August 2, 2013

Swatch Posts Catch Up July 2013! Also - update on me and what's to come this month

Hello, Beautiful!

This is the July 2013 Swatch Posts Catch Up! If you missed anything from July, no worries; just browse through the topics below and click on a topic to check it out. The purpose of my Swatch Posts Catch Up is to provide my readers with an easy reference for all posts from the previous month, so if you missed anything or just want everything in one place, this is the post for you.

Also, thank you again to everyone for the kind thoughts, comments and prayers about my father's passing. I have some good moments and bad moments each day, but I'm getting by and getting caught back up with my blog work - which has kept me busy and helped keep my mind off of things. However, it has taken me so much longer than anticipated to catch up with my work; I am still traveling to and from PA to be with family and help out and as a result, I am very behind on everything. Please stick with me and I promise lots of blog content to come soon!

I have a ton of product reviews & swatches coming up, along with a giveaway or two - and I've been working on videos but I haven't been in the mood to make videos due to my fathers passing (I've been depressed). Staying focused on my blog seems to be the biggest help with keeping my mind off things, so expect a lot of reviews once things get rolling. I hope to be back to a more normal schedule within a week!

Swatch Posts Catch Up: JULY 2013
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