November 30, 2011

Swatch Posts Catch Up: November 2011 -- plus: Blog Sale Update & Skincare Challenge!

Hello, Beautiful!

Before I get to the Swatch Posts Catch Up, I want to let you know that I just lowered some prices in my blog sale. To shop the blog sale click here or click on the blog sale tab at the top of my blog. Shipping only to those in the United States; shipping via USPS Priority Mail (which begins at $5), and PayPal as the only payment method.

Additionally, I've started a Skincare Challenge! You'll notice the new tab at the top of my blog. Please click on it to check it out, then join me!

And one more thing to mention... I'll be selecting the winner of my Thanksgiving, Thank YOU Giveaway at some point Thursday night or Friday morning. I'll announce the winner after I contact them.

Now onto the Swatch Posts Catch Up....

This is the November 2011 Swatch Posts Catch Up! If you missed anything from November click on a topic below to check it out.

NOTE: The purpose of a Swatch Posts Catch Up is for easy reference and for readers who may have missed some posts. The links to the posts are sorted by product type (nail polish, foundation, eyeshadow, etc.).

Swatch Posts Catch Up: November 2011
* Click on any subject/product name below to view that post on this blog. If that product is on you can also click on that link to view that product on my website. *






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