October 17, 2011

Glitter Gal polish in Light As A Feather (3D Holographic) -- swatches, pics, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I'm excited to share with you my very first Glitter Gal polish! The shade Light As A Feather is from their 3D Holographic collection of polishes. It is a beautiful linear holographic, with superb application. However, I had the worst time photographing this polish -- not because of the polish itself, but because of the weather and other factors. For example, my photography lighting will not show off a holo effect, so I have to take pictures outdoors in sunlight or with my regular camera flash in order to show the holo effect. I didn't have bright sunlight on the three days straight I tried to get pics of this polish. I had flashes of sun that would pop out for a minute or two and then clouds again. On the days that we did have sun, I didn't have time to re-swatch this because I wasn't home or didn't think about it. So in the future, when the sun is beaming in all its glory, I will re-swatch this polish so you can see how pretty it truly is. I don't have a lot of pics to share (not as many as I wanted to share), but enjoy the few pics I do have!

Check out my pics, swatches, stats, and review...

Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish
Shade: Light As A Feather
Shade Description: A white/light gray linear holographic.
[shown in all photos using 2 coats; no top coat; base coat is Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock]

LEFT: studio lighting -- MIDDLE: camera flash -- RIGHT: outdoors/sunlight

LEFT: studio lighting -- MIDDLE: camera flash -- RIGHT: outdoors/sunlight

LEFT: studio lighting -- MIDDLE: camera flash -- RIGHT: outdoors/sunlight

Camera Flash:

All outdoor/sunlight pics:

After applying top coat:

Basic stats for Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish:
Formula: linear holographic polish
Coverage: opaque in 2 to 3 coats
Wear: above average for a holo
Shade Info: many shades available
Cost/Availability: $14 each (0.3 fl oz full size). Available on Glitter Gal's website, and for United States buyers, click here to purchase on llarowe's website (the Glitter Gal US dealer).
Packaging: small square bottle; average polish brush
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

The 3D Holographic collection of polishes feature linear holographic finishes! They are better to work with than most holo's, as you can use any base coat without issues. They also have a glossy finish, and beautiful linear holo shine!

I find this polish, at least the shade I have, opaque in 2 to 3 coats. I could wear 2 coats just fine but add a third for complete opaque coverage.

This polish holds up better than other holo polishes I own. However, I don't usually care about polish wear since I change my polish daily.

Shade Info:
I purchased the shade Light As A Feather, which is supposed to be a white linear holo, but i find it to be more of a gray-white linear holo. It's really beautiful and I plan to buy more shades when my budget finds the money to.

$14 each, plus shipping (which, by the way, is very reasonable). Available on Glitter Gal's website, and for United States buyers, click here to purchase on llarowe's website (the Glitter Gal US dealer).

Square polish bottle, black cap and average polish brush. These bottles are smaller than your average polish. They look like polish mini's. They hold 0.3 fl oz - which is still plenty of polish. To give you an idea, most polishes hold 0.5 fl oz. They say they are smaller because they use higher priced ingredients - and I fully believe that.

Glitter Gal 3D Holographic Nail Polish Review:
Sometimes when I lust after a polish online I'm let down once I finally see it in person. That is NOT the case with this polish! I am in LOVE with this polish brand and I can't wait to grow my Glitter Gal collection!

The formula is wonderful, especially considering it is a linear holo. For example, when you use GOSH Holographic you really can't use a base coat - unless you use something like Nfu Oh's Aqua Base. I applied a base coat (Deborah Lippmann's Hard Rock) and the Glitter Gal polish applied on top like a dream. It went on smooth and even.

It doesn't dry as fast as other holos, but the results are worth it. It has a glossy finish! That's something that some holo's just lack (like Nfu Oh's #61 or GOSH Holographic). On top of all that good application and glossy finish, the color is b-eautiful! The linear holo effect is stunning and magical.

Over all, I HIGHLY recommend these polishes!

Now let me know what you think...
Do you own this beautiful polish? If not, is this on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. piękny kolor ;) ale nie w moim stylu ;)

  2. I LOVE the way your nails are shaped!
    And the sheer colour of the nailpaint really is very pretty :)

  3. I don´t have this polish but i am thinking about ordering one.

  4. Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures! This color is on my wishlist.

  5. Wow!!! So beautiful!!! I love this polish :D

  6. Love the glitter, but not really a fan of the base. I'm not a light base girl unless I'm konading or doing some art over it. If the glitter was denser, I would definitely purchase

  7. Gorgeous review for a gorgeous color! Thanks so much!

  8. super pretty! and your pix are great!
    btw, how do you take your "sudio photos"? in a lightbox?

  9. @ Nailderella: I used to have a photography studio, so I use my studio lights which have soft boxes on them. I just use a plain white background and lights set up on either side. Sometime I use a reflector (on the white side) if I need more light to bounce back.

  10. OK, thank you for your kind answer! your photos are really beautiful to look at ;D

  11. @ Nailderella: Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention is what I use as my backdrop. I just use a roll of wrapping paper, on the inside (white). The studio lights are bright/powerful enough that any design from the other side won't show through. Wrapping paper is cheap and the perfect width and I can make it any height to fit whatever table I'm working on. I have a set-up in my living room/office area with a table I do swatches at, along with my lighting and all photo supplies/swatching supplies (like paper towels, makeup wipes, makeup remover, etc.)


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