March 29, 2013

Blog Sale!

All the instructions are listed below to make an order, including shipping & payment info. Please read over them; they're easy and simple and will likely answer any questions you may have. As always though, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. Thanks for looking!

NOTE: If anything in the photos looks dirty (like powder from shadows getting on a palette) - don't worry; I do clean everything before it ships out to you! I just really wanted to get things up on the blog sale, so I didn't clean them ahead of time.

As items sell, I will update this post as soon as I can to say if they are Pending or Sold. 
  • Pending = pending payment; if item is not sold it will go back into the sale or to the next person waiting for it.
  • Sold = item has been paid for and is no longer available
Quick Instructions:
1. Blog sale open only to those in the USA (sorry international ladies)
2. Payment via PayPal; shipping via USPS Priority Mail only (shipping is included in the price of the lots).
3. Email me with what you want to buy (I need to know the Lot #), and please be ready to pay for your items when you email me. 
  • My email is - put Blog Sale in the subject line
  • Include your full mailing address so I know where to ship and Include your PayPal email address if you want me to invoice you (I'll send a money request)
4. First come, first serve. I'll email you back to let you know what is available and total price with shipping -- as some lots listed in this blog sale have shipping included in the price while others do not.
5. You MUST pay within 24 hours. If you've changed your mind and no longer wish to order please let me know asap so I can put the items back into the sale or to the next person in line for them.
6. Once I receive your payment I will pack up and ship out your order. Currently, I'm only shipping out orders about once or twice a week due to my crazy stupid schedule, but I will let you know when it will likely ship out.

Due to the way these lots are packed, shipping is INCLUDED in the lot price ONLY WHEN LISTED. Otherwise, shipping will be added on. I WILL COMBINE LOTS TO SAVE ON SHIPPING WHENEVER POSSIBLE! I ship using USPS Priority Mail, which gets to you quickly and includes a tracking number. These lots are pre-packed up so I cannot divide them up at this time.

SHIPPING INSURANCE OPTION: You can add shipping insurance onto your order for $1.75 - if that's something you want to do just let me know when you first contact me. Otherwise, once it leaves my hands I am no longer responsible for what happens to your package (in my experience of shipping thousands of packages when I had my web stores, I have never had a single lost package - but it can happen, so it's up to you if you want shipping insurance).

LOT #17 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
*  Ouidad Texture Taffy - used once
*TIGI Bed Head Mega Whip Hair Texturizer - NEW!
* John Frieda Luxurious Volume Always Stylish Gel Creme - used once
* Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip - used once
* Lea Journo Pouf Volumizing Spray - NEW!
* L'Oreal Studio Line Pumping Volume - used once or twice

LOT #21 -- $20.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
Bare Mineral Fired Up Palette - the shadows have been swatched, but nothing else is used. The eye primer is missing.

LOT #22 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
Urban Decay palette - I forget the name - some shadows swatched but others are never touched.

LOT #30 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
(2) NARS Polishes in Bad Influence and Poker Face
Julep Polish in Sasha (NEW)
The Balm Hot Ticket Polish in Princess
(3) Ginger + Liz polishes in Boy Toy, Ivy Leage, He's So Into Me.

LOT #32 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
(10) Finger Paints polishes in shades Easel-y Entertained, Hue Left A Message?, Psychedelic Sunshine, Peaceful Purple, Laugh My Art Off, Private Collection, Winter Wishes, All You Need Is Color, Late Night Rendezvous, and Merry Mittens

LOT #33 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
(12) Finger Paints polishes in shades Harvest Hues, Carnation Creation, Autumn Moonlight, Chrysanthe-mums The Word, Groovy Green, Heavenly Hydrangeas, Amethyst Atelier, Aren't You Glad-iolous?, Outta Sight Orange, Dahlia My Number, Mural Mural On The Wall, Give Pink A Chance.

LOT #34 -- $15.00 PLUS SHIPPING. I will combine lots to save on shipping whenever possible.
(2) Avon Nailwear Pro in Violet Sparkle, Gleaming Gold
(4) mini Avon Nailwear Pro polishes in Starry Sky, Golden Vision, Mystic, and Blushing Star
Nailtini polish in Frappe (NEW)
(3) Vapour Organic Beauty polishes in Trance, Looker, Instinct (they look mini but they are full size)
(4) Old Navy polishes in Shot Of Love, Ballerina, Tip Taupe, Navy -- all 4 still sealed in packaging.

LOT # 2 -- $20.00 with shipping included for all items in photo (11 items). All items swatched/used once unless "new" is listed.
LOT # 2 Includes:
* (3) Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in shades Blushed, Sunkissed, and Bronzed
* (2) Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Loose Shimmer Powder in shades Role Play and Show & Tell
* Mally Face Defender Blush in Pink Perfection
* NVEY ECO Blush in 950
* Skinn Cosmetics Colour Touch Eye, Cheek & Lip Glow Teen Tone NEW!
* Mia BelleZZa Blush in Natural * NYC Bronzing Face Gel, NEW!
* Cala Retractable Blush Brush, NEW!

LOT # 3 -- $35.00 with shipping included for all items in photo (6 items). All items have been swatched or used 1 to 2 times.
LOT # 3 Includes:
* Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in shade RF210
* Benefit Boiing Concealer in shade 02
* Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation in shade 240
* L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in shade Natural Beige W4
* L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder in shade 324 Buff Beige
* Bare Minerals Perfect Light Mineral Veil

LOT # 4 -- $25.00 with shipping included for all items in photo (14 items). All items swatched/used once unless "new" is listed. 
LOT # 4 Includes:
* Viva by Fergie eau de parfum spray 1.7 fl oz, NEW!
* (3) Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish in shades Golden Conduct, Graphite Gravity, and Polar Purple
* Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up, NEW!
* (2) Gleam by Melanie Mills Lip Radiance in shades Unstoppable and Up Against The Wall
* (3) Revolution Organics Lipgloss in shades Integrity, Vibe, and Freedom
* VMV Hypoallergenics Lipgloss in Giggle
* Sally Hansen Natural Shine Lipgloss in Spicy Sienna
* (2) Booty Parlor Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Stain in shades Frenchy and Love Bite

LOT # 6 -- $20.00 with shipping included for all items in photo (12 items). All items swatched/used once unless "new" is listed.
LOT # 6 Includes:
* (10) Jean Pierre Cosmetics Self Tan Wipes
* Keranique Intensive Scalp Treatment, 8 ampoules, NEW! (Retails for close to $70)
* Joan Rivers The Right To Bare Legs in Medium, NEW!


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  2. @ LVMAKEUP: Please email me with your zip code so I can calculate shipping. All the instructions/email is at the top of the post. I also am going to try and email that email address to let you know. Thanks girl!

  3. I just received all my goodies in the mail and just wanted to say Thank You. Shipped fast and packaged nicely with a very lovely card, 100% happy. So start snatching things up people!!!

  4. @ sunnydee130: Glad you received your goodies and appreciated the card too :)

  5. Did the Bare Minerals 8 color eyeshadow pan sell?

  6. Hi I just sent you an email I was interested in a few items, wanted to know if they were still available thanks

  7. @ Christine: Yes, the BareMinerals palette sold. Sorry!

    @ jennichikiss: I just emailed you back to let you know I'm going through blog sale emails now. I've been extremely busy the past few days so I do super apologize for the delay!

  8. do the Franco Sarto open toe heels run small??

  9. @ Laurie S: If you're talking about the red heels (#1 in the pics), I think they're pretty true to size.

  10. Are there still items available?

  11. @ Anonymous: Yes, they are but I've been behind on replying to blog sale order emails. I'm also working on adding more

  12. Do you still have the Sweet Pea perfume? I'm very interested in it.

  13. @ Anonymous: Yes, everything is up to date on this blog sale page as far as what's pending and what is sold. Please email me.

  14. I sent an email off to you yesterday. Get back to me when you can :) Thanks!

  15. Hi,
    I am very interested in a lot of stuff (10+ items) but I am in Canada? Are you open to shipping there at all...? I know shipping would be more and it can be inconvenient but I wanted to ask anyways :-)
    Thank you so much - your blog is my absolute favorite :-)

  16. @ Anja MacGillivray: Please send me an email... I don't ship to anywhere but USA, but because I am in such a mood to get rid of as much as possible I may be able to do it. Please email me your list and we'll go from there.

  17. Amazing Collection.Are there items still available?

  18. @ aralph31: Thanks, and yes! All the items are up to date as of yesterday!

  19. I'm interested in besame dusty rise and sent u an email. Please invoice me or message back. Thanks!

  20. This girl is the best. Not only did I get my package is a very short amount of time, but I got the cutest note, and a bunch of samples :) You're wonderful.

  21. @ Anonymous: Aw, thank you! Glad you liked it all!

  22. Hi! Will you be updating anytime soon? I'm interested in some of the pending items that may not have sold, in addition to other items.Thanks!

    Rae Higgins

  23. @ RJ: Yes! I'm actually in the process of pulling items and photographing them to add to my blog sale. I had a lot of issues with the last time I uploaded items and had several people not pay, not reply, etc. and with my busy schedule (hardly being here at the house) I just decided to hold off on it. But yes - it will be updated VERY soon :)

  24. Very awesome! Will wait for your post that it is ready then. Thanks!

  25. Id like the besame American beauty and both face Stockholm highlighters please. I already messaged u. My email is 93063

  26. Oh, nail polishes you are selling are so fantastic! I'd have at least 10 of them, but I'm from Europe. =(

  27. As of today, January 13, 2014, is this blog sale up to date? I see a few things I would like. Thank you!


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