November 17, 2011

Beauty Blender Pure Kit

Hello, Beautiful!

I think I just found my new must-have beauty tool: the Beauty Blender Pure Kit! If you like the original Beauty Blender sponge (you know, that amazing pink sponge), you'll love the new Pure Kit! Designed for applying skincare, but also useful for makeup application, this sponge has been so helpful since receiving it. Check out my full review at the bottom of this post, but for now, check out the pics...

Beauty Blender Pure Kit
Includes: Pure Sponge, Solid Cleanser, Air-Flow Travel Bag

Most of the pics below are shown on both a white background & on a blue background so you can see the product better since the kit is mostly white.

To show the size of the sponge...
 (the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser is not included in this kit)

Beauty Blender Pure Kit: Sponge Before & After Cleaning
(click to view larger)

Beauty Blender Pure Kit: How To Clean The Sponge
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Basic stats for Beauty Blender Pure Kit:
Includes: sponge, solid cleanser, travel bag
Cost/Availability: $49.95 -- Available on Sephora's website,, and other retailers where Beauty Blender products are sold. For a list of retailers near you visit the Beauty Blender website by clicking here.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

This kit includes three pieces to help you apply your skincare or makeup with ease. You'll receive the Beauty Blender Pure Sponge... it's just as good as the pink original, but without the color. You'll also receive a 1oz Solid BlenderCleanser, which is just as good as their liquid version but in a travel-friendly formula. Plus, you'll receive a Beauty Blender Air Bag - which has magnetic closure and mesh around, allowing air flow. Both the cleanser and the sponge fit in the bag.

$49.95 -- Available on Sephora's, and other retailers where Beauty Blender products are sold. For a list of retailers near you visit the Beauty Blender website by clicking here.

Beauty Blender Pure Kit Review:
I no longer own the original Beauty Blender sponge (it got stolen from me a few years ago when I had a photography studio and a model I worked with swiped it). I loved it so much and missed my sponge. Just recently I saw the Beauty Blender Pure Kit and was really intrigued by it. I loved the fact that it was designed for applying skincare products. It makes perfect sense and something I really never thought about using a sponge for. However, you can use this sponge for regular makeup application as well.

I've used it both ways, and I like it for makeup application but also love it for skincare application. I felt like everything went on better and really was being pressed into my skin, getting a better benefit from it. I also used the sponge for makeup application and had flawless results.

I was worried that the sponge wouldn't clean up well after the makeup application, but it cleaned up perfectly and very easily. Overall, I really love this kit and would recommend you pick one up. This is one of those purchases that is a beauty investment. You'll use this sponge everyday and the cleanser as often as you like to clean your sponge (I like to clean my sponge after every 1 or 2 uses). You may not use the bag every day, but I've been keeping both the sponge and the cleanser in the bag together.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of the new Beauty Blender Pure Kit? Do you already own this or is this now on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. It is perfectly white after the cleaning! I think this is a smart kit even for those people who don't travel, and the air bag prevents the sponge to remain wet and be infected by bacteria.

  2. @ Molkinaify: I totally agree with you about the bag! And I was really surprised how well it cleaned up. I was almost positive it wouldn't clean up completely... I thought there would be some staining or something, but nope! And my foundation had sat on that sponge all day, which was part of my testing plan. It's different to clean something right after you use it, but to clean it hours and hours later and still get perfect results, yeah, I'm impressed :)

  3. Great photos and very good review! It just amazing how white sponge is after cleaning!

  4. I got excited when I saw this because I really love my beauty blender! I like the idea of this being travel-friendly and I always get some pink out of my original sponge so I'm glad they made a colorless one! yayyy thanks for alerting me to this *adds to sephora wish list*

  5. Awesome! I have the original pink one and love it! Use it to apply my foundation almost every day! I would have killed that model o_0

  6. This was an excellent review. The pictures were fantastic and so helpful!! Thank you.

  7. do you like the beauty blender better than the illuminare fast application pads?

  8. thanks! Im planning on getting the illuminare sample pack and hoping I have as great results as you have. But Ill stay with my beautyblender :)

  9. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I'm in love with the solid blender cleanser, I use it to wash my brushes and it makes them look brand new!

    - vicky_x0x0

  10. @ Victoria S: I love the solid cleanser as well -- I love to use it to clean my face makeup brushes because it gets out EVERYTHING!! I've yet to find a dupe for it that works the same. I know some say the Brenners soap (or whatever it's called) is a dupe, but I didn't find that to be true.


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