August 8, 2013

Growing out your bangs or wanting to try bangs? Hairdo by HairUWear has solutions for you!

Hello, Beautiful!

If you're looking for an easy way to grow out your bangs this seasons, try out three easy tips from Hairdo by HairUWear. I've already reviewed one of the products mentioned below (which I will link), but I will be reviewing the other two styles on this blog very soon - so stay tuned for those reviews with lots of pics!

As of right now (August 8, 2013), all the pieces mentioned below are on sale on and on!

TIP #1: Headband
Find a headband that is cute and stylish - but has a purpose! Try the Hairdo by HairUWear French Braid Band. This cute headband adds an ultimate flirty touch to any look, while keeping grown out bangs out of your eyes. Available for just $10 and can be found at

TIP #2: No-Commitment Bangs
If your bangs are starting to grow out, but you want to still sport a fringe, try the Hairdo by HairUWear Clip-In Bangs. They are fuss-free and no-strings attached, allowing you to experiment with bangs without chopping off any of your natural hair. Available for $29 at Ulta.

TIP #3: Amp Up Your Ponytail
Slicking back your bangs and focusing on a bouncy ponytail will take the focus away from in-between length. To enhance your ponytail with more body, attach the Hairdo by HairUWear Beach Curl Ponytail. Available for $49 at Ulta.

I've already tried the Hairdo by HairUWear Beach Curl Ponytail -- which you can find my full review and all the pics by clicking here.

Now let me know what you think...
Where do you stand with bangs? Do you have bangs? Are you growing them out? Or do you want to try bangs? Discuss in the comments below.

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