November 1, 2011

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation: swatches, before & after, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I recently picked up a half-size of Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation while it was on special at Sephora for just $12. I had always wanted to try it and figured that was a great way. Let me just say, I hated it. Read my full review at the bottom of this post to find out why I hated it.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats and review....

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
Shade: no-shade choice; one shade fits all
Shade Description: Looks like a beige; blends to basically colorless but gives a lot of people an orange tint.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
Before & After

Basic stats for Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation:
Formula: liquid
Coverage: zero to sheer
Wear: average
Shade Info: no shade choice
Cost/Availability: $50 (1 oz full size). Available on Perricone MD's website, Sephora, QVC, and everywhere else Perricone MD is sold.
Packaging: pump-top bottle
My Rating: 1 out of 5 Kisses

This is a liquid foundation with an SPF of 30. This foundation, because it's from a skincare company, has anti-aging benefits from a formula infused with Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE and Vitamin C ester. Although, I personally wouldn't call this a foundation, as I think a foundation is meant to cover your flaws and even out skintone. This did none of that.

Provides no coverage to sheer coverage, depending on if you add layers or not. In my before & after pic above I used just one layer.

Average wear for a foundation; nothing super long lasting but because of how sheer it is you probably won't even realize when it does fade. I had to remove this after a few hours of testing because it felt gross on my skin.

Shade Info:
No shade choice to make; one shade works for everyone. However, be warned that those with lighter skin complain often about this foundation making them look orange or yellow. Those with deeper skintones often complain this foundation leaves their skin with a white-ish cast. For me, I have a medium skintone (MAC NC30) with yellow undertones. This foundation works well with my skintone, but does make it a little darker.

$50 (1 oz full size). Available on Perricone MD's websiteSephoraQVC, and everywhere else Perricone MD is sold.

Pump-top bottle.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Review:
I have to admit that I was really intrigued by this foundation every time I saw the on-air presentation on QVC. Their one model, Stacey-Ann, has a lot of hyper pigmentation/freckles to conceal and they make it look like this foundation can cover all those flaws and make her skin perfect. Well she must have 100 layers on because this foundation... if I can even call it a foundation... does not cover the way it is presented.

When Sephora had this on sale for $12 I knew I'd add it to my Friends & Family Sale order because I always wanted to give it a try. However, this is not a foundation for me and not a foundation I'd ever recommend.

First, I want to say that the coverage level is zero to sheer. You can layer this but it won't feel good on your skin even after one layer. Multiple layers only makes it feel worse and mask-like. I applied this exactly as instructed on the bottle, in circular motions, and was shocked to see no difference at all. My skintone was slightly darker... but only slightly. I can see how it may look really orange on some people! My skin didn't look even and I barely saw any difference in redness reduction. It for sure does not cover blemishes, hyper pigmentation or dark circles.

As for how it felt on my skin, that was another issue I had. It felt sticky and just didn't feel good. I would never be able to go out of the house with just this "foundation" on. I'd still need a concealer, another foundation, and a powder to set it all - making this product pretty useless to me.

If anything, I guess you could call this product a tinted moisturizer (even though it's not all that moisturizing).

I really can't recommend this at all. Not even for someone with good skin. There are a lot of better sheer coverage products out there that will even out skintone and actually match your skintone (not like this one-shade-fits-all product), not to mention other products that will give you much better results for coverage!

I plan to return this to Sephora, but if I don't get to the store in time this will be in my blog sale.

Now let me know what you think...
Have you tried this "foundation"? If not, do you think this is something you'll want to try? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. that stuff SOUNDS intriguing but didn't live up to anything :( thanks for the before after pics, just made you kinda shiny but no coverage...AND it's not moisturizing? wow...glad you got it on sale! sorry hon that it didn't work as you wanted

  2. Wow it is such a worthless product! Looking at the before/after pictures I thought "darker, shinier, no coverage". Then reading your opinions I discovered that I was right!

  3. Yes, this product was a total fail for me. I expected a lot more from the on-air presentation and from the fact that Perricone makes it. I love Perricone products -- their Cold Plasma was like a miracle cure to my skin -- but they need to stick to skincare and skip the beauty products.

  4. I tried this one as well. It was terrible. Had to take it off and put on another foundation.

    I really wish vendors wouldn't say, "everyone can use this, it'll match your skintone." Total falsehood.

    I agree, companies should stick with what they do best and for Perricone, it sure isn't makeup.

    Love reading all the comments.


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