November 5, 2011

Shop my Blog Sale Now!

Hello, Beautiful!

My first ever blog sale is now up for everyone to shop! There are a lot of items which are left over stock from the web store I used to have, as well as items from my own collection. Because of how many items are in the blog sale, many are grouped into mini lots while other items are sold individually. Enjoy shopping!

Shop the blog sale now!
(I re-uploaded the entire blog sale so there should be no problems seeing the photos!)

When you email your list of items I will email you back with an official invoice of what is still available, giving you a total including shipping. From there you can "commit to buy" and pay for your items.

My email: --- please make the subject line "blog sale" so I don't over look it by mistake!

If an item is listed as "SOLD" on the website there is still a possibility it will go back up for sale if the person does not pay for their order/changes their mind. Each person has up to 48 hours to pay for their items before they go back up for sale, but generally you should consider the item sold.

And remember...

  1. I only ship to addresses within the United States.
  2. I only ship using USPS Priority Mail - prices begin at $5.10
  3. Everything is first come, first serve. Sorry, I am not able to hold items.
  4. You'll have 24 hours to respond and commit to buy the items or they will go back up for sale. If I do not hear from you, and it's close to 24 hours since I emailed you, I will try to email you once more to see if you do want to buy those items or if you want to cancel your order.
  5. You should be ready to pay when you contact me! You'll have up to 48 hours to pay for your order, but the sooner you pay the sooner I can ship out your order.
  6. If you change your mind and don't want to make an order, please let me know so I can put the items back up for sale. If I did not receive your payment, and it's been almost 48 hours since I emailed you, I will try to email you once more to see if you are going to pay for the items or want to cancel your order.
  7. Everything is sold as-is and all sales are final! There are no exchanges or returns. No exceptions!
  8. Prices are firm. All lots/sets are sold exactly as they are; no substitutions can be made.
  9. You can add shipping insurance onto your order for $1.75 per box shipped. Please let me know if you want to add this on when you contact me so I can send you a correct order total.
  10. If you have any questions you should ask them before you commit to buy.
  11. Even though I do my best to present all colors accurately, it will vary depending on your monitor settings. If you're unsure about the color you can do a Google search or contact me with specific questions.
  12. PayPal is the only payment method accepted. You'll be given instructions to send your payment to my email address once I email you the official invoice. Keep in mind you must send me the payment; I am not sending PayPal invoices to you.
  13. For full blog sale rules/details, click here.


  1. I don't know if it's just me but no images are showing up. :( Great items though!! :D

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAA! :( I would love to shop but I can't! I'm from the Philippines.

  3. I'm having the same issue with no images :(

  4. @ KaylaMarieEnglish: There are probably a lot of people on right now causes some delay in the site. Try refreshing or try later. The pics are all there, I promise :)

  5. Sounds like there are too many people on and it's causing a delay. You can try later, try refreshing or even try using a different browser. I use google chrome with no issues but have issues seeing it in my phone, which uses safari. But I can assure you all the pics are there. The blog sale launched yesterday for those on the pre sale list and the same thing happened right after it launched. Just too many people looking at the same time.

  6. no photos for me too. tried safari and chrome . even iphone browswer

  7. i cant see the images~
    too bad im from philippines :(

  8. I am re-uploading the entire blog sale... it will take about an hour but it should correct any picture problems!

  9. Everything was re-loaded! You should have no issues viewing the photos. If you still do, try refreshing the page and they will pop up!


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