November 23, 2011

Ahhh! Sally Hansen Nail Prisms at Ross: a pack of 5 - including the shade Diamond - for $5.99!!

Hello, Beautiful!

An hour or so ago I read Nouveau Cheap's blog post about exciting drugstore sightings. In it, at the end, was a picture of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms with a Ross sticker. I didn't even finish reading the post before quickly throwing on some makeup and running out the door to my local Ross, which is 30 minutes away.

As soon as I got there I made a dash to the nail polish section and found 3 packs of them!!! I let out a small scream of excitement while smacking my husband's arm in happiness, lol. I searched through all the other piles and racks of products to see if there were more, but there were not. Two of the sets had the exact same polishes, and one set had two different polish shades. I've wanted these polishes in my collection for the longest time and they're finally mine!!!! Wooo hooo!!

Out of the three packs, here are the polishes I was able to get (listed below as shown above in the photo):

  • Lapis Amethyst --- I have 3 bottles
  • Diamond --- I have 3 bottles
  • Ruby Diamond --- I have 2 bottles
  • South Sea Pearl --- I have 2 bottles
  • Mandarin Garnet --- I have 3 bottles
  • Cinnabar Opal --- I have 1 bottle
  • Fire Opal --- I have 1 bottle

At this time I don't plan to sell any of them, mainly because I'm just so excited to have finally found them. I guess after I start using them I'll figure out if I actually need back-ups or not. I plan to look at more Ross stores when I have time (this weekend, probably). I hope you're able to go to your Ross and find these amazing polishes at this amazing deal!


  1. I would go bananas over the Lapis Amethyst..there are no Ross Stores in WI.

  2. @ aaminahs mom: Do you have any discount stores, like Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls? Maybe they will show up there? I can only hope for you!

    I just swatched them and while I thought I would go crazy for the shade Diamond, I'm actually going crazy for the shade Ruby Diamond -- which is an insanely beautiful linear pink holo! I can't wait to start using these!

  3. I found these at Ross last night (That was my pic on Nouveau Cheap) and I almost fainted when I saw them! I am hoping to find the pack with the fire opal bc I know that looks great over a black polish! I love Ross!

  4. @ Krissy: Thank YOU for finding them and getting that pic posted. Without that pic I would have never known! I only go to my Ross maybe every 2 or 3 weeks out of curiosity or whenever I'm in that area. But I literally ran out the door to find these!! I didn't even shower today, lol. I was going to shower before going, but I was like... no, they'll be gone haha. My husband told me to call first to see if they were there, but in my crazy head everyone wants them and if I alerted the sales girl she would take them and I would be out of luck LOL. I'm just glad that in the store they don't look holographic and awesome, so just a random person would pass them up.

  5. @crystal Valentine yup we got tjamxx and marshalls here gonna go check! thanks

  6. @ aaminahs mom: Good to hear! I hope you're able to find them!

  7. LOL I think the same way!! If I do not go NOW they will be gone! And if i dont at
    least go and look at the stores 30 - 45 minutes away i will regret it and stress myself out! Yet on the other hand I've got myself convinced that I am the only one within 50 miles of me who is obsessed with nail polish! But these babies are definitely worth the hunt!

  8. @ Krissy: Exactly!! If I don't go it would have eaten away at me, especially with Ross being closed for Thanksgiving and there is no way I go out on Black Friday (I can't stand the crowds). My husband laughs at me when I will jump and go at the thought that a nail polish COULD be there, but go out to pick up dinner, nope, lol. I'll order in or cook something myself. It's all about priorities :)

  9. OMG I want that purple one at the beginning! I always have no luck finding beauties like these at my ross store(its not that great and not that well taken care of in my opinion) Hopefully I can find just that one somewhere!

  10. @ Miranda: Sorry to hear your Ross isn't that great. That's the way it is with the Ross where my mom lives (in another state). Their makeup/nail section is like a small bin and there is never good selections. My Ross has gotten a LOT better over the past year, and recently has been over loaded with beauty goods.

    I was surprised to find them because when everyone originally was going crazy for them when they were found in Dollar Tree's I couldn't find them to save my life. I even looked in 4 different states while traveling (VA, MD, WV and PA). I went crazy trying to find them! I know I could easily buy them on eBay, but some people want too much especially once shipping adds on and it doesn't make sense. I really hope I can find more shades of these great Nail Prism polishes. If I can find a bunch I will for sure sell them to other bloggers for exactly what I paid!

  11. YAY!!! So glad you found these, honey!! *waves to Krissy*

    I have been told that the flatter round bottles make great layering colors (they are so thin and sheer) but the taller bottles looks amazing on their own! I own several of both types but haven't really played around with layering (yet).

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, by the way. xo

  12. I found these Nov. 11, and posted a pic to PAA and then they started popping up everywhere! When I found them I was like... NO WAY. I bought one and went outside to look at it in the sunlight, and I went back in and bought the other one they had...

    and I agree I absolutely LOVE Ruby Diamond. I bought 2 sets just for it. lol

  13. @ Caitlin_96: What is PAA? I feel like I should already know, but I don't, lol.

    I still can't believe they are popping up again! I bet it's making people on eBay, who sells them for crazy prices, really angry lol. I hate when people buy something cheap and re-sell for crazy amounts of money. I can see making some money - maybe - but to charge $25 for something you know they got for $1? Just crazy! Anyhow... I am loving Ruby Diamond! I already painted my nails with it because I couldn't wait!

  14. PolishAholics Anonymous! If you aren't a member on Facebook you should definitely be! they are some amazing girls on there and it is like an extended polish family!

    I know! I wish I knew about those prisms when they were at the dollar tree I totally missed out on that one! lol. those people who sell them for ridiculous prices are just ripping people off.

  15. @ Caitlin_96: Ahhh, yes! I know what you're talking about now! I'll have to join! Thanks for the heads up!


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