November 10, 2011

CND Effects in 24K Sparkle: lots of pics, swatches, and my review

Hello, Beautiful!

I am really excited to share with you my very first CND polish and this one is a beauty. It's from their Effects line and the shade is called 24K Sparkle. For me, this polish is special because it's a flakie polish! The Effects line of polishes are designed for layering over any other polish you have but you can wear them alone; 24K Sparkle is very beautiful all on its own. I have lots of pics below to show you how it looks by itself and how it looks over various colors. Enjoy!

Check out my pics, swatches, stats and review...

** click on pics to view them larger **

CND Effects
Shade: 24K Sparkle
Shade Description: A sheer polish with gold flakies and gold glitter.


Shown below using 2 coats:

This is 24K Sparkle on a blank nail; no polish underneath.

All photos from this point on shown using 1 coat:

The black polish is Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme

The white polish is Wet n Wild Wild Shine in French White Creme.

The red polish is Sinful Colors in Ruby Ruby.

CND Effects - 24K Sparkle
shown over 16 different polish colors:

CND Effects - 24K Sparkle layered over H&M polish in Petrol:

CND Effects - 24K Sparkle layered over Revlon Top Speed polish in Royal:

Basic stats for CND Effects in 24K Sparkle:
Formula: 3-free!
Coverage: sheer (just one coat is needed)
Shade Info: 24K Sparkle is a beautiful gold glitter and flakie polish
Cost/Availability: $11.00 each (0.33 fl oz full size). Available at Ulta,, and everywhere else CND is sold. For a full list of retail stores (including some online retailers), click here.
Packaging: signature CND shaped bottle; triangular-shaped nylon bristle brush
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

3-Free polish that adds that "ta-da" to any creme nail color. You'll have fun finding different layering combos; try it over shimmers, duo-chromes and whatever else your mind can think up!

The CND Effects polishes are sheer so you can layer them. You can wear them on their own; 24K Sparkle is beautiful enough to wear on its own (in my opinion). You only need one coat to get a beautiful effect.

Shade Info:
Available in a range of 15 different effects: Pearl, Shimmer, and Sparkle. I love the Sparkle ones! You can click here to view CND's website and see all their Effects!

$11.00 each for 0.33 fl oz full size. Available at, and everywhere else CND is sold. For a full list of retail stores (including some online retailers)click here.

Signature CND shaped bottle -- which to me, looking down at it, looks like both a C and a D. Each polish has a state-of-the-art brush with clear, triangular-shaped nylon bristles for flawless application.

CND Effects in 24K Sparkle Review:
If you couldn't tell by the number of photos I took, I am in love with this polish! 24K Sparkle is a beautiful flakie & glitter polish that adds something special to my nails. I couldn't wait to try layering it over a number of colors, but teal and blue were the two I decided to showcase on my nails. I did show it layered over black, white and red on my nail wheel, as well as showing it over various colors (but keep in mind it will look better on the nail than on a clear sheet being placed over polish already on paper).

The formula is fantastic; I had no problems applying it and just one coat is all you need. Although I did use two for some of my photos out of habit.

Seeing as how this is my first introduction to the CND world, I'm excited for more! In fact, I have another CND Effects in Sapphire Sparkle that I also can't wait to show you! That will be coming next week!

Overall, I highly recommend the CND Effects line and especially the shade 24K Sparkle!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of 24K Sparkle? Do you own this polish or any of the CND Effects? What are your thoughts? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. They look great! I love your blog and can tell you really take a lot of time reviewing and making these posts :)

  2. @ BrandiBeeee: Thanks! I do take a lot of time to make these posts... but it's fun and I really enjoy it! Especially when it's a product I'm super excited about... like this one!

  3. that is indeed incredible! especially over the light champagne type color

  4. Love it! I really love it over the black! I want something like this!!

  5. That looks FANTASTIC! It's actually precisely like a gold version of Nubar's "Antiquity Silver," which I love. Thanks so much for sharing this...I've had CND effects shades on my shopping list for a while now.

  6. I love your reviews, they are actually really well done! Never saw much dedicated people as you are. Love it! The review and the nail polish :))

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  8. It's gorgeous! I love the way it changes the nail color underneath!

  9. So pretty :D I have to have one polish like that ^^

  10. I want this..They look perfect shine !!
    i liked it..You have a very nice blog !! congrats.. :) and wait u my discuss..:)
    i follow you now !!
    ♣This is ★ My βℒog♣

  11. The black is so perfect its so like historic and makes you look like a goddess!

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  12. Is this similar to "hidden treasure" from Sally Hansen?

  13. @ Danish: They're only similar in the fact that they are both flakie polishes, but other than that the similarities end. I don't have Hidden Treasure from Sally Hansen, but I do have Nubar 2010 (which is similar to the Hidden Treasure version) and with the Nubar 2010 it's more of a color shifting flakie where as the CND 24K Sparkle is just gold flakies and glitter.

  14. This one works with all colors in my humble opinion and I would love to find something similar in the stores because we don't have CND

  15. @ MissDoll: I don't have any retailers near me that sell CND, so I have to buy online.

  16. Yeah I know there are a lot of gorgeous stuff online but I'm afraid if I will start shopping online I will definitely spent to much to quickly, so I prefer to buy in shops personally and with money not credit cards ;)
    Weird but it is better for me and my wallet

  17. @ MissDoll: I know what you mean... where I live there aren't many great stores near me so most of my shopping is online unless I find time to drive an hour to better shopping. I end up spending way more online than I should, but that's because I usually try to spend whatever minimum is required to get free shipping, lol.


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