August 27, 2013

Mally Citychick I Love Color Shadow Palette & In The Buff Vol. 2 (plus compare of all 3 Citychick palettes) - pics, swatches, review

Hello, Beautiful!

I really do love Mally Beauty! She makes some of the best makeup and some of the makeup that I use most often on a daily basis, which says a lot considering my makeup collection is pretty abundant. Back in October I reviewed the Mally Citychick In The Buff Shadow Palette, which I was so excited for because it looked like another dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Mally has now come out with not one, but two new Citychick palettes: In the Buff Vol. 2 and I Love Color. I loved the original In The Buff Shadow Palette so much that I had to get the In The Buff Vol. 2, and I couldn't resist the I Love Color Shadow Palette! The In The Buff Vol. 2 Shadow Palette does have some dupes from the original, but the I Love Color palette has all new shades. I'll talk all about shades in my review below.

You can currently get either of the palettes in her most recent kit on QVC; all the details on that kit - including the products that come with it - are listed below in my review.

In this post I have pics of the I Love Color Shadow Palette, as well as the In The Buff Vol. 2 Shadow Palette (but I had already used it prior to photographing it, which is why there aren't as many photos as the I Love Color Shadow Palette). I also have swatches and a compare photo of all three of her Citychick palettes! Check everything out below! Enjoy!

Mally Citychick Shadow Palette
I Love Color
Shades In Palette: Shadow Base, Angel Wings, Lavender Glow, Pop Art Blue, Sweet Samba, Pretty Lady, Fantasy Green, Soho Silver, Plum Glow, Mally's Glow, Denim, Skyscraper

Mally Citychick Shadow Palette
In The Buff Vol. 2 
Shades In Palette: Shadow Base, French Vanilla, Whipped Cream, Blonde, Toasted Sugar, Brownstone, Egyptian Gold, Shimmering Taupe, Oak, Mocha, Metal, Coffee Bean

Mally Citychick Shadow Palettes Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $54.98 (for the 6-pc collection). Available on the QVC website in the Easy On The Eyes 6-pc Wardrobe Collection.
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

You can currently only find the two newest palettes in the Mally Easy On The Eyes 6-pc Wardrobe Collection sold on QVC. The collection is currently at a featured price of $54.98 (regular price is $61). The collection contains the eyeshadow palette - your choice of the I Love Color palette or In The Buff Vol. 2 palette. You'll also receive a full sized Volumizing Mascara, a pen-version of the Under Eye Brightener in the shade Light, and three Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners in shades Midnight, Dark Chocolate and Dusky Plum.

Considering the original In The Buff Shadow Palette sold on its own for $50, this kit is a really great deal! I can no longer find the original In The Buff Shadow Palette for sale on its own or in a kit (at least not on QVC or Mally's website), so if you want one of these palettes I suggest getting it before it sells out and is gone forever!

Each Mally Citychick Shadow Palette contains 11 pressed powder shadows and 1 creamy shadow base (your eyeshadow primer). They also include a double-ended brush - which is really nice and totally usable (unlike most brushes that come with palettes). These shadows have a nice texture to them and blend nicely. The pigmentation on their own (without the shadow base/primer), varies from okay to nice depending on the shade. But over primer each shade is amazing.

There are some duplicate shades in the In The Buff Vol. 2 Shadow Palette from the original In The Buff Shadow Palette. The shades that are in both palettes are: Shimmering Taupe, Oak, Egyptian Gold, and Brownstone. If you don't have the original In The Buff Shadow Palette then no worries, you have 11 great neutral shades but if you have the original In The Buff Shadow Palette (like I do), then you have 7 new great neutral shades and back-up's of 4 neutral shades. I will say, the 4 shades that are duplicates are really pretty shades; I know the Egyptian Gold shade is one of my favs out of all three palettes, so it's nice to have a back-up of that one shade alone.

Out of the three Mally Citychick Shadow Palettes, my favorite is probably the In The Buff Vol. 2! And my top favorite shade from all three palettes is Egyptian Gold! But I'll break it down palette-by-palette to let you know my fav shades from each one.

In The Buff (original): I love shades Bubbly, Tiger's Eye, Shimmering Taupe, Egyptian Gold and Toast.
In The Buff Vol. 2: I love shades Whipped Cream, Toasted Sugar, Coffee Bean, Shimmering Taupe, and of course Egyptian Gold.
I Love Color: I love shades Mally's Glow, Angel Wings, and Denim (which is an amazing navy blue shade that I would highly recommend; it looks more navy/deeper in person than it does in the photos - t makes a great outer corner color or as a liner for a pop of color - beautiful with brown eyes too).

Overall, I really like these palettes; I think her shadow base is really nice too and I'm glad she is coming out with more versions of this palette. I honestly would love to see even more (and I know I'll buy them too because I love Mally products).

Mally Citychick Shadow Palettes
Palettes: In The Buff, In The Buff Vol. 2, I Love Color

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of these shadow palettes? Which of the three is your favorite? Which do you own, or would you want to own? Discuss in the comments below.


  1. Mally products are now making way to my wishlist too . I wish i could buy them :)

  2. I picked both of these palettes up when they were the TSV. Love them both. My first time trying her power eyeshadows. I have several of her shadow sticks which I love.

  3. This is one of the best reviews on eye shadows I've seen online. Wow! I love Mally products and can't wait to get all 3 palettes. Thanks for sharing.


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