October 24, 2011

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oils: swatches & pics of 4 shades

Hello, Beautiful!

Tarte recently launched their Pure Maracuja Lip Oils. They sold out really quickly and my order was placed on the wait list. A few weeks later I received my lip oils in the mail and was excited to test them out. This is one product I'm really on the fence about. You can read why in my review at the end of this post.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oils
Continue scrolling down for more pics and swatches of each shade individually.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oil
Shade: Shimmering Pink
Shade Description: A sheer, barely there pink with the slightly hint of shimmer.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oil
Shade: Shimmering Nectar
Shade Description: A sheer, barely there peach; no shimmer.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oil
Shade: Shimmering Berry
Shade Description: A sheer berry pink with a hint of shimmer.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oil
Shade: Shimmering Red
Shade Description: A sheer red; no shimmer.

Basic stats for Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oil:
Formula: liquid gloss
Coverage: very sheer
Wear: average
Shade Info: currently sold in a set of 4 shades
Cost/Availability: $36 for a set of 4 (each 0.17 fl oz full size). Available on QVC's website (currently $32.46 plus $4.47 s&h).
Packaging: squeeze tube, pull-off lid, slant-tip attached applicator
My Rating: 3 out of 5 Kisses

These lip oils are very hydrating and feel very soft and smooth on your lips. Rich in maracuja oil, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to help lips appear refreshed and noticeably fuller.

Very, very sheer. The only two shades that provide any color are the Shimmering Berry and the Shimmering Red, but even then it's very sheer and they don't apply evenly.

Average wear for a gloss; maybe slightly longer. You feel the effects for long.

Shade Info:
Currently available in a 4-piece set that includes shades: Shimmering Pink, Shimmering Nectar, Shimmering Berry and Shimmering Red. Now here is another thing I don't understand... the shade names all have "shimmering" in them, yet only two have shimmer. They are shiny, but they are not shimmering (not even the ones with shimmer).

$36 for a set of 4 (each 0.17 fl oz full size). Available on QVC's website (currently $32.46 plus $4.47 s&h).

These lip oils come in a squeeze tube with attached slant tip applicator -- which makes the application of these even messier. The cap pulls-off --- it doesn't snap on or twist on at all. It's a huge flaw/fail in this packaging.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Lip Oils Review:
I'm really on the fence with these; I can't decide if I want to keep them or return them. I'm leaning more towards returning them. Let me explain why...

First, I want to say that they look so pretty in the tubes and in swatches... but apply them to your lips and you'll be wondering where the color went. For my natural lip color, only two shades really make any noticeable change, so for me it's like getting two clear and two slightly tinted glosses. Plus, they are not shimmering like the shade names imply. Only two of the four shades have shimmer in them but even they are not shimmering on the lips. They are all shiny, but not shimmering. Overall, not really worth the money, in my opinion.

Second, I really did not like the packaging... I mean, AT ALL! First, the lids (if you can even call them that), simply pull off and get placed back on. They do not snap into place or twist or lock into place. They easily can come off in your makeup bag, purse, or jeans pocket. I haven't had any issues with that, but I also only tried to carry one of them around and I placed it very carefully in a small pocket opening within my purse.

Not only does the lid bother me, but also the slant tip applicator. These glosses are very thin and application is messier with the included slant tip applicator. I think a doe-foot want applicator would have been the perfect choice for these lip oils.

However, I really do like the way these feel on my lips. They are super hydrating and feel so good on. Every time I think to send them back I quickly re-test them on my lips and fall in love with the formula. But then I'm quickly reminded how I hate the application, the lid, and how uneven the color applies. But then I rub my lips together and love the way they feel. As you can see, I'm having a love/hate relationship with these lip oils!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to return them; there are more con's for me than there are pro's. I do recommend these based on the formula/feel alone. If I were basing it on packaging, application and color payoff I would never recommend these. If Tarte re-packages these I would buy them in a heart beat - even with such sheer color payoff. But as they are, I rate them 3 out of 5 kisses... right down the middle.

Now let me know what you think...
Do you want to try these out? If so, what shade do you like best? Do you already own these? Discuss in the comments.


  1. i got these as well and i'm keeping them,i've never had any gloss or balm feel this good on my lips. i hate that there really isn't much color but i don't mind so much since i like to layer this on top of a similar color

  2. I would like to try these out. Especially shades shimmering berry and shimmering red. I guess these would be prefect for everyday.

  3. Unfortunately, I can't find Tarte in Italy and it is very annoying because I've seen a lot of interesting products. Anyway, I love your pictures, they look very professional :)

  4. @ Manicure Addict: That's exactly why I want to keep them. They feel AMAZING! But with all the other con's for me, I don't know if I can justify paying over $30 for them.... especially because I just purchased the Smashbox Today's Special Value, which is $83.

    I'm going to think about keeping them for a little while longer, but I have a feeling I'll return them. I have a lot of lip glosses and if I'm not 100% in love with them I need to learn to give them up instead of hoarding them, like I normally do :)

    @ Miss L: They are perfect for everyday because of how sheer they are. All the shades will go with just about any look you create and will look great with just about every skintone.

  5. @ Molkinaify: I wish you could get Tarte products because they've been coming out with a lot of great things lately! I used to like Tarte, but now I LOVE Tarte! And thanks for the compliment on my pics... I used to be a photographer (although I guess I'm still a photographer).

  6. I love your reviews : ) As long as the gloss isn't sticky I'll wear it. Are they scented/flavored?

  7. @ Galaxia: They're not sticky at all. They really do feel amazing on; one of the best feeling lip products I've had on my lips. They do have a natural (lighter) peppermint scent and taste -- very nice, actually.

  8. I purchased those too and.... I sent them back. I watched the presentation and Maureen (Tarte's CEO) said that she made these for herself and the staff. She actually said that she really wanted to have these made, but her hubby thought they were way too expensive to produce so when he was "away" she gave the go ahead for production. She said over and over again that she was in big trouble with the hubs and these would NEVER be made again and were only going to be available in LE from QVC. I think that explains the bad packaging (I totally agree, it was horrible!). I don't think she ever thought about the consumer side of it. She and loads of the other girls in the "office" wanted them. I imagine these were the leftovers form a single large batch order. For me, they just weren't worth it. Feel nice on the lips, but I have other things for that too.

  9. yikes, the packaging sounds like a nightmare! particularly since i had a lipgloss with a broken lid make everything sticky in a purse before, oozed on everything. what a horror that was lol

  10. @ Amanda: I missed that story when they were on air. I must have been doing other things because I know I watched it when it first premiered. Sometimes I think Maureen makes up a lot of stories just to try and sell her products. I bet these will be made in the future because people love the formula but hate the packaging. But like you, I have other things that feel nice on my lips so I can't justify the $30 some dollars I spent on these. They're in their box, I just haven't packed them to ship back yet.

  11. @ socialitedreams: I've had that happen to me with other lip glosses. It was also a nightmare for me, so that's why I really do not like the lids on these. Like I said though, they haven't leaked on me but I really was careful with the one I packed in my purse. I'm sure if I would have just thrown it in my bag eventually the lid would come off and a mess would follow soon after.

  12. I haven't tried these before but I love there LipSurgence and swear by them. I which these had a better turn out for you =/

  13. I bought 3 sets form qvc and sent them all back, They were not worth the money, packaging was horrible, they all looked the same when applied, i do love there maracuja oil and have tried the eye and lip pencils and there great

  14. Completely agree...I ended up selling one on eBay. I might just wear them at home, when I don't want color just moisture. And maybe just list the other 2.

    <3 as always...love your blog!


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