October 11, 2011

Material Girl Nail Polish -- swatches & review of shades Labyrinth, Harlequin, Phantom, Guilty Conscience

Hello, Beautiful!

Sorry for no post yesterday. I got sick, again! It seems to be a vicious cycle both myself and my son go through at the start of every new school year. He'll get sick, then I will, then we may have a few days to a week off, then he'll get sick, then I will, and this goes on well through the spring. My husband almost never gets sick. This is the first year I'm considering the flu shot, especially since I volunteer at the school every week. I'm sure my needle-phobia will prevent me from getting one but I'm going to at least consider it. For now though, here's a post I was saving for later (since my Birchbox is coming today and I usually post that within an hour or two after it arrives), but I'm feeling really awful right now so I'll get the Birchbox post up later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Anyhow, onto this post...

I recently discovered the Material Girl Nail Polish collection (sold at Macy's) and took advantage of their 4 for $20 sale. The four shades I picked up are Labyrinth, Harlequin, Phantom, and Guilty Conscience. The shades are different in person than they looked/were described online (more details of that listed in the Shade Info below), but over all I'm really happy with them.

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

Material Girl Nail Polish
Shade: Harlequin
Shade Description: A mermaid green shimmer. Very pretty and sparkling in person. This is more of a green than it is a blue.




Material Girl Nail Polish
Shade: Phantom
Shade Description: A dark brown, basically black, with bronze/burgundy/gold shimmer.




Material Girl Nail Polish
Shade: Guilty Conscience
Shade Description: A brown-gray creme.




Material Girl Nail Polish
Shade: Labyrinth
Shade Description: A clear polish with micro hex rainbow glitter.




Basic stats for Material Girl Nail Polish:
Formula: nail polish; 3-free (read more below)
Coverage: sheer to opaque, depending on shade
Shade Info: Currently 10 shades available for sale
Cost/Availability: $7 each (0.4 fl oz full size). Available on Macy's website and at Macy's stores.
Packaging: rectangle bottle (similar to Butter London's), with graphic design on sides
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

I've looked around and didn't find much info about the formula of these polishes, specifically if they are 3-free. I finally found some info saying they are indeed 3-free, but that info was not found on the Material Girl blog, website, or on Macy's site. I'd assume they are 3-free; most polishes that come out now are making sure their formulas are 3-free. However, without knowing directly from the manufacture I can't say 100% that they are 3-free.

I was really impressed with the coverage level of all shades, except Labyrinth since that's supposed to be a sheer shade. The other three shades could be opaque in just one coat. I used two coats out of habit and because it gave me better results. I tend to apply my first coat rather thin anyway, but with a healthier coat (thicker coat) some of these shades could be one-coat polish.

Shade Info:
Currently there are 10 shades available in the collection, and hopefully more to come. Out of the entire 10 shade collection I was really fond of them all. I think they're spot on for what's popular, trendy or most wanted. They have basic shades - like Pink Peony, Hot Holly and Rose Bud. As well as deeper shades - like Midnight, Phantom, and Guilty Conscience. As well as colorful (and some glittery) shades - like Harlequin, Psychedelic, Wild Flower, and Labyrinth.

I picked up four shades and was a little surprised by how different the swatches & descriptions online looked compared to how the polishes look in person. They weren't all a total surprise; for example....

Guilty Conscience looks like a medium gray polish in the online swatch (on Macy's website), and is described as "a striking, seductive coal". In person, however, this shade is more of a brown shade, a gray-brown at best.

Labyrinth looks like a white shimmer in the online swatch (on Macy's website), and is described as "an unexpected rainbow of pink glitter". In person it's just another clear polish with micro hex rainbow glitter. And even though it's pretty, I have a personal pet peeve with this shade, which I have similar to in a lot of brands. It's because they almost all smell exactly the same no matter what the rest of the polishes from that brand smell like. It's always a stronger, cheaper scent, and they are usually a little thicker or gloopy. I can't really describe it, but if you are polish obsessed like me you may know what I'm talking about. Labyrinth wasn't gloopy, but was thicker than the others. I have a feeling over time it will easily become gloopy but I can't know for sure just yet.

Phantom looks like a black with micro gold glitter in the online swatch (on Macy's website), and is described as "a deep, daring black shimmer". In person, the shade looks more like a dark brown, almost black, with a bronze/burgundy/gold shimmer. It looks prettier in the bottle than on the nail. On the nail the shimmer is more hidden, which was disappointing.

Harlequin is my favorite of all the shades I purchased. The online swatch (on Macy's website), looks pretty spot on for what it looks like in person, and is described as "a lustful, vampy mermaid green". I would describe it as a mermaid green shimmer. The shimmer is beautiful in person; almost metallic like; very eye catching. However, it's not really blue on the nail, except in certain lighting. Otherwise, it's just green - but a very pretty sparkling green!

Each bottle of polish costs $7 (0.4 fl oz full size). Available on Macy's website and at Macy's stores. Currently they are running a special: 1 for $7, 2 for $12, or 4 for $20.

The shape of this bottle is almost identical to Butter London polishes, which is honestly why I wanted to try them to begin with. Material Girl polish bottles features a floral graphic design on the sides. The rectangular black cap pulls off and reveals the regular polish handle.

Material Girl Nail Polish Review:
I was really impressed with these polishes. They applied great, look pretty, and aren't too high in price (I paid $5 each in the 4 for $20 special).

My only complaint is the online swatches and descriptions; they're a little inaccurate. I really would like to see these shades in person before I purchase more shades, or at least see more accurate swatch photos online. I'll add more swatches as I acquire more shades from this brand.

If I can be honest, I think these polishes are very similar to Butter London's polishes. Not just in the look of the bottle, but also in the formula. Just half the price too! I'm in no way saying they are the same polish formula, but I'm trying to give you a point of reference to compare by. However, the shade Labyrinth is not like Butter London's formula. If you read what I thought about that in the Shade Info above you'll know why.

Over all, I'm glad I own these polishes and I really hope they continue to come out with more shades. Check them out the next time you're at Macy's!

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own these polishes? Do you want any of these? What shade is your favorite? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Great review! I don´t own these nail polishes but I really like the Harlequin and Labyrinth.

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  6. I saw these at macy's last weekend but the ones at my store looked old and they were $7 and I didnt want to pay that because they looked bad. They look nice on you. Maybe I will try them when they go on sale because of they way they look at my store.

  7. Great review. I haven't heard of this brand, but I'm not interested. 4 for $20 is a great deal. I love Harlequin and Guilty Conscience. Thanks for sharing!

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  15. oh wow it was after Christmas day sale and they were 3.50 for each nail polish.


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