August 30, 2013

August 2013 Favorites VIDEO & blog sale update!

Hello, Beautiful!

I just put up my August 2013 Favorites video on my YouTube channel! I don't have any Not-So-Favorites this time around because I plan to do a Products I Regret Buying video soon.

If you don't already, I'd love if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm slowly building my channel and I'm slowly getting in the groove of adding videos (I have more videos planned). CLICK HERE to go to my channel main page and subscribe, if you haven't already. Thanks!

Now check out my August 2013 Favorites video...

And a blog sale update!

I've had a bunch of blog sale emails flood in over the past few days. I've managed to reply to everyone (in the order the emails came in) and pulled all items for availability. The blog sale page is currently up to date with what is sold and what is pending. If you'd like to buy anything from my blog sale (USA Only at this time), please check it out and let me know.

With having so many people interested in a lot of the same items it is important you reply back to me within 24 hours or less to let me know if you want to purchase those items or if you'll pass, so I know if those items are sold or if they can go back in the sale/to the next person in line for them. That also means just because something says it's "PENDING" doesn't mean it's sold, as sometimes people do pass or I just never hear back from them, so don't be afraid to include "PENDING" items in your list and we can always see if they make their purchase or not.

Shop to the blog sale by clicking on the link below (or copy/paste it) or clicking on the blog sale tab above.

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