November 14, 2011

My niece's 12th birthday party...

Hello, Beautiful!

I am finally back from a very long, extended weekend in Pennsylvania. I was supposed to be back on Sunday morning/afternoon but turns out that didn't happen for one reason or another. My son is even going into school late today because of everything. I am going to be back to my regular blog posting in a few hours... showing both my Birchbox and my husband's Birchbox later today. I will also respond to comments and emails today too, as well as pack up and ship blog sale orders. I'm just really behind from getting back later than expected so I'm trying to play catch up with everything.

But real quick while my son is eating breakfast, I wanted to tell you about my niece's birthday party. She originally said she was going to have 10 to 12 people there, which worried me because I knew they'd all want some sort of nail art. I told her only nail art stamping would be allowed to make sure everyone had their nails done and everyone would just pick one nail polish color to use. Well, when only half that amount of people showed up I told her we could do a little more and make their nails basically however they wanted. Big mistake on my part, lol. It seems like every girl wanted 15 different things and I had to try and talk some of them down into more practical looks. In the end, every girl had between 2 and 3 colors, hand painted nail art, rhinestones or googly eyes, etc. Way more than I had planned and it took the entire length of the party, rotating the girls as the drying process went on (of course some nails managed to get bumped while they were waiting for them to dry... but oh well). In the end they all liked their nails! I didn't take photos of all their nails, because with the limited time I just forgot, but I will show you what my niece picked out.

She wanted some peace signs, because that was the decor of the party, and I just happened to have some nail stickers with peace signs that I found at Five Below a few months ago. We used them on her middle fingers. On her ring and index finger we did a rainbow leopard on a shimmery white background. On her pinky nails we did a purple glitter (one of the Wet n Wild Ice Baby polishes) and we did put a strip of small studs down the center (but the one fell off before I could take the picture). What's not in the photo below are her thumbs. We used the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish (the gray one). In fact, almost all the girls at the party had at least one nail of magnetic polish because they all loved it!

So that's the latest update! I need to go and get my son to school and then I'll be back to posting in a few hours!


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