August 26, 2013

Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust in Ms Vegas & Antique Gold - pics, swatches, review

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Last month I shared with you a rave review on the Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust in the shade Sand Shimmer. I loved it so much that I have two more shades to share with you in this post: Ms Vegas and Antique Gold. Check out my review on these two shades, as well as all the product info, after the pics!

Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust
Shades: Ms Vegas, Antique Gold
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust
Shade: Ms Vegas

Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust
Shade: Antique Gold

Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dust Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $25.00 (3 g full size). Available on the Gorgeous Cosmetics website and at Nordstrom.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Luxurious loose powder pigment, which dusts lightly over eyes, face and/or body. Highly pigmented and super silky soft.

Currently available in 18 shades. I have three total, two of which I'm showing you in this post. Click here to check out pics of the shade Sand Shimmer - which is a gorgeous shimmering neutral I think everyone would look great in! I also have Ms Vegas and Antique Gold (shown in this post), and so far, I love all three shades!

The Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dusts are richly pigmented and blend out easily. I didn't photograph the boxes since I so recently posted my review on this product, but click here to check out the post if you want to see pics of the box it comes in (even though you can see the box in the first pic in this post). Also, the shade Antique Gold came with the seal partially off, so I decided to photograph both with the seal completely off.

The shade Ms Vegas looked like a shimmery gray on the website, but in person it's more of a golden olive green-gray. It's more green in person than what it shows in the photos. It's a really pretty and unique shade; I don't own anything like it. The shimmer in Ms Vegas is so beautiful; I love it! The shade looks great on its own, but really pops if you apply it over a dark base. The shade Antique Gold is a gorgeous bronzed gold shade; more metallic than a shimmer - certainly very pretty if you love gold.

I still really love and enjoy using the Gorgeous Cosmetics Shimmer Dusts and will continue to recommend! You can now buy them on the Nordstrom website too! Check them out!

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