July 2, 2013

United 7Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo - pics, review

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Another dry shampoo review to share with you - this one from the brand Unite. It's their 7Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo. This has to be one of my favorite dry shampoos to date. It works beautifully at absorbing excess oil, smells fresh, and doesn't leave my brunette hair looking gray. Read my full review, and all the product info, after the pics.

Unite 7Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo

Unite 7Seconds Refresher Dry Shampoo Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $28.75 (4 oz full size). Available on the Unite website, on Amazon, at salons, and everywhere else Unite products are sold. Click here to enter your zip code and find a salon near you that sells Unite products.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Aids in preserving hair color. Removes excess oil and increases volume. No visible powder left behind. Refreshes hair without the use of water with a clean, fresh scent.

I fell in love with this dry shampoo from the first use! I must have really oily hair or something, because most dry shampoos just don't do the job for me - especially if I try to go more than a day or two without shampooing. This dry shampoo works, and it doesn't leave my brunette hair looking gray!

The scent is nice - just a fresh, clean scent. Soaks up all the excess oil and adds volume into the hair. Long lasting results too.

I have read some reviews that say the can clogs or stopped working after a couple uses. I personally haven't had that issue yet, but just in case I'd recommend wiping the nozzle after each use with some water to help prevent any build-up that could occur. It could also just be older cans that have that issue. Like I said, I haven't had that issue but I did want to mention it.

Overall, this is one of the few dry shampoos I've tried that truly works in my hair without any negatives. A bit pricey for a dry shampoo, but it is from the brand Unite and the quality and performance makes this dry shampoo worth every penny. Highly recommend to anyone who hasn't had luck with dry shampoos in the past.

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