October 15, 2011

October 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box

Hello, Beautiful!

This is my second GoGoGirlfriend shipment; although it's technically my first. The September shipment was sent to me for promotional reasons, so this box is like starting all over, meaning I get new member extras (extra products/samples). I have to say, the September shipment was a little underwhelming although still interesting. The October shipment, however, is way better. Makes me glad I signed up!

If you're interested in signing up for GoGoGirlfriend, click here to do so. Please use my referral number when signing up so I get points (I'll really appreciate it!). My member number is 59755

Membership is $12.99 per shipment (with premium membership; meaning you get a box each month). Or $13.98 per shipment with basic membership (you only get a box every other month). You'll also gain points for filling out reviews and referring more members. You can use the points towards free products, free sample boxes and even free membership months! They also have giveaways just for their members. Best part is, you can hold or cancel your membership at any time!

Check out my October 2011 GoGoGirlfriend Box...

GoGoGirlfriend Box - October 2011

The included info papers:

Total # of items received: 14
# of makeup items: 6
# of nail items: 1
# of skin care items: 2
# of body care items: 2
# of hair care items: 0
# of fragrance items: 0
# of other items: 3

MODELLA Cosmetic Bag
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: We are excited to give you this adorable cosmetic bag, pattern Bangkok with lovely shades of pink. Bag is constructed of micro fiber on outer pattern and lined inside. Perfect size for on the go and fits a great amount of cosmetics and brushes. Modella travel accessories and other bags will be available in our store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This is a cute bag. I like the colors and I like the pattern. It was a fun product to receive.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: I found a similar size from the same brand sold at Walgreens for $3.99. Not yet available in the GoGoGirlfriend store.

URBAN DECAY Loose Pigment in Protest
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Color-intense, super-fine pigment. Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hue. The spill-proof tube even includes a high-quality brush.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I already own several of these and like them a lot. I picked up a few during a sale Urban Decay had, in which there were just $1 each! In fact, they're still available and the shade Protest is the only one left.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: $1.00 (based on the sale price)


COMODYNES Easy Peeling Exfoliating Towelette
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Eliminates dead cells, deeply cleanses pores and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed. DOUBLE EXFOLIATION: Mechanical exfoliation: its texture with detoxifying microsphere, cleanses and eliminates impurities. Biological exfoliation: lasting action, its formula contains active natural ingredients to accelerate skin renovation. NO RINSING, NO TRACES, NO FUSS. Use once or twice a week, messaging gently onto dry skin, with special attention to the forehead, nose and chin areas. No need to rinse and does not traces.
  • MY THOUGHTS: First, I want to point out I typed out the description from the info paper exactly as they printed it (which is what I always do). Even though some of their descriptions will have one small error, this particular description has a few (like "messaging" instead of "massaging") and I didn't want you to think I was typing incorrectly. I know I'm not perfect with my typing and make mistakes, but I'm also not a company providing my customers with an info sheet. But Birchbox does it too (mistakes, that is), and I guess everyone just needs to proof-read twice before sending it out. Anyhow, this is a product I plan to try out the in near future. I always love trying peels and I hope this provides great results.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: On Amazon you can find a 16-pack for $18.99, making this sample value $1.19 per single use towelette. In the GoGoGirlfriend store they sell an 8-pack for $16.99 (non-member price) or $12.00 (member price), making this sample value $1.50 per single use towelette.

GOGOGIRLFRIEND All Natural Soap in Cherry Almond
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: All natural cherry almond or other fragrance. Full size bars will be available in our store, also in a variety of fragrances.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received a thicker sample of this soap in my September shipment, and I am still in love with the scent! It's not yet available in their store, but when it is you better believe I'm ordering it!
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: unsure

BLOSSOMS Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Lavender
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: We are excited to have you try our new mineral makeup, all natural ingredients and highly pigmented. A little goes a long way so put a little on your brush, tap and apply.
  • MY THOUGHTS: I almost thought I had received the same eyeshadow shade that I received in my September shipment, but it is different. This is a lavender, but not a light lavender. It has red shimmer in it, which you really can't see in the photos.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: The full sized version comes in a 2g jar with a sifter. The price is $9.95 for non-members, and just $5.95 for members in the GoGoGirlfriend store. Currently available in 10 shades, including Lavender. 

CAMILLE BECKMAN Travel Size Hand Therapy in Mango Beach
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Mango Beach (a fruitfully exotic fragrance of succulent Mango, crisp coconut and free vanilla bean). Glycerine Hand Therapy, this unique restorative cream moisturizes and nourishes through the careful blending of Glycerine, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein, Almond Oil, and Botanical Extracts. Camille Beckman products are available in our store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: This product smells good, but I think it feels a little greasy. It's not for me. 
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: Even though GoGoGirlfriend says this is available in their store, I couldn't find this product or any others by Camille Beckman. On the Camille Beckman website a 1 oz size sells for $4.95. The size I received is the 0.25 oz, making this sample value $1.24.

GOGOGIRLFRIEND Whisper Blush Brush
  • DESCRIPTION ON INFO PAPER: Ultra soft brush for blending and applying blush or bronzer. Fiber Optic brushes with a blend of goat hair at the base. Eco-Friendly Birchwood handle in Pink or Silver. Fiber Optic tip is so soft you will love the way it pampers your skin. See our all new brush line in our store. Handle to tip 7 inches, Bristles-2" Long x 2 inches Diameter, Available also in Vegan only 100% synthetic. Check out our new brush line in our store.
  • MY THOUGHTS: (sigh...another poorly written description... anyhow...) This brush is super soft, but  sheds easily and feels a little cheap. I'm not sure how well it would apply makeup. GoGoGirlfriend lists the incorrect size on the info paper; it is not 7 inches handle to tip. It is 4.25 inches (which is the correct size and what they list on their website). I believe they listed the size for their large brush. I think I'll give this brush a try, because I do use cheaper brushes and some turn out really great... and some turn out really awful. If worse comes to worse I'll give it to my nieces to play around with makeup. Would I buy this on its own? Not for the price they're charging, but if it was in the dollar store, sure.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: In the GoGoGirlfriend store, this brush sells for $12.99 (non-member price) or $9.99 (member price). This is a $9.99 value.

All products below are bonus extras for new members; these items were not listed on the included info paper....

URBAN DECAY Nail Polish Mini in Fame
  • MY THOUGHTS: I love Urban Decay polishes, and the mini's are all I have. The way you see it in the photos (with polish on the cap) is how it arrived to me. Not sure what happened to it, but I'll take it regardless because it's nail polish.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: If I go by the original price (sold in a set of 6 or 7 for $28) then it would be valued at $4 to $4.66. But if I go for the sale price (sold in a set of 6 or 7 for $8) then it would be around $0.58 to $1.14



CRAZY RUMORS A La Mode in Orange Creamsicle
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received this same lip balm in my September shipment. It smells amazing but I didn't get a chance to use it. I ended up giving it to my brother's girlfriend. I'm keeping this one! I really would like to try the Mint Chocolate one too
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: In the GoGoGirlfriend store, this lip balm is sold for $3.75 (non-member price) and $3.25 (member price). Currently available in 4 flavors.


  • MY THOUGHTS: Just like their Whisper Blush Brush, this is super soft but seems a little cheap. Again, I'll try it out but will probably give it to my nieces.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: Unsure of value because it's not yet available in the GoGoGirlfriend store.

ZHENA'S GYPSY TEA Coconut Chai Black Tea
  • MY THOUGHTS: I'm not a tea drinker, so there really isn't a lot I can comment on. I'll save this sachet for my grandmom, who does enjoy tea and may enjoy this one.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: A 22 sachet tin is $6.99 on the Zhena's Gypsy Tea website. In the GoGoGirlfriend store they sell the same 22 sachet tin for $8.00 (non-member price) and $7.00 (member price). The value of this one sachet (based on $6.99 for 22 of them) is $0.32.

MYCHELLE Deep Repair Cream
  • MY THOUGHTS: I received this in my September shipment. I have yet to use it and I didn't even open up this packet yet. Not sure if I will.

TARTE mini Lip Gloss
  • MY THOUGHTS: I also received this same gloss in my September shipment. I really like it, so I was happy to receive another. At first I didn't know what formula of gloss this was because there is no name on the tube. Then someone left a comment letting me know it was from a Tarte mini lip gloss set.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: If going by the price of the Tarte mini lip gloss set, this is valued at $1.67.

  • MY THOUGHTS: I received these in my September shipment and was really impressed. I'm glad to have another 2-pack, which I will keep in my emergency purse kit. My son was so excited to see these again because he was my hand model in the Wysi-Wipes picture showing how to drop them in water and how they open. He really likes these and he'd drop these in water all day long if he could.
  • SIZE & VALUE INFO: On the Wysi-Wipes website, you can buy a 100 pack for $11.95. In the GoGoGirlfriend store, you can buy a 100 pack for $15 (non-member price) or $12 (member price). Also available in 500 pack (on both the Wysi-Wipes website and in the GoGoGirlfriend store).

Now let me know what you think...
Do you already subscribe to GoGoGirlfriend? If so, did you like your October shipment? If not, would you like to sign up? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. @ Molkinaify: Yes, it's a monthly (or every other month) beauty sampling program. The cost is a little more than Birchbox, but you often get more items. You don't get all high-end items, like you do with Birchbox, but it's just another fun "present" to receive in the mail each month!

  2. I'm not a brush expert or buyer at all. I have some I like and use and work, but those brushes look awful. I'd love to hear what you think after using them, but they look so cheap and just kind of gross in my opinion. I really hate to be so negative but it seems like someone just got a hold of some factory leftovers and decided to sell them in a box together. SI'll save my final opinion when I see what a regular month looks like, but so far I'm passing. I feel like I'm sounding like a major snob so just feel free to give me a internet slap.

  3. @ sunnydee130: You're not a snob at all! I agree with you on the brushes. I try to look at the positive side of things, so I will give them a shot, but honestly they are cheap. I can't believe how much they're going to charge for them. It's crazy.

    I wasn't crazy about my September box at all, but I really liked my October box because there were products I actually want to use. Makes me nervous for a regular shipment though. I'm giving it till the end of the year to see if I like GoGoGirlfriend or not before I decide to continue to my subscription in 2012.

  4. that looks great! I wish we had something like that in Estonia, too :(

  5. what a HUGE haul! I want the natural soap and the brushes XD

  6. I was very much interested in birch box but they don't ship where I live. Sad... :-( Are these shipped internationally??

  7. Oh,.. and one more thing... What are the basic stuffs a girl should have in her makeup. I don't do make up. My skin is very much sensitive and I need to be very much careful. Still maybe not for a regular use but I think I should have a set of makeup for special occasions etc. What do you think what are the basic things that I should have??

  8. Wow.. This came with a lot of stuff. I might really look into getting this one Thanks for sharing :3

  9. Once again, thanks for a great review. It's obvious the time and effort you put into each review, and I love your pictures. The samples in GoGoGirlfriend don't impress me very much, but I love the concept.

  10. Me gusto porque obtuviste muchos regalos! n_n

  11. @ Sneha Sunny: If you're looking to put together a basics kit for special occasions, I would recommend...
    *Foundation (medium to full coverage)
    * Concealer
    * Primer & a Setting Powder (so your makeup stays during the entire event you may be going to)
    * A great shimmering shade of champagne, gold or bronze eyeshadow
    * Black eyeliner
    * Black mascara
    * Shiny lip gloss with great color

  12. I got most this stuff in mine too. a few different things like I got an elf polish and different shade of tarte lipgloss. I didn't like the brushes mine shed like crazy to so I just gave them to my daughter!

  13. Hi,
    great review!
    I am still "on the fence" about the GogoGirlfriend? (is it one word...) sampler box.

    I kind of wonder if they just bought a bunch of discontinued "samples" as there seem to be a lot of "older stock" items and a lot of sample packets.

    For makeup brushes,some cheap brushes are great.
    I got some in the craft section of a dollar-type store and they are amazing.
    It is Masterstroke nylon craft brushes.
    -they have a fan brush,but it is very fine bristles. put perfect for my use as I have some blushes that are too dark and need a light application. also wanted a fan brush to fit it tiny sample containers!
    I've washed that brush 40+ times and it is like new.
    *For face powder it is too thin in the bristles to provide much coverage.
    -but perfect for glitter also on the body or hair!

    I also have the Masterstroke flat brush and that is good for liquid foundation.

    For a sampler that ships to most countries I like Skincarerx.com Beauty Cache.
    It is $30 plus shipping every 3 months and you do not need to subscribe.
    Also you see a pic of the items before you buy and there are full size items in it and many travel size ones.

  14. @ Prettytastyreviews.blogspot.com: Yes, GoGoGirlfriend is one word, technically they even keep the "G" in Girlfriend lowercase, but I capitalize it for easier reading.

    I too am starting to be on the fence about them. I mean, I like to try new brands and products I would otherwise never buy, so I'm excited to receive anything new, but I'm concerned the value really isn't there. I'm still going to give it till the end of the year to see how I like it. That means I'll get two more shipments for a total of 4 shipments, to decide if I want to continue my membership. So far I have no plans of cancelling, but with new sampling programs popping up all the time I'm going to have to start cutting back somewhere.

    Thanks for letting me know about the Skincarerx.com Beauty Cache. I didn't know about that one and will check it out. Although it doesn't look like something I would personally buy, only because it's mostly skincare based and I'd rather have something mostly makeup/nail polish based. But it looks like a great program!

    I like to see what I'm getting before it arrives, which is why I like the QVC New Beauty Test Tube program (even though I'm on auto-delivery and I receive it before it announces, but you can see it before you buy it normally). But at the same time I love NOT knowing; I love the element of surprise and getting a present in the mail every month :)

  15. Just signed up thanks to you & used your referral code. =)

  16. @ Selina Christine: Thanks for using my referral code! I hope you enjoy GoGoGirlfriend! :)


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