July 7, 2013

Winner of my Travel-Ready Goodies Giveaway, Winner of my BlingGuard Giveaway, and Winner of my Sexy Hair Travel-Sized Duo!

Hello, Beautiful!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Travel-Ready Goodies Giveaway, my BlingGuard Giveaway, and my Sexy Hair Travel-Sized Duo Giveaway!

I've selected a winner for each giveaway. I've already sent an email to all the winners and will make a post on Facebook and Twitter after posting this to announce the winner as well.

And the winners are...

The winner of my Travel-Ready Goodies Giveaway is....

Jennifer G.

The winner of my BlingGuard Giveaway is...

Beth C.

The winner of my Sexy Hair Travel-Duo Giveaway is...

Anna W.

Thank you again to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for even more giveaways in the month of July! Don't forget to enter my Perfume Giveaway (USA only) where you can win three bottles of perfume, as well as the newest giveaway: BioBliss Sample Pack (USA only). Even more giveaways are coming - including a Rimmel Giveaway and another thank-you giveaway to my followers (which will be open internationally).

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