November 9, 2011

Snowman Nail Polishes from Rite-Aid: Bottle Pics

Hello, Beautiful!

The 2011 Holiday Snowman nail polishes are now available at Rite-Aid. I picked up 8 of them that I was interested in. I know with the pumpkin polishes some Rite-Aid's got in really awesome flakie versions, so maybe that's how it will be with the snowman polishes. I'd be interested to hear what you found at your Rite-Aid.

In this post I just have pictures of the bottles, but I will post swatch pics in a few days. For now, enjoy the bottle pics!

* click pics to view larger *

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these glitters? Are there any you really like? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. so cute!!!! my 5 yr old is goin gaga over them, glitter is such a pita to remove. Cute though

  2. Those are what my Rite Aid had also.

  3. cute ! i like the silvery one :D
    how much were they?
    XOXO Kasia

  4. Oh pretty snowmen! I wasn't able to find the red/green glitter, the one I wanted the most.

  5. there's more than that I believe. I have pix of the display etc. in my blog.

  6. These all look pretty and I would like to try them all :P I just love the bottles of these - they look so cute!

  7. @ Jeanne from NC: Yes, there are more. But like I mentioned in my post, I only purchased 8 that interested me. I'll have to check around other Rite-Aids to look for variety in glitter versions. If they are anything like the pumpkin polishes, there will be different versions in different states. I just hope if there some with flakies I'll be able to find them :)

  8. Love the bottles. Do you know if they're ever available online? I live in Canada and sadly, no Rite-Aids.

  9. Those are so freaking cute! I'd buy them for the novelty aspect, haha. I was in Rite Aid tonight and didn't see them but I did notice that Sinnful Colors has some pretty new shades out!

    Hurry up and do your Birchbox post! I'm dying to see what a certain product I got is used for because I'm clueless!


  10. @ stream27: I've never seen them online except they will sometimes pop up on eBay. That's where I would start if I were you.

    @ Sweet (and Sour) Lou Lou: LOL, my Birchbox never arrived yesterday, and so far, according to the tracking info, it's not coming today either. I don't know what's going on this month with it getting here. I always get it 2 days after I receive the tracking info and this time that's just not the case. I even received my tracking info 2 days earlier than normal and still did not receive it.

    The tracking info says it's at a location 30 miles away from me; I called yesterday and they told me that the tracking number doesn't mean it's at their location because things get put on palettes and it may not even show up and to only call back if it says "out for delivery" and I don't receive it. That really pissed me off because what the hell is a tracking number for if it could mean your package isn't even there where it says it is?!?!

    My husband just got his tracking info yesterday and his tracking number shows more up to date info than mine! My latest update is on 10/08 and his is on 10/09 --- both our boxes are at the same location. We'll see if I get mine today. I really hope so!

    As for the one product you received that you don't know how to use, can you tell me what it was and maybe I can help you on it anyway, just in case I don't receive that item?

  11. @ Sweet (and Sour) Lou Lou: Also, wanted to add on to my comment back to you above....

    I just logged into my Birchbox account and my products for November show:
    - LaROCCA Champagne and Shimmer Supreme Creme
    - Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue
    - Two Paperdolls Coasters
    - Borghese Fango Active Mud Face & Body
    - Zoyz Gems & Jewels Collection

    Then I logged into my husband's Birchbox account, and his box shows:
    - LaROCCA Champagne and Shimmer Acai Sugar Polish
    - Chuao Chocolate Bars
    - Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Water
    - Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist
    - Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection

  12. Ahh these are tooooo cute!!
    I wish I knew where there was a rite Aid near me =[

  13. @ Danish: I just did a quick search for Rite-Aid's in Florida and only one popped up. It's near Deltona. I don't know where in Florida you are, but that's what I was able to find. I hope it helps!

  14. Oh my! So cute! I want them all =) I will have to check out my rite aids and see if I get lucky! I got my package from the blog sale and love everything! Any more victorias secret lipstuff please let me know!! I want more now! haha

  15. @ Miranda: I'm glad your package arrived and everything was great! I actually do have more VS stuff, mostly eyeshadow, but I haven't had the time to go through my VS shadow drawer. I plan to swatch them all first, at least, and then decide which ones I can let go and which ones I'll actually use. I have a really, really hard time letting go of any makeup, lol.

  16. LOL...I so know how that is! I just went through some stuff and gave it to a friend but that was HARD! Well if you I hope to see it! ;)

  17. The bottles are so cute and I love the first one, the red shade

  18. I love the last one (red and green).


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