August 9, 2013

Milani Coming Up Roses Limited Edition Powder Blush in 04 Bella Rosa - pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

Milani has come out with a new limited edition collection of powder blushes, their Coming Up Roses collection. Four blushes are in the collection and I have one to share with you, the shade 04 Bella Rosa. Check out my full review below, including all the product info, after the pics!

Milani - Limited Edition Coming Up Roses
Powder Blush
Shade: 04 Bella Rosa

Milani Limited Edition Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $6.49 (0.60 oz full size). Was available on the Milani website but is currently sold out. Available at CVS, Walgreens, Meijer and Fred Meyer stores.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Milani's new limited edition collection, called Coming Up Roses, powder blushes are finely milled and soft in texture.

These blushes look gorgeous in the compact - I mean, absolutely beautiful! It almost makes me not want to use these! Remember the Milani Illuminating Face Powders, with their pretty roses detail? These new blushes are even prettier - just one big pretty rose!

There are four shades in the collection: 01 Romantic Rose, 02 Flora Passion, 03 Warm Petals, and 04 Bella Rosa. I have 04 Bella Rosa and it's a nice pink shade. It is on the lighter side, but I like it. I also plan to try and get my hands on 02 Flora Passion! I know they are sold out online, so your best bet is to try the drugstores.

You get a lot of blush in this compact, especially for the price! I'm not a huge blush wearer because I usually have some breakouts on my cheeks and I don't like to add any more color there, but I am really liking these blushes -- and yes, mostly because of the gorgeous packaging! I guess I'm just a sucker for makeup that not only looks pretty on, but also in the packaging!

Overall, I think these blushes look gorgeous in the compact and if you can get your hands on them go and grab at least one of them!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of this product? Have you tried this or is this on your wish list? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. ahhh the packaging is sooo pretty! I want them all!

  2. i am on the market for a blush like this shade! i hope i can find them here in Canada!

  3. I've been on the hunt forever for these blushes and when I least expect it....BAM! There they were when I was about to walk out of CVS and what I am disappointed about this post is that you mention it is $6.49 and where I bought it, it was $8.79 and I think you should mention that prices may vary where you live, other than that I enjoyed reading your post and your personal opinions about products.

  4. @ Maria Cardoza: So glad you were able to find these blushes! The suggested retail price of these blushes is $6.49, but I guess due to their limited availability the price may have gone up and will vary depending where you live. I always list the suggested retail price whenever possible because that's what they "should" be sold at, but of course you can find sales and clearances on items.

  5. Is there another blush in this collection that you plan on reviewing? I bought 3 out of the 4 in the limited edition collection which were the only 3 matte shades because I'm not quite fond of shimmery blushes, but as I stated in my previous I enjoy reading you personal thoughts and opinions on products. I'd like know what you think about any of the other colors in this collection....Thanks.

  6. @ Maria Cardoza: I actually have a hard time finding these now in my area! I haven't seen them again since this one, but if I do see them there is one other shade I'm interested in - Flora Passion.

  7. Wow! That is so Odd, because everyone else on other platforms of social media say they Love Flora Passion because it's bright and pigmented, but hate Bella Rosa because it's not as pigmented and is a bit on the patchy side. I don't know how you feel about shimmery blushes, but since I have combo/oily skin I normally steer clear away from them.

  8. I don't like shimmery blushes most of the time, although they can look flattering from time to time. I just really was drawn the to the Flora Passion shade, but since I don't have any others to compare to Bella Rosa I don't know how the pigmentation varies.

  9. I believe that theBalm Cosmetics blush Down Boy is Very Close to this Bella Rosa shade, On;y that theBalm's blush is More high-end and more pigmented. I don't own it, but I have seen swatches. I own Frat Boy and I LOVE how it is Matte, pigmented and Flatters and Skin tone.

  10. I don't own any blushes from The Balm, but I've always lusted after them. I'm kind of a blush luster but not so much a blush wearer... I tend to skip blush a lot because I get break outs on my cheeks and don't want to add redness back to that area, lol. But sometimes my cheeks are behaving and I can wear blush and then I get excited to go through my blush drawer!

  11. I Know how you feel, My Breakout area is also My Cheeks, but for some reason I've been into a lot of cheek products. I am also obsessed with matte bronzers, I think if you've ever lusted over theBalm cosmetics products try to buy them when they go on sale on HauteLook, they're normally 50% off which is around $9-$10. I'm a combo/oily/acne-prone skin girl and I don't know about you, but I've so into highlighting despite of my combo/oily skin. How do you feel in terms of highlighters? Do You Use them and if You do, which ones do you recommend? I own theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer and I tell you I already want to buy another back-up!

  12. I have some of theBalm's products - just not their blushes. I also have their Mary-Lou Manizer and really like it. I seem to use it a lot as my highlighter. Love it in the inner corner of my eyes too to brighten and lighten up my eye looks. I have a bunch of highlighters and prefer ones without shimmer in them - just ones that mostly brighten or add a radiance. I'll use things like Benefit's High Beam or Moon Beam under foundation. I love YSL's Touche Eclat, even though it is so ridiculously expensive. I don't know... have a bunch. Just pick and choose depending on the day lol. If you go back to my Makeup Collection post, which I'll link below, you can see my highlighters/bronzers drawer -- although since then I've purged items and added items, so I do plan to make an updated Makeup Collection & Storage post.

  13. I think that if you happen to find these blushes somewhere else again, I think you should buy Romantic Rose because it's not red or pink undertones it has a Mauve/Plum Undertones which is great shade for fall.

  14. Thanks for the suggestion! :) I tend to pick up makeup just because all the time... it's a really bad (and expensive) habit lol


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