this month's box because in my September box an OluvFresh product was listed on my info paper but was not in my box. However, maybe I'm glad I didn't receive it because I was overwhelmed by the smell of this scrub. I guess I was expecting a different scent, but it smells... well I don't know how to describe it... a little like hamster food, a little like eucalyptus, and nothing really like olives at all. It was also very separated in the jar, as you can see in the one photo. The included little spatula thing will come in handy to mix that up. It looks like it may be a nice scrub, but I'm really sensitive to smells and this is one smell I can't get past.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: I received the 1oz size. For 1 oz - $8.00 non-member price; $6.00 member price. For 4 oz - $25.00 non-member price; $20.00 member price in the GoGoGirlfriend store.

DOLCE & GABBANA Fragrance Light Blue
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO CARD: An astonishing fragrance that evokes the spirit of Italy, the infinite sky, the deep sea and lighthearted joy. Olive oil based body and facial scrub. OluvFresh gently exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes and hydrates at the same time. Delicate, floral & Fruity. Available in our store $60.00 - $75.00 or redeem member 15,860 points.
  • **** I just want to point out that once again, GoGoGirlfriend does not proof-read their info papers/cards. I typed out the description above exactly as it is listed on the info card. And yes, they really did list part of the OluvFresh product in the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance description.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a fragrance person so I didn't even open this sample. From what I can smell from the outside, it smells way too strong for my taste.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: I received a 0.05 fl oz sample vial -- a $1.86 value. In the GoGoGirlfriend store for 1.6 oz - $65.00 non-member price; $60.00 member price. For 3.4 oz - $85.00 non-member price; $75.00 member price.


The rest of the items were NOT listed on the back of the info card, but they were listed on the front. I guess they just left them off because they didn't have room or something.

E.L.F. COSMETICS Eye Shadow Crease Brush
  • MY THOUGHTS: I do use e.l.f. brushes, but only their studio line of brushes. Their cheap, $1 brushes aren't soft enough and shed too much, not to mention break really easily. I'll keep this brush for when my nieces come to visit and want to play around with makeup.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $1.00

CRYSTAL ESSENCE Natural Deodorant Towelette
  • MY THOUGHTS: I didn't open this yet so I have no opinion on how it works, but I do like the idea. I keep baby wipes in my bag during the summer months to freshen up (they're cooling on your skin and feel great when you feel over heated), so I probably would have used this product during the summer. I'll throw this in my emergency purse kit for that maybe-need-it moment.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: I received 1 towelette packet - a $0.42 value; in the GoGoGirlfriend store you can get a set of 24 towelettes for $10.99 non-member price; $9.99 member price.

BLOSSOM'S Natural Mineral Eye Shadow
  • MY THOUGHTS: In both my September and October box I received samples of the Blossom Natural Mineral Eye Shadow. This month they sent a full-sized pot of it in the shade Enchantment. I really liked the pigmentation/sparkle of the past two shades, but Enchantment is not a shade I would wear. The pigment payoff was also lacking on this one.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $5.95 member price; $9.95 non-member price in the GoGoGirlfriend store.

Now let me know what you think...
Do you already subscribe to GoGoGirlfriend? If so, did you like your November shipment? If you're not a GoGoGirlfriend member, would you like to sign up? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Proofreading is a BIG thing with me! Ugh, that made me cringe. You're right, it makes it look unprofessional.

  2. @ MissAshDG: I'm so glad I'm not the only one bothered by that!

  3. We got the same box. It was my first month, and Im not too impressed. I have the exact same opinion as you on all the items. Although I do like the shade of Blossom that I got, its a pretty jade green. I have to say Im excited about the towelettes, and the oluvfresh (i dont mind the smell). And I dont mind have another brush around. But that gift set is awful. Although I respect the fact that it is made in Idaho and not China! SO Im going to give it a chance, or as a gift.

  4. i just looked up the camille beckman line. i may have to try the glycerin hand therapy, its apparently what they are known for.

    From their website:
    Our goal at Camille Beckman is to produce the finest creams and lotions in the world. In order to achieve this goal we must adhere to the following principles:

    Consistent high quality is of foremost importance
    Formulas are produced with old-fashioned methods using 11 rich, high quality, and wholesome ingredients
    Packaging is very beautiful, soft, and feminine
    The products are sold in fine specialty shops

    And I really liked their Made In America statement:
    We pride ourselves on exceeding the Federal Trade Commission’s Made in USA Standards. From design and manufacturing of our rich lotions and creams to the stay at home moms who provide us our trademark signature to those sweet hand-tied rosebuds that adorn our jars, we are very much a Made in America company. Even our printing, packaging and promotional materials are all created and made in the USA. In addition, we distribute through home town brick and mortar gift shops which helps to stimulate local economies by keeping the dollars spent within their communities.

  5. I would like to sign up, but unfortunately they don´t ship to my country :(
    Anyway I think you got some great stuff to try out. The e.l.f. brush looks... hmmm not like something I would like to try.

  6. @ Sarah: Since it's your first box, did you get the new member extras? I really hope so! I too like that the Camielle Beckman line is made in the US, but I didn't like the glycerin hand therapy. To me it felt really greasy. I don't know... I guess it's just because I have so much bath and body stuff, and I barely get to use it, so when I do use something I reach for the items I enjoy most.

  7. Yeah, they really need to proofread.

    Thanks for posting this...I'm canceling. My box is in transit now, but I've been underwhelmed for a few months now.

    They take forever to ship and their boxes consists of very cheap items. Now don't get me wrong - I'm not against inexpensive products, but I would rather try things I wouldn't normally buy because of their price.

    I also hate that they use a lot of their own products as "fillers." I have too many Blossoms eye-shadows.

  8. I got the same stuff...I thought it was ok but I wasn't thrilled or anything. I can't to try the scrub though and I thought the same on the eyeshadow...I didn't care for it as much as other stuff I got.

  9. Oh and for some reason I didn't get the little wooden spoon thing for my scrub..not a big deal but still!

  10. @ Anonymous: I know what you mean... there is a difference between cheap stuff that works/is decent quality and then there is the cheap stuff they send. Sure, sometimes you get a Tarte or Urban Decay item, but they are clearly close-outs that wouldn't be in the box otherwise. I was just so-so impressed with my first box, my October box I liked, and now my November box I don't. One more month and then I decide to continue, hold, or cancel my membership.

  11. @ Miranda: I wish I could stand the smell of the scrub because it does look like a decent scrub. But I'm really sensitive to smells so I won't be able to use it. I wonder why you didn't get the little wooden spoon? Well you really aren't missing out. It's rather flimsy and will probably snap after one use, lol.

  12. Exactly! The Urban Decay item was $1 and the Tarte lipgloss was from a bigger set (I was actually the poster who told on your last post about the kit, haha).

    Aside from needing to proofread, they also need some work on their site. It's starting to remind me of their cheap products and the amount of effort they put into things. :-x Confirmation bias at its best!

    Still loving Birchbox :) I got the same box as you (your first box, not your husband's) and was super happy to get the bracelet. Heh Justin Bieber...

    Btw did you buy or are you planning on buying the Birchbox Man box? I was too late for it, but I'm planning to get it for my boyfriend. That's one thing I'd love to see being reviewed ;)


  13. @ Anonymous: Actually, yes! I did order the Birchbox Man and will be reviewing it on my blog. My husband is excited for it, although I already claimed the Supersmile toothpaste, haha. I hope they continue to offer a man box... Maybe one that is $10 a month instead of $45 -- although I did redeem some points so I got it for $35. I would have had enough points to get it free but I had just redeemed them for a more expensive product.

  14. Ahhhh I can't wait to read your review! Did they ship your box already? Time to obsessively check your blog (as if I don't already). I hesitated to buy it since I wasn't sure if he'd like it, but then I was like "okay, just get it. He'll like at least 4 of the items...."

    And it was gone! Same thing with their gift with purchase box. Gone in like 12 hours. :-o

    What did you end up buying? I have $20 worth of points, a 9 month anniversary promo, and my eye on the Caudalie Premier Cru Creme ;) But I'm in between that cream or Zoya in Pandora, Tocca's Stella perfume, and the Beauty Blender sponge (I just saw they have on their site!).

  15. @ Anonymous: I can't remember for sure, but I'm almost positive the site used to say it would ship on the 25th. I really can't remember... but I know there was a date to expect it to ship. I can't wait to get it and see what its all about! They sold out really quickly; I was glad Loren enailed me about it (she's my Birchbox rep that has helped me throughout the months.

    You received a 9 month anniversary promo? Hmm, I wonder why I never did. My November box marked my 11th box. Oh well...

    With my husband's points (I used $40 worth of points) I applied that towards the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel 30 Pack. They charge $5 more for it (it's $80 at Sephora) but getting $40 off is well worth it to me. I had a few of the sample packs and absolutely love it... but never bought the full sized, 30 supply, version. I actually just received it in the mail today and I can't wait to use it. I need to take some photos of it first for my blog, because I fully plan to review!

    With my points, I redeemed $20 worth of them for the Go Smile toothpaste, so I paid $1 for it.

    I had free shipping on both products.

    You seriously should consider getting that Beauty Blender Pure! I am in love with it!

  16. Oh man, I can't wait to see your blog post. The headphones are what I'm sure my boyfriend will like most. I wonder if he'll even use the $25 gift card... And yes! They sold out the same day, it seems! Funny enough, most of the comments on their FB post were like "oh what a lame box!" etc.

    I've gotten a 3, 6, and 9 month anniversary promo for 20% off in the past. It's only valid for a week though so I gotta speed up my decision process. You should definitely inquire about that. Makes their rewards system even more awesome!

    I've heard of the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peels, but I've never tried them, so I'm looking forward to your review..along with Birchbox Man and more pictures of your room! The shelves are super, super cool.

    And yes, I saw your post and I was like what a coincidence! The sponge! So you'd recommend it over the hot pink one? Haha, I can't believe the model swiped it >.>

    I usually just use my fingers to apply my foundation (Tarte Smooth Operator in Agent 04) because I find it blends better and it's more precise. Now randomly I'm enamored with that sponge.

  17. @ Anonymous: I doubt my husband will use the gift card too. I'm curious to see of there is a minimum purchase required or if it's just $25 to spend. My guess is it's $25 off $50. I can't believe people were saying that box was lame. There are full sized products! Oh well, their loss I guess. And yes, I'll have to look into the Birchbox rewards for anniversary discounts and such!

    As for those peel pads... They're amazing! I couldn't believe how well thy worked. I just think its funny how whenever dr Dennis Gross is on QVC he will say to use them daily. But I'm too cheap for that! They're too expensive for daily use. I'll use them twice a week at most

  18. And to finish my comment (since my phone wasn't letting me)...
    I like the pure sponge better because of the solid cleanser and air bag. Both sponges work great so you can't really lose either way. I do miss my pink one.... Some models have sticky fingers. I can't tell you how many things went missing from my photo studio whenever I held model events. I mean I know I have great stuff, haha, but seriously? Oh well, that's all in the past! Time for me to go to bed!

  19. I have not been impressed with them lately. Not to mention I ordered the almond cherry soap on November 2nd and still haven't received it. They have the slowest shipping company ever.
    However your shipping from your blog sale was super fast!! :o)

  20. @ GirlieAndGlamorous: I agree about their shipping times. I can kind of understand slower shipping when it comes to shipping out the monthly boxes, but to ship out orders? That's just unacceptable! That soap does smell amazing though! I still plan to order it!

    I'm glad my shipping was fast enough for ya :) When I had my web store I always shipped out orders within 1 to 2 days because I know whenever I order something I can't wait to receive it, so I wanted my customers to get their items ASAP! I even was hospitalized one time, and still came home and went right to work on orders because I was behind on them by a day. I was too work-aholic though, but I kept my customers happy! GoGoGirlfriend, on the other hand, is not getting the best of reviews. Maybe they will improve? I hope so!

  21. Scrub looks funny, I hope it smells nice and do the job

  22. Just wanted to say I love your blog, especially when it comes to your reviews of the monthly subscription boxes...seems that you tend to get your boxes about a week ahead of me, so i always look fwd to the "sneak peek" :). the close up pictures are a plus as well, good job :)

  23. I am quite happy with my first box. I got the same stuff, but my eyeshadow was a really pretty green. I heard new members got extras, but I did not. :( I was happier with my gogogirlfriend than I was with my first birchbox.

  24. @ Anonymous: I wonder why you didn't get the new member extras? That's a little odd, considering I had two new member boxes (the first GoGoGirlfriend sent for my consideration and the second was when I actually signed up). Both had lots of extra goodies. I wonder if they just forgot or if they're not doing it any more? I'm glad you're happy with your first GoGoGirlfriend box! :) I hope you like the next shipment too!

  25. I really liked my first GoGoGirlfriend box, but this one was pretty disappointing. My set wasn't French Vanilla, it was Rosewater, but I feel the same way about the quality of ingredients-I don't think I'll be using them. I also had a different perfume sample. I'm probably going to wait one more month to see how I feel about it because this box was totally underwhelming and disappointing.


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