November 30, 2011

November 2011 Favorites & Not-So-Favorites

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my November 2011 Favorites & Not-So-Favorites post. I know I haven't made a Favorites & Not-So-Favorites post in awhile (since June), but I've been meaning to make one every month and then time runs out. Below are just a few of my favorites that I've been loving; I actually have a long list of products I've recently fallen in love with from my holiday purchases but I won't list them all because it would be a mile long list! I will, however, be swatching and reviewing a lot of those great products on my blog in the near future. Let me know if you have any questions on any of the products on my lists below! Enjoy!

Favorites - November 2011

Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
This has been my stand-out product for November! I honestly did not think this was going to work. I was one of those people who thought it would for sure take off my makeup, especially after several reviews on QVC's website stated that it did in fact take off their makeup. However, after trying it for myself, I was shocked at how well it worked. Since I've had this item I haven't touched a setting powder. This is the only product I use to set my makeup and help it look great all day. It's truly clear and undetectable on your skin. Your skin will feel so smooth and silky soft, and it will NOT disturb your makeup if you apply it correctly. I have oily skin and this works great for me! I've used it to set my liquid foundation, pressed powder foundation, and even my loose powder foundation (Bare Minerals) and it works great with them all. I did notice some slight color transfer when I used this with my Bare Minerals foundation. This as my last step and never have any transfer onto the sponge with any of my liquid foundations. Overall, this is one product that will be re-purchased time and time again.

For a complete review, including more pics, click here to view my blog post on the Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender.

Maybelline Baby Lips
My lips are always chapped, no matter if it's winter, summer, spring or fall. I always have a problem because of the pain medication I have to take for my leg injury. It dries them out terribly and a good lip balm is always needed. Maybelline Baby Lips is a super affordable (less than $3) lip balm that hydrates and conditions my lips perfectly. I keep one in my purse at all times, as well as one on my desk, and I have one in my bathroom. My son also uses this (the clear, Peppermint) because his lips get really badly chapped in the winter. Even though I love my Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, my Mally Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System, and the my new Pacifica Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tint, I really love Maybelline's Baby Lips for the price.

For a complete review, including pics and swatches of three shades, click here to view my blog post on Maybelline Baby Lips.

Beauty Blender Pure Kit
This little sponge has changed the way I apply my liquid foundation and some of my skincare. Just like the hot pink original sponge, Beauty Blender Pure is a white sponge designed for skincare application - such as for applying serums to really get into each and every spot. However, you can use it for makeup application too - which is just what I've been doing. Along with the sponge you also get a great solid cleanser -- which works amazing and keeps the sponge perfectly white, just like new. I've been using the cleanser to clean my Mally sponges and even some brushes. Plus, you also get a great little bag to keep the sponge to keep air flow moving. This is a major rave of mine this month!

For a complete review, including lots of pics and a photo tutorial on how to clean the sponge, click here to view my blog post on the Beauty Blender Pure Kit.

Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette

I've been using the Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette every single day! This amazing palette has so many eyeshadows, plus the cream liners, brow tech, blushes, soft lights and lip glosses. I've used the eyeshadows from this kit almost exclusively, or with other shadows, since buying this palette. I've also gone back to using Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette for my brows. I remember why I loved using that and why it was my only brow product for years before switching to Tarte's Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse and Tarte's Amazonian Clay Brow Pencil. I've also been using some of the lip glosses from this palette; Guava is a great juicy pop of sheer color to your lips, although I don't like to take this palette with me so it's not really practical for re-application. I have taken the palette with me once, just so I could re-apply the Guava lip gloss, but it's not something I want to take with me. Overall, this is an amazing palette at an amazing value!

For a complete review, including over 80 photos of this gorgeous palette, click here to view my blog post on the Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette.

L'Occitane Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil With Almond Oil
I picked up a to-go (mini) size of this during the Sephora Friends & Family Sale for $8.00. I had always wanted to try this, but for some reason never did. Well I'm glad I finally took the plunge because I love this!! This oil turns into a really soft lather (although not much of a lather - but enough) when mixed with water, and makes your skin feel silky soft. It's also really wonderful for shaving; something I wasn't expecting but really have taken a liking to. The smell is wonderful too, but then again I love almond scented things.

I was so delighted with this product that I purchased the full-sized version from the L'Occitane website during their Black Friday sale (the shower oil wasn't on sale; but I was able to get a great goodie bag of L'Occitane's best sellers for $14). I'll use the mini for when I travel and keep the full sized in my shower. I'll do a more formal review on my blog soon.

Not-So-Favorites - November 2011

American Apparel Nail Polish in Neon Red
This polish isn't on my Not-So-Favorites list because of the formula, but instead lands on my Not-So-Favorites list because of the color. On American Apparel's website this color looks like a neon red (even in my photo it looks more a little more red than pink), and is called Neon Red, but in person and on the nail it's a neon pink. In fact, it looks almost identical to their shade Poppy - and Poppy may look more red than Neon Red. Now don't get me wrong, it's still a good color, but I was buying it based on the fact it says neon RED. For that fact alone, it lands on my Not-So-Favorites list.

Kiss Nail Dress - the jewel design I tried
I recently tried out the new Kiss Nail Dress, in a jewel design. I had less-than-stellar results. The application was a pain. If you follow the directions there is really no way to get a good edge. You almost need to use little scissors or nail clippers to cut through the "jewels" cleanly. I also had really bad tip wear after just 4 days, and honestly the tip wear started after 1 day. They do come off just by peeling and without damaging the nail, but I don't like to peel things off my nails. My nails were screaming for some kind of polish to top them because they felt sensitive. Even though the design is super pretty, the application and wear just isn't worth it, which is why this product lands on my Not-So-Favorites list. I do plan to try out the non-jeweled designs in the future but I'm in no rush. I'll stick to Sally Hansen Salon Effects and Incoco 100% Real Nail Polish Strips for now.

To see a complete review, along with lots of pics - including those showing tip wear - click here to view my blog post on the Kiss Nail Dress.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
As someone who needs coverage for my skin, I take my foundation shopping pretty seriously. I've seen presentations of Perricone's No Foundation Foundation on QVC many times, and the models always looked great. When Sephora had a half-size bottle for $12 on special I added it to my order (I also used a 20% off coupon). I was really disappointed in this "foundation", if you can even call it that. At best you could call it a tinted moisturizer, but it really isn't moisturizing either. It feels rather sticky, provides zero coverage, made me look shiny, and because there is one shade for everyone it may look too orange on you (which is a common complaint on this product). If I had flawless skin this product may have been okay, but it is a total fail for me and something I would never repurchase or recommend. I love Perricone MD skincare but would never purchase any makeup item from them just based on this one product.

For a complete review, including before & after pics, click here to view my blog post on the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation.

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of my Favorites and of my Not-So-Favorites? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. i love baby lips lip balm! Yours look so much cooler than the ones that I have!

  2. nice post! that give us a heads up on what not to spend $$$$, which I have too little on!

  3. I knew you would have put in the favorite list the Smashbox palette!

  4. Oh I want that smashbox palette since I seen it a bit ago. So fun!

  5. Hi, Wow great review of products! I appreciate all of your hard work and honesty in puting this together! Your blog is spectacular!

  6. I totally agree about the No Foundation Foundation! It gives no coverage at all, and isn't moisturizing, so exactly what is the point?

  7. I too realy like my beauty blender lovely favorites.
    I too got some of those Kiss nail Stickers and was not to happy about them I prefer the Sally Hansen.

  8. Wow this eye shadow palette is huge and so bad that you didn't liked the super cute nail stickers


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