August 21, 2013

Katy Perry by Eylure faux lashes in Darling (before & after pics), Oh, Honey! and her Color Pop Lashes in Ka-Boom - pics, reviews

Hello, Beautiful!

Some of my favorite faux lashes are from Katy Perry by Eylure. In the past I've reviewed the Katy Perry Oh, Honey! lashes, and in this post you'll see them again (just in the box) because I really liked them and got another pair. I also picked up the Katy Perry lashes in Darling, which are self-adhesive (talk about easy to use) and the Katy Perry Color-Pop Lashes in KA-BOOM!, which have electric blue lashes mixed in with the black.

If you follow me on Facebook you probably already saw me wearing the Katy Perry Darling Lashes, but I have more pics, including before & after pics, below of me wearing the Darling Lashes. I plan to do a post in the future with me wearing the Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes. For now, check out all the product info on these lashes and my review of the Katy Perry Darling lashes below, after the pics! If you want to see what I thought of the Katy Perry Oh, Honey! lashes, click here for that review post (from November 2012).

Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure
Color Pop Lashes in KA-BOOM!

Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure - Oh, Honey!

Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure - Darling

Katy Perry Lashes Info & Review:
Cost/Availability: $6.99 for the regular line of Katy Perry lashes and $7.99 for the Color Pop line of Katy Perry lashes (price is per box; each box has one pair). Available at Ulta, CVS, and everywhere else Katy Perry by Eylure lashes are sold. 
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses!

Let's start off with the Katy Perry Darling lashes! This was my first experience with self-adhesive faux lashes. I've heard of a lot of people talk about self-adhesive lashes (I believe I've always heard Revlon mentioned, as the brand), but I personally had never tried them out... until now that is! I really like the self-adhesive lashes; they are sooooo easy and simple to use.

These lashes look natural; adding slight volume and length; just enough to pretty up your natural lashes. The self-adhesive strip is very sticky at first, so keep that in mind when you're placing it on (you don't want to get it stuck in your natural lashes). There is an extra band included to use once the adhesive strip wears out, but I haven't gotten to the point of using that just yet. So far, I've used the same pair about 4 times and haven't needed to replace the adhesive strip, but I do try and care for my faux lashes as good as I possibly can. They do loose some of their stickiness with each application (obviously) but I do think you get a lot of good uses out of these. I have a back-up box of these lashes because I found them on sale at CVS for almost half price.

I'd recommend using self-adhesive faux lashes if you're new to faux lashes and don't want to mess with glue. You really can't get any easier of an application than self-adhesive lashes!

The Katy Perry Lashes in Oh, Honey! are a great natural lash that will add plenty of volume. They are one of my favorites, if not the favorite, from her line of lashes. I think I have three boxes of this exact style because I like it that much. I really recommend these, as I think they're very flattering. CLICK HERE to check out my original review post, from back in November 2012, of the Katy Perry Oh, Honey! lashes.

There are six styles total of the original line of Katy Perry by Eylure lashes: Oh, Honey!, Darling, Sweetie Pie, Oh My!, Cool Kitty, and Pretty. I have yet to try Sweet Pie, Oh My!, Cool Kitty, or Pretty but I think I would like to at least try Cool Kitty. Sweetie Pie looks too short for my lashes, but I think would be a very subtle option for someone looking to add more lashes and a little volume, but no length. Where as Oh My! looks like it is a very volumous lash. Cool Kitty seems like a happy medium between Oh, Honey! and Oh My! Pretty seems very sparse, but like a fun lashes to wear. The only two from the line that are self-adhesive are Darling and Pretty.

Then there are the Katy Perry Color Pop lashes. I have them in KA-BOOM! which is a great electric blue pop of color. They also have them in KA-POW, a purple, and KA-CHING, a green. Plus, there are KA-ZAAM - which are individual lashes with blue, purple and teal color options.

I haven't used the Color Pop lashes yet, because I'm waiting to do an entire look with them for my blog and as you probably know, my dad passed away and I've been really behind on a lot of my blog work. But, I do plan to do a separate post in the future featuring the Katy Perry Color Pop lashes. I love electric blue and can't wait to see how they look!

Overall, I really like Katy Perry faux lashes. Sure they're not the most inexpensive faux lash, especially for lashes you buy at the drugstore, but they are good quality, look pretty, and you get multiple uses out of them with proper care. I'd recommend!

Now let me know what you think...
What do you think of the Katy Perry lashes from Eylure? Have you tried any of them or are there any that you'd like to try? What do you think of the Color Pop lashes? Are you daring enough to wear them out or would they be a Halloween-only situation for you? Discuss in the comments below.

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