November 8, 2011

Ahhh! OMG!!! I just got front row at the Jason Mraz concert!!!

Hello, Beautiful!

I am a HUGE Jason Mraz fan and I just scored the best concert ticket of my life!

Back on Saturday I woke up after having an awesome dream where I went to a Jason Mraz concert, got front row and got to hug him. I told my husband and he did the usual "uh huh... okay..." with the included my-wife-is-crazy eye roll, haha. Then, yesterday (Monday) I get an email and what does the email say? Jason Mraz is doing his last concert in Richmond Virginia!!! I started to freak out because it was like my dream was telling me there was a concert coming up. I had no idea about the upcoming concert but was excited to find out.

Fan pre-sale tickets went up for sale today at 10am. And guess what? Gold Circle seating tickets come with a MEET & GREET with Jason Mraz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I nearly fainted!! It was like my dream was a premonition of events to come!

The tickets were expensive... like way more than I thought I would pay... but the concert is benefiting an organization and combined with my seat and the meet & greet with Jason Mraz... it's totally worth it to me!

So where am I sitting? FRONT ROW!!!!!!  I'm going to the concert alone, because like I said the ticket was expensive ($150), but I am in a state of bliss right now! I can't believe I'll actually get to meet Jason Mraz!

The concert is on December 19th. I just need to pray that snow does not cause any issues with me getting there. This is an amazing opportunity and I just had to share with you all!!

Regular beauty posting will resume in a few hours :)


  1. I'm jealous! That's amazing, though! Hopefully the weather will hold up for you!


  2. Wow, that's awesome! Jason Mraz's song are amazing. :) I'm sure you'll have a good time there.

  3. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I LOOOOOOVE JASON MRAZ!! $150 is really a great price for tickets like that! When I went to see Lady Gaga the tickets were $100 and I was somewhere in the middle and it was totally worth it!

  4. that's amazing! I once had front row tickets for gwen stefani and it was magical i got to touch her hand!! heh

  5. What an amazing turn of events for you! Have fun!

  6. @ babypanda: Yes, I agree, I think $150 is pretty priceless compared to how amazing the seat is and the meet & greet. I mean, I can't even put a price on that! But usually his concerts cost between $35 and $40 a ticket, so this is a LOT more than his norm.

    I just went to his concert back in September and I think I paid $36 per ticket. Last September I paid $38 per ticket.

    @ Manicure Addict: Oh wow! That is amazing! I would love to see her in concert. How cool that you were front row!

    Is it sad that I turn into a giddy kid on Christmas morning when I realized I had front row and a meet & greet? haha! I mean, I can't stop jumping up and down and getting all giddy and squealing with happiness. My dogs just look at me like I'm crazy :)

  7. Congratulation, you really deserve that meet&greet ;)

  8. hahahaha
    good luck
    hope u get ur dream hug

  9. Haha, I'm happy for you :3

    I hope you have fun!

  10. Lucky!!! I saw him from across an arena and it was pretty pricey! He is amazing live! Be sure to post pics after and have fun =)


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